Monday, August 24, 2009

Maitresse Madeline Joins Directing Team

Domme performer Maitresse Madeline has become a director at fetish website, where she'll be taking over the website.

Maitresse Madeline, who has been a performer with for about a year, started as a lifestyle submissive, learned to switch and then moved into topping full time. In her personal life, she has a full-time dominant partner with whom she co-tops privately and is searching for a 24/7 live-in submissive as well.

"I had mentors who I would learn from, and they would teach me different things about the lifestyle," Maitresse Madeline said. "Sooner or later it became natural for me to want to Domme all the time.

"Anybody can inflict pain, but to mindfuck somebody really takes talent. Keeping them on the edge is important."

Maitresse Madeline also will continue to perform, and will be involved in the updating the shooting style of MenInPain to fit into the website.

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