Monday, July 27, 2009


Via her official Myspace blog, here is a little snippet with some of her updates:

I just updated my official blog at
Here's a little piece...

"...So… let’s see… what have I been doing… Well, I’ve definitely been shooting A LOT of content. I’m due to officially launch the XXX site on August 1st, so we’re sort of in a scramble, but I’m excited. In the past week or so, I’ve shot a girl/girl, ballerina themed scene with Louisa Lanewood, a girl/girl, CandyLand themed scene with Ava Rose, a boy/girl/girl scene with Dylan Ryder and Johnny Castle, a boy/girl/girl scene with Anthony Rosano and Isis Taylor, a boy/girl/girl scene with Sarah Vandella and Justice Young… and I swear I’ve done more but I can’t remember…

With all of those content shoots, I also managed to squeeze in a few paid shoots: a boy/girl scene with Van Styles for Vouyer with Jerry, a boy/girl scene for Venom Video with Jenner (Eww… I’ll explain later…), and a goy/girl scene for William H. at Elegant Angel with Anthony Rosano. The scenes for Vouyer and Elegant were HOT… as for Jenner… Oh my God!!! My exact text to Derrick Pierce (who was on set that day shooting), “Doing Jenner was like doing a special ed kid. How does a man that old and in porn not know how to fuck, let alone not understand that consistent taps on the leg means to stop because it doesn’t feel good?!?!?! Hello… Can we say, “No List”!

Wow…” Hahahaha. I felt bad for the guy. He grossed me out. I honestly think that it was because he has a smaller dick than what I’m used to, so in his attempts to ‘open up’ for the camera (which is difficult with an ass my size!), he persisted to fuck me with such a lack of skill… and it was 100 degrees in the studio we were shooting at, and his fat, sweaty body hovering over mine was making me sick! lol. Whatever. I told Regina (the production manager) that I need to pick the guys next time so I can give her a REAL scene. She just laughed and said she felt sorry for me. (By the way, Jenner was a replacement because Alec Knight had cancelled at the last minute. Damnit… now THAT would’ve been a good scene!)

Amidst all of the shooting, I actually cancelled a few scenes due to the obscene amount of drama in my life with my family and with the whole McNabb thing (not having to do with one another). I was under so much stress and just irritated, and I’d rather reschedule and give a GREAT scene, then to be pissed off on set and give a so-so performance. Since I had a few days off, my friend Brando asked me and Phoenix to put together a birthday party/BBQ for our friend Shameless… which he thought would help take my mind of everything else by keeping busy… And it did! We through such a great birthday party… the food was good, the alcohol was flowing, and everyone was happy… Especially with the rainbow penis cake! lol..."

Make sure to head over to my site, to check out the FULL STORY including PICTURES!!!
And remember... the official XXX site launches in AUGUST!!!!


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