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Girlfriends Films

Women Seeking Women Vol. 55

Manufactured by: Girlfriends Films Inc.


Ava Adams, Janet Alfonso, Alexis Ford, Franziska Facella, Prinzess, Taylor Vixon, Elexis and Faith Leon

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Women seeking Women unfolds as sex becomes the only option for payment. Dreams seem so real, and friends make the chemistry between them a reality.

Scene 1: Alexis Ford & Ava Adams

Scene begins with Ava walking into a room with Alexis. Ava seems to be a sort of tutor. They talk about money and how she will be paid today; due to the fact that Alexis's mother wasn't there. What better way to pay for home schooling than a little sex. They both move to a room with a bed. They start off with some kissing. At first Alexis is totally not into this. This must be her first time, based on this scene. Soon, the shirts come off and Ava begins licking Alexis's nipples. After a few more minutes of kissing Ava turns Alexis over and kisses her back and rubs her ass. She then turns her over once more and removes her panties. Alexis is now totally into this. Ava starts to lick and finger fuck Alexis's pierced pussy. Alexis rocks a small patch with a fairy tattoo. They go back to some more kissing and Alexis sucking on Ava's titties. They both go back and forth with some grinding and more licking. This action goes on a good amount of time. After both girls cum, the scene fades out to black.

GT HOT METER 6 out of 10 I didn't care too much for this scene. It was very slow and the action was lacking a bit from both women. Not a good intro scene. Maybe next time they could rock this scene in the middle of the film. I always believe in keeping the first scene eye catching.

Scene 2: Prinzzess & Janet Alfono

After talking to another chick about a fantasy that she is having, Prinzzess goes up to her room to take a nap. She changes the top that she is wearing to a different shirt and takes off her bottoms and gets into bed. At this point we begin to fade out to a dream sequence with her and Janet wearing some nice lingerie and sitting there kissing each other. After some intense lip to lip action Prinzzess goes for Janet’s tits. She licks her nipples and then lays her back. She gets on top of her in a missionary position and begins to do some slow grinding. Prinzzess tells Janet to turn over. When she turns over, Prinzzess reaches over and places her hand in Janet’s panties to feel her wet pussy. She then pushes her forward into a doggy position and pulls down her thong. While doing so, Prinzzess takes off her own bra revealing her nice tits. She begins to rub and finger fuck Janet’s pussy. While doing so she asks if this feels good. Janet replies with some sweet ass moaning, “YES.” While Janet gets finger fucked oh so nicely she reaches to her own pussy and rubs her own clit. After a few minutes of some pussy pleasuring, Janet turns over to face Prinzzess and tastes her two fingers that were just inside if her pussy. She then takes Prinzzess’s tits and places them in her mouth. She nibbles on her nipples as well. Janet takes off the pink dress that Prinzzess was wearing and takes off her lace underwear. After doing so, right in she goes, licking and eating on her pussy. PATCH WARNING. Prinzzess starts rocking her dirty talk, “Lick my Clit,” “Put your fingers in there very slowly.” While Janet finger fucks her she also works the clit with her tongue and man within seconds she cums all over Janet’s mouth. Prinzzess tells Janet that she’s in trouble now. Oh Oh. She pushes Janet down on her back and lies on top to grind her pussy. She pauses for a sec to take off Janet’s stockings and then goes down on her. The finger fucking begins again and while licking her clit she pounds her fingers deep inside of Janet, making her cry with passion. Janet rocks some nice moves here. While being fucked she moves her ass up and down so that she can take the as much finger length as possible. After she cums they cuddle up a bit and kiss for a few seconds…and then the grinding begins again. Janet places her hand in between them and Prinzzess says, “Let me ride them fingers!” She does so and again cums with the quickness. I must say, that was the hottest part of this scene. Last cuddle session and end scene.

GT HOT METER 8 out of 10 This was the first time I watched Prinzzess at work and DUDE!!! She’s a little hottie. Her dirty talk is just perfect. Kinda like attended the Jenna Haze’s School of Dirty Talk.

Scene 3: Franziska Facella & Taylor Vixen

In this scene, both women walk into a room and begin talking about prom. They are both dressed very know porn casual, short skirts and all. They both go back and forth about how nice prom and begin playing dress up. They both begin to get hot. I'm sure you know where this is going, huh huh??? Two hot chicks, playing dress up and turning each other on...BLAM...SEXY TIME IS A COMING! Franziska is shy at first but totally gets into it. After kissing for a few minutes they both go into another room which is a bit more comfortable for this type of action. It contains a, wait for it, a bed! They get on the bed and begin playing with each other’s tits and then lay on top of each other for some grinding action. I'm digging the grind in this flick. Didn't think it would be too hot. You know what, it totally is. Next, we go back and forth with each female as they go from a little rubbing, licking and finger fucking. Both girls seem to cum but they are not done. They get back into a missionary position and again begin to grind. The camera work here is beast! They got the perfect angle here and if you aren't blowing a load here, then I don't know. Just keep watching. After another grind session, they kiss again and just when you thought the scene was finished, nope. Franziska goes back for some more loving as she goes down on Taylor and finishes her off with some very nice rubbing the clit action. She cums and they now finish the scene with some final kisses.

GT HOT METER 7 out of 10 Not a bad scene, I just thought it went on too long in the beginning with all the prom talk. Other than that, Taylor definitely showed who took control here and she did it right.

Scene 4: Faith Leon & Elexis

And for the final scene we hit it off with Faith knocking on a screen door. Elexis opens the door and welcomes Faith in. Faith explains that she is here to see her sister that she hasn’t seen in a while. She finds out that Elexis is having an affair with her sister and is totally cool with it until her sister calls Elexis on the phone and she lies to her, telling her that it wasn’t her sister on the phone. They get into a little scuffle and Faith smacks Elexis in the face and walks out. At this point I’m like WHAT THE FUCK? but just hold on folks coz this is the best scene of this film! Scene fades out and then back again with Faith comes back to apologize. Elexis tells her that she is not interested and leads her to her sister’s room to wait there. After a couple minutes, Elexis walks back into the room to check on Faith. Faith once again apologizes asks her to have a seat next to her on the bed. She asks her what she could do to make it up to her. Elexis digs this and replies, “Anything?” And here starts the kissing! Elexis begins to take Faiths clothes off and caresses her pale white body. She bits and pulls on her nipples. Faith loves this. Elexis takes her clothes off now and they both begin rubbing each other’s pussy. The moaning here is perfect. They each take turns going down for some munch time in various positions. The finger fucking is outstanding too. These girls do it right and this is a great scene to end this film on. They even rock some dirty talk as well, “Tell me how that feels.” “I’m gonna cum on your fingers!” “I wanna taste it.” Oh yeah, you wanna taste it?’ Soooo nice! At one point they straddle each other’s pussy and grind each other till they both cum. During this fuck fest; Faith makes the most exotic face expressions that if you were looking into her eyes, that is all it would take to make you burst in your pants.

GT HOT METER 9 out of 10 This scene would have gotten a 10 but the scene ended…haha. I could have watched Faith go on for another ten minutes! She reminded me of another Stoya. I can’t wait to see another scene with Faith. And Elexis, she is definitely the dominating one here. She knows what she wants and takes it. I am very impressed with the chemistry that these two have during this scene.

Final Verdict

This was my first Girlfriends Film and I am extremely happy that it was. Now I understand why this film company states that they are the best at women on women sexcapades. They know how to put lesbians together and do their magic on screen. Again I must enforce Faith Leon! If you haven’t seen her in action then you MUST get this film and watch her fuck Elexis. Totally makes up for the slow first scene. Good job G.F. I am stoked to review another one of your films very soon.

GT HOT METER 8 out of 10

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