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On The Couch

DOP: 3/20/2009

Nikki Jayne, Devon Lee, Sara Stone, Victoria, Valentina, Brooke Banner, Christian XXX, Marcus London, Chris Johnson, Tony De Sergio & James Deen

Blu-Ray Tech Specs:
1080i HD 16 x 9 Widescreen
English 2.0

Special Features:
Behind the Scenes
Chapter Index
Photo Gallery (30 Photos)
Bonus Scenes

Bonus Scenes

Bonus Scene #1:

“BOUNCE” (1/2009)
Rebecca Lane & Mick Blue

It's got facials, squirting, trampolines, and the hottest, natural girls in porn, including gorgeous new blonde superstar Hanna Hilton in three big, wet, double-D scenes! The internet critic's favorite new director B. Skow brings his trademark all-sex vignette style to a subject dear to all of us: Tits. Real tits. And the result is real hot, real fun, and real bouncy!

Bonus Scene #2:

“ALL DRESSED UP” (2/2009)
Monique Alexander, Sunny Lane & Alex Gonz

The school girl, the cop, the prisoner, the nurse and the French maid; everyone has a different fantasy and everyone is uniform...and B Skow is no different. So he took his favorite girls, dressed them to the hilt, and then had them strip slowly and fuck hard. The result is the hottest costume party of all time. And you're invited. "Casual attire, of course.


Hanna’s House (7/2009 starring Hanna Hilton & friends)
In The Army Now (5/2009 starring Monique Alexander & friends)
Porn Stars At Home (3/2009 starring Hanna Hilton & friends)
Throat: A Cautionary Tale (3/2009 starring Sasha Grey & friends)

Now let's move on to the actual movie:

On the Couch

Written & Directed by Chuck Lords

1st Scene: Nikki Jayne & Chris Johnson

Oh Nikki Jayne….HELLO! Winner of Miss XBIZ 2008, this long legged goddess starts off with her sexy self stepping out of her car and posing in front of the window checking out her black skirt. She comes to realize that she possibly has way too much on so she goes to town and takes off her panties giving her sweet pussy a flow of fresh air. She steps into what seems to be a regular looking living room but for this flick, it is a doctor’s office with a long couch…hmmm wonder what happens “On the Couch”… Doctor walks into the room introducing himself and Nikki, with her sexy ass British accent says Doctor Peta, (which I’m guessing is Doctor Peter). He (psychologist) asks why she’s there and she mentions that a friend of hers referred him. During the conversation, Nikki touches herself and Dr. Peta decides not to help her. Nikki starts to explain why she probably needs help with her first story. Scene fades into the first sex scene of the film which includes Nikki and Chris Johnson. She is standing by a washing machine in what looks to be located in a shed. Chris walks into the shed and Nikki walks right up to him stating, “We have 40 minutes until she comes home so why don’t you just get your dick nice and hard and we can fuck over here.” She steps back over towards the washer and begins to finger herself while Chris undresses. Right away they begin rockin each other doggie style. She then gets on her knees for a little deep throat action…and I must say she does it like a champ! Little P.O.V. camera view here works out really well. Staring into those crystal blue eyes of hers will hypnotize anyone! Now back to the fucking. Nikki takes it again against the washer and then moves to the floor where she rocks the reverse cowgirl. She is definitely a pro and you can definitely tell that this must be her favorite position. Then we move to normal cowgirl and a little spooning with one leg up in the air which reaches for the sky. We move to missionary and here is where I noticed something about the sound. The bumping between Chris and Nikki started to get louder. It sounded like the boom mic was placed inside of Nikki’s pussy. It was like bap bap bap bap. All loud! Finally, Nikki, using her magical eyes, says to Chris, “OK times running out now” and then it happens, “CUM” all over her chest. She gives his dick one quick last blow, cleaning off her juices and his cum from his shaft. They both rush to get dressed as they hear someone coming. She runs out the back with her fine ass and gets dressed and Chris makes his way into the house where his fiancĂ©/Nikki’s best friend is standing. Hot GT Meter: 7 out of 10 would have gotten an 8/10 but the loudness of the mic started to get a little annoying. Word of advice guys, move it back some.

2nd Scene: Nikki Jayne, Victoria Valentino & James Deen

After speaking to Dr. Peta, Nikki goes into another flashback story: The scene starts off with Nikki wearing a gold and white bikini with gold heels. She begins to lotion up her skin while James Deen sits by some bushes and watches. Her top comes off and then she calls James to help lotion her back. He begins rubbing the lotion on her back and slowly starts moving towards her ass and legs. She doesn’t mind this much until he puts his fingers over her clit. She slaps James and they begin arguing. At this time, Victoria is watching this happen from the kitchen window. Nikki leaves and James walks into the kitchen and after he bumps his toe on the corner of the refrigerator he sees Victoria. She asks what was the argument about and he totally changes the subject by taking her outside and seducing her. He starts off a little rough, which she seems to love. He brings her to a wicker couch and begins to finger her pussy…”On the Couch.” HAHA…just had to throw that in there again. He rips her panties off and keeps fingering her. She moves down on him to suck his cock. After a few sucking and blowing of the cock, he bends her over for some doggie action. He also loves slapping that ass. A pro move here: while James fucks her, Victoria wraps her fingers around his dick while it strokes in and out. Very Nice! James begins to do his famous whispering dirty talk and whatever he’s saying makes her moan…soooo good. She moves on top now rockin the reverse cowgirl and James keeps his fingers working as he rubs her clit. She sucks him once more and then they move to some spooning action. Didn’t look to comfortable here doing the whole spoon thing on such a small couch. They go through a couple other positions and then Victoria starts her dirty talking, “It feels so good. Give me that cock. Go deep.” And then it happens…BLEACH SMELL…. Cum on the Face…and that’s CUT. Hot GT Meter: 7 out of 10 I was hoping Nikki would have stayed in the scene but no worries. Victoria did well on her own.

3rd Scene: Devon Lee & Marcus London

I’m sorry to say but I am not going to go too much into this scene because I must say I was very bored throughout it; absolutely no hard on here. And this scene seemed to go on forever. Why? What we find out here is that Devon Lee is playing Nikki’s mom and Marcus is her step dad. After a brief conversation Nikki goes outside and horney step dad begins to feel up on Devon. At some points of this scene he watches Nikki outside watering some plants while mommy Devon sucks on his dick. Some P.O.V. action. Marcus moves down on her now and begins to lick, very poorly. The only thing hot about this scene was Devon’s pierced clit. They move through a few positions and some spitting to keep that pussy wet. Someone definitely should clean this kitchen a bit better. At one point you see cobwebs in a corner. Sorry, this is how bored I was. Devon spits out a few dirty lines, “O fuck me, fuck me hard” and rubs her own pussy while Marcus fucks her. Finally, they move to missionary and Marcus squirts his load. While doing so he looks out at Nikki as she lays on a hammock…gross step daddy. Hot GT Meter: 4 out of 10 This film did not need this scene at all; unless they had a better couple to play these roles. They did not look into it at all.

4th Scene: Brooke Banner, Sara Stone & Christian XXX

Two chicks and one dude…hot ass tattooed sleeve on Brooke Banner and some hardcore masturbating. You would think together all this would make this scene top notch…well it needed a little more help. It seemed as though Brooke was only there to masturbate and talk dirty while Sara got fucked by Christian. Again, sounds good right…wrong. We have your normal sucking of the cock, doggie style reverse cowgirl but all this is done by Sara which looks to be totally new at this, which she is not. Then every once in a while Brooke jumped on the cock and tried to make an attempt to heat up the scene again but then it would go right back to Sara. Now while this scene also seemed like it lasted forever, towards the end it was like Sara was a totally different person. She started to let out them moans that everyone likes to hear. They started to sound real. She started moving around, stroking Christian’s dick like a pro. I mean come on…she couldn’t do this throughout the whole scene. To end the scene, Brooke gets in a spooning position with Christian and begins to get fucked hard. Dirty talk, “I like to slobber over that cock. Let me cum over that cock”. Thank you Brooke for saying the words that all men want to hear! She also rubs her pussy while getting fucked. It works out perfect. Christian then pulls out and cums all over Sara’s big ass tits. Hot GT Meter: 6 out of 10 only because of Brooke and all her attempts to make this scene hot.

5th Scene: Nikki Jayne & Tony De Sergio aka Dr. Peta

Nikki Nikki Nikki…I can’t wait till Vivid gets you better roles because you deserve it! Her and Dr. Peta end there session and as he walks her to the door, he mentions that since there session is over they can now get together. Well our girl Nikki does not waste any time. Her beautiful pierced pussy gets licked up and down her slit and Nikki begins with, “Keep licking that cunt”. YES! Finally back to some good sex. Tony has the funniest line in this flick, “May I suggest something else in your mouth?’ WHAT! Right to the cock she goes, like the pro that she is. Funny, throughout this scene I noticed at one point that Nikki rolled her eyes. Now it could have been that Tony was fucking her the right way or it could have been the fact that he moaned and spoke more than she did. Can you say, “IRRITATING!” I mean really, didn’t anyone tell you that the majority of watchers of this type of film are, wait for it…MEN. We don’t want to hear you. Especially louder than the female in the scene. I might as well lower the volume but thank god Nikki got into her favorite position, reverse cowgirl. Here she begins to moan and the moaning is good! She takes over and does what she does best and that’s FUCKING!!!! The end the scene with a load to the mouth. As the scene ends we learn that her fuck escapade with Tony was all in her imagination and all is well. Nikki is happy. Hot GT Meter: 8 out of 10 All I got to say is thank you to Nikki for fucking on film for us!

Final Verdict

All in all not a bad film for Nikki’s resume. She fucks like a pro and does the job right. My one major flaw throughout this film, "NO ANAL!" Other than that and a couple bad scenes; oh and that boom mic sounding as if it was in every female’s coochie, this did the job OK. Vivid please, let’s move Nikki up the ranks and put her in a bigger budget flick. Honestly, who could resist that smile.

Hot GT Meter : 7 ½ out of 10

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