Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stoya And Joanna Angel: Naked Together At Last!

Many moons ago (okay, back in January), at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, a certain editrix of Fleshbot managed to get Fleshbot's adored Supreme Commandresses, Stoya and Joanna Angel, in the same hotel room together. Naked.

And not only did we manage to get these two lovely ladies to take off their clothes together: we also managed to talk legendary photographer Lithium Picnic into photographing them. And now, after months of teasing, we're finally able to show you the results of that momentous occasion.

So, for your enjoyment (and exclusively on Fleshbot): Stoya and Joanna Angel, naked together. Our thanks to Digital Playground, Burning Angel, and Lithium Picnic Studio for making this happen. (And if anyone wants to do a reunion, same time next year, we'll totally book a spot at the Venetian, pronto.) Go to for the hot ass gallery!!!

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