Monday, July 27, 2009


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We're not really in the business of breaking news. Sure, if we get a tip on some juicy tidbit we're gonna write it up, but we're far too understaffed and those understaff's are far too underpaid (meaning, not paid) to really be out there, hitting the pavement digging up dirt. And ya know what? That's okay.

BUT, I think we got ourselves some breaking news...

About a month ago rumors started floating around that Digital Sin/New Sensations contract star Sadie West might be a free agent in the coming weeks. You'll recall that Sadie was signed by Digital Sin/New Sensations a little over a year ago. In fact, brought you her very first interview! Since then, Sadie has appeared in numerous porn films showing that oh so tremendous butt of hers as well as her dirty, dirty sex face. However, the news seems to be official that Digital Sin/New Sensations did not re-sign Sadie after her one year contract was up. How do we know this?

Welp, she's already shot a couple of new scenes for studios OTHER than Digital Sin/New Sensations. Now, we doubt there is any juicy gossip behind this week long drug binges, no contract star on contract star ego, we assume this is just a studio and star moving in different directions. Digital Sin/New Sensations has had Ashlynn Brooke under contract for several years now and they may just be a one contract star kind of studio.

We're gonna dig a little deeper into this one for y'all. Until then tho, just groove on the fact that we broke some news. Yep, you read it here first! DEMON-BEAR!

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