Friday, June 19, 2009


I'm sure most of you are wondering, hmmm "Let'a check out the new Female of the Week on GT XXXTREME's site!" you go to your bookmarks, click on and wait, "TEAGAN PRESLEY AGAIN"! That's right folks! The hottie known as Teagan is rockin the house and rockin "GT XXXTREME" we just had to put her up again for another week! She is a mainstream actress in the adult industry, she is rockin out with SKINWORXXX, she is winning awards like her BEST ASS AWARD over at F.A.M.E. and to top it off, she is a major sweetheart! So complain if you want, she is our FEMALE OF THE WEEK (for two weeks in a row) and she totally deserves it!

And word of advice, check out her latest flick, "SUN GODDESS: MALIBU" right now. You can order it now at And to top it off, it will be autographed by Teagan herself. And no worries, if you're looking for a dope review we will have it here for you next week!!!!

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