Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pleasure Puts 6 Parodies in One Pack!

The originator of the parody genre – Pleasure Productions – goes ‘back to basics’ with a combo pack streeting in time for holiday purchases. Put this Pleasure Parody 6-Pack on your store shelves, and suggest the various titles as ‘the ultimate and original parody’ collection!

In Geranalmo, renegade Indian called Geranalmo (Chad Thomas) leaves behind a trail of satisfied frontier women. There’s hardcore, campfire DPs and many steamy scenes and outdoor couplings! Can you say ‘poke a hot ass’?

The mayor's wife has just been abducted and no one can find her – forcing authorities to call Ass Ventura: Crack Detective, another Pleasure parody. The only person with enough chutzpah to cum to her rescue is private dick Ass Ventura! With his nose to the ground and in every crack in between, this debonair detective leaves no bone unturned, no underwear unsniffed, and never a hole unexplored in his kinky backdoor search for truth!

See the Brady’s in action as you always wanted to with the original Backdoor Bradys. Starring Nina Hartley, Kaitlyn Ashley, and Rachel Love, Backdoor Bradys will make you wonder why the Brady teens never succumbed to the “free love” of the 1970s!

In addition, if you’ve ever watched Fox’s legendary police reality series, you’ll love Pops. Tiffany and Tony are cops who specialize in sex-related emergencies. They drive in a police cruiser and respond to peepers and low-level but hardcore criminals. Eventually, they respond to each other in Pops: True Stories of the Porn Patrol.

The Last Girl Scout is the second to last movie in this set. Heather Lere plays a cop in this Herschel Savage-directed movie about intrigue, suspense, and some wicked "undercover" work. Madison is Heather’s streetwise partner who's joined forces to turn up the heat; together, they'll earn every sexual merit badge in the book!

And finally, Dallas Does Debbie is a sexually inverted twist on the other famous movie about an oversexed cheerleader who never turns town a good shagging! It’s like hitting the lottery when you purchase the Pleasure Parody 6-Pack!

For sales of these Pleasure Productions DVDs, contact Adam Hasner at Evolution Distribution, at 609-426-1777, ext. 228, or email

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