Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Heather Starlet / Janie Summers New DP Girl (A Mike South Exclusive)

Via www.mikesouth.com: Got a good tip today that Digital Playground just signed ultra cute Heather Starlet to an exclusive contract.

This isn’t surprising everyone knows DP is looking to fill the hole left by Stoya, who was being groomed to be the next Jesse Jane. What surprising is that even though Heather is a relative unknown she does have a pretty large body of work out, but thenm so did Katsuni.

There isn’t much history on this girl but I did uncover some interesting stuff. This is her return to the biz….yup she has been here before.

Shortly after Adult Expo this year her parents staged an intervention and she found Jesus ( Hell I know where he is…he is cutting the grass here as we speak) anyway she got God in her heart and left the biz.

Apparently God left her heart and Jewn from Digital Playground stepped in to fill the vacancy….

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