Monday, August 31, 2009

Sabrina Deep Gives Website Members Her Phone Number

Performer Sabrina Deep, who regularly performs with amateur talent, has released her personal phone number on her subscription website,

"This was planned since the beginning of my career, but first I had to fight the common and yet wrong idea that making the fans part of the action labels you as an amateur," Deep said.

"Now that many performers and producers are slowly understanding that the future of a content-inflated industry resides in giving the general public more options to interact with their favorite stars, I have decided to raise the bar and to treat my fans as I would treat my friends," Deep said. "There is not a stronger way to show your dedication for the fans than giving them your personal phone number."

The website also offers members videos, stills and a schedule of Deep's upcoming trips on her World Bukkake Tour. The phone number, which is posted in the members area of the site, can be called at standard rates and forwards the call to Deep wherever she is.

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