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The lovely Eva Angelina graces us today with another installment to our "XXXTREME INTERVIEWS". For those of you, which I do not understand how you couldn't but, for those of you who do not know Eva, here is a quick bio about this beautiful woman: She was born on March 14, 1985 in Orange County, California. She began her career at 18 and is known for performances in a wide variety of genres, including gonzo, (YES!), and for wearing glasses when performing. She won several industry awards in 2007 and 2008, including the 2008 AVN Award for Best Actress (Video). She married pornographic actor Danny Mountain in December 2007 and gave birth to their daughter Silvi on December 9, 2008. You can see more of Eva at her site:!

Now let's really get to know this “Deviant Chick”!

GT: So let me start off with saying I totally know why I dig you and your work so much…we have the same birth dates! 3/14! You are the second starlet that I have come to know with the same b-day, (Sasha Grey). What did you do this year for your b-day?

EA: This year was a very introverted birthday year for me. Just got done moving into a temporary place and literally had boxes stacked up to what felt like the ceiling. So I unpacked them all night long. Very exciting stuff.

GT: Shit I know what do to next year for my b-day. Party at T's house…we're unpacking some boxes bitches!!!

GT: Now, you’re known for wearing your glasses during your sex scenes and I’m sure you get a question regarding your glasses all the time, (which I must nominate you as “HOTTEST CHICK WITH FOUR E
YES”) but what got you started wearing the glasses during sex scenes? Do you actually have a prescription or do you just like to sport the dopest sets of frames in fashion?

EA: I have been wearing glasses since I was in sixth gra
de. I am in desperate need for sight so they are required for everyday activity. When getting into this business I had no idea this was going to be a "trademark" of mine but long and behold it did and I can't regret it. At least I can see who I'm fuckin.

GT: Well yeah. We don’t want you tripping on a dick or whatnot. Talk about a bad scene…or funny one. Don’t think I have ever seen someone trip on a dick but this one time…never mind…so…

GT: Let’s move back to your high school days. What were you like in high school? The hottie or the geek?

EA: In high school I was the girl who was friends with everyone. I didn't belong with any certain clique. I hung out with everyone. I didn't buy into it because I had been going to school with these kids before they even knew what the word "clique" meant.

GT: Everyone knows you wanted to rock the Navy after school but instead you jumped into the adult industry. What made you want to have a career in the Armed Services? Was it to travel the globe?

EA: Actually, I had tried to get into the Navy after 2 1/2 years of already having been in the industry. In high school I knew I wanted to work in porn and be a sailor. I did the porn route first and thought I would give the military a shot next. I love the ocean, the traveling and work will in structured environments where I can advance. Plus the thought of me stuck on an aircraft carrier with hundreds of men gets me all excited inside.

GT: Ah…well that sounds a bit…HOT! Hey Navy boys, see what cha missed out on!

GT: I watched plenty of films with you involved b
ut I must say your reviews on are amazing! That was and is possibly the greatest idea ever. It seems for now the video reviews on this site consist of your team from SkinworXXX. I think you could totally sell them. Is there any chance in making a DVD with all of these reviews or maybe as a special feature on one of yours SkinworXXX films?

EA: I am not sure what the plans are for the reviews on that site. I guess time will tell.

GT: Alright, let’s jump off the serious side for a moment. Let’s talk favorites. If you were stuck on an island and all you had with you was a backpack which contained one movie, one book and one CD, which ones would they be?

EA: If I were stuck on an island I would have the movie 300 because I would never get tired of l
ooking at all those men. The book, The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty written by Anne Rice and The Beatles Greatest Hits CD...great sing along classics.

GT: I think I could rock a sing along classic like I wanna hold your hand or Lucy in the Sky as well.

GT: Any nicknames that your friends/family calls you?

EA: My dad calls me shit for brains...LMFAO

GT: Oh damn…LOL

GT: Most starlets that I have met tend to rock the flirtiness. Wait is that a word, flirtyness, if not I need to register it. Anyway, do you tend to be a bit flirty or does that just come with the job? What’s the flirtiest thing you have ever done?

EA: I don't really like to flirt I'm
typically a really blunt person and if I like you then I’ll tell you I wanna fuck...easy as ABC...123

GT: And to all you non Michael Jackson fans…baby you and me!

GT: You have received tons of awards, Best Actress, Best Solo Sex Scene, Female Performer of the Year just to name a few. Which award hit you the hardest and why?

EA: Best Actress was the one I really wanted. I put so much heart and soul into “Upload” that it made me feel like everyone appreciated everything I put into that movie.

GT: OMG…”Cassandra Cray” people!

GT: Just watching the trailer…again…for “Deviance,” I just know this is going to be a huge award winner. This film looks crazy “HOT.” From what it looks like, I don’t know how anyone is going to get by scenes without blowing a load. Tell us a bit about this film.

EA: "Deviance" is my first movie shot since my pregnancy leave. I shot an amazing DP scene, an interracial anal scene, a boy/girl/girl and four way girl/girl scene. I really wanted to show people that if anything having been pregnant has only improved me and has made my sexual deviances more extreme.

GT: See, pregnancy is a plus for your sexual life. Just ask Eva. Hey I like that, “Just ask Eva!” I just came up with your next film title.

GT: When is “Deviance” due and are we able to obtain this film via your site and SkinworXXX?

EA: The official release date I don't think has been officially released yet so I'm going to have to ask you to wait a little while longer but you would be may be sooner than you think.

GT: I read that your first sex scene ever was for Shane’s World. What is different from making that film then and making films now?

EA: In my 1st movie I was so surprised that I could actually get fucked for more than 8 minutes. Now I can express myself sexually in ways I have only dreamt about. Before I was just so happy to be alive and in this industry. Now I'm just trying to take over the world....LOL

GT: And you will…

GT: I’m guessing you learned a few tricks in the sex game. If there was one position that you would want to have sex in right now, what would it be and why?

EA: I would absolutely, without a doubt in my mind want to be in a DP position. Anyway I can get it!

GT: Doctor XXXTREME here to give you the definition of a DP position: The art of double penetration can bring extreme pleasure to the woman. Because the anus is highly sensitive and there are many shared sexual nerve endings between the walls of the vagina and the anus, simultaneous stimulation can be quite erotic. Naturally, this position either requires two givers, or the use of a vibrator or dildo. It's best to get the first insertion done into the vagina, and then proceed to the anal insertion.

Double penetration can be performed in a variety of positions, most of them having the receiver sandwiched between the two givers. She can be doggie style, lying on her back, laying on her front or even standing. It's best to experiment a bit to find the most comfortable and rewarding position. Trust me.

GT: Preferences…Huge, average, small (had to throw that in there, you never know), thin/long or fat/stubby?

EA: Sorry guys but I loooove length and thickness. I want to feel like my body is being split in half!

GT: Sounds like a bad horror film waiting to happen. Like that film with the chick who had teeth in her coochie. She ate up the cocks. Now we can have a film where dude splits chicks in half with his ALMIGHTY COCK! Maybe they can battle each other…

GT: Anyway, so you’re filled to the brim with different nationalities; Cuban, Chinese, Irish and English. I read somewhere that you have never been to Cuba. Since then, have you visited Cuba yet?

EA: Still no Cuba but I am looking forward to it hopefully in the near future.

GT: With whom did you have THE best sex/orgasm with while filming? And which film was it in?

EA: Honey, I had so many bomb ass dicks in my career I wouldn't even know where to begin....seriously...a lot.

GT: Bomb ass dicks huh? I think we could make a t-shirt with that saying, “I’m a bomb ass dick!”

GT: What was your worse sex experience during filming?

EA: A Devils Film movie. Don't know the title nor do I want to find out. But this guy asked me to foot fuck him during the scene and I told him no thanks and he looked at me like I was the crazy one. Then he made me cum swap his nut back into his mouth so he could swallow it....I lost sleep that night.

GT: OK seriously, I just threw up…

GT: Is there any starlet or male star that you haven’t worked with that you’re dying to fuck?

EA: Dude I don't know anyone in the biz anymore. Everyone is new...but I know I’d like to fuck Tory Black, and for new guys....well....usually I don't know their name until after they have given me at least two orgasms in the 1st 10 minutes…LOL.

GT: Two orgasms…that’s all it takes…no problem. Oh and Tory, get your ass over to Eva’s house all ready!

GT: A few starlets are getting into the mainstream of film. Have you been in any or have any plans in the future to be in a mainstream film?

EA: Eventually, yes, but right now I'm trying to focus my attention on SkinworXXX and my site


GT: Last question. Superheroes are the thing in the movie industry. Everyone digs them. If you had one superpower what would it be and what would you do with it?

EA: I would fly like Superman cause that would be such an amazing, therapeutic experience to fly alongside an American eagle.

GT: Well there you have it folks…the flying diva Eva Angelina and her American eagle to the rescue.

Eva, thank you soooooo much for chillin with us, THE XXXTREME CREW! Keep rockin those films and we expect SkinworXXX to make it to the top of the adult film industry! Your films look great and with all the hard work, “You deserve it!”

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