Friday, July 10, 2009

Antigua Pictures Set to Release Muffia's 'Miami Spice'

Antigua Pictures has set a July 14 street date for’s newest parody Miami Spice. Based on producer Michael Mann’s iconic crime show 'Miami Vice,' Spice stars Roman Nowicki and Ethan Hunt as Crotchet and Tugs.

“This is Muffia’s followup to the hugely successful Star Trix parody,” said Antigua national sales manager Dave Peskin. “Pre-orders have been fantastic. Parody fans are going to get a kick out of Miami Spice. Not only is it funny, the girls are hotter than any of the show’s original cast.”

Hotter than Edward James Olmos?

“The movie also stars Fransheliz Vasquez, Kitty Bella, and … Kimbo Slice,” Peskin noted.

Kimbo Slice? The mixed martial arts fighter?

“He has a big role. He plays the drug dealer’s muscle—a real bad guy,” assured Peskin.

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