Friday, October 16, 2009


Burning Angel



Riot Grrrls

Directed by Joanna Angel


Asphyxia, Allister, Pixie Pearl, Mandy Morbid, Cadence St. John, Jayded, Eden Von Sleaze, Jessie Lee, Nova T.A., and Audrey Angel

Special Features:

Behind the Scenes

Photo Gallery



Magical 3some Adventure Experience

Fuck Me In the Bathroom #3


POV Punk

Rock And Roll In My Butthole

Scene 1: Asphyxia and Allister

This scene starts off with a wonderful singing telegram via Asphyxia. She rocks out three cute tunes and is cut off by Allister's mouth as she grabs her and begins kissing her. They go back and forth complimenting each others body and taking their clothes off. Licking, smacking and finger fucking commences with some awesome moaning via both chicks. Then the toys arrive! Allister begins using a white/pink striped dildo on Asphyxia as she takes it like a pro. She moves into a couple positions while getting fucked in a smooth stroking motion. Hot line alert, Asphyxia tells Allister to move it faster and deeper! Slap me harder! Asphyxia jumps off the dildo to get some licking loving and then they both switch back and forth to some major finger fuck action until they both cum! They finish off with some very hot kissing and this, "I never knew telegrams could be so fun!" HOT GT METER 7 out of 10

Scene 2: Pixie Pearl and Mandy Morbid

Mandy begins the scene with some pacing back and forth and she awaits her soon to be lover. Pixie arrives to her door with a suitcase. After a short conversation about why Pixie has a suitcase with, they begin grinding on each other against the wall. They rock out on each others nipples, which I must say Mandy has some intense boobs! Pixie makes her way down to Mandy's love skin and finger fucks her with two fingers. After fucking her hard, Pixie tells Mandy that she better cum hard for her...HOT! Together they fuck each other using the entire area, the walls and the floor. Going through various positions, you can totally tell that these two together have intense chemistry! At one point Pixie gets on the floor, spreads her legs wide so Mandy can wreck shop to her pussy. While she gets her pussy pounded, Pixie reaches Mandy's cunt and fucks her as well. After a nice pussy poundage goes back to fucking Mandy against the graffiti filled wall until she cums! The scene ends with Mandy telling Pixie she can sooo move in. HOT GT METER 8 out of 10

Scene 3: Cadence St. John and Jayded

Scene starts off with both chicks lying in bed trying to figure out how they can get Cadence's boyfriend to leave so they can fuck each other. She fakes a cold and coughs up a storm while her boyfriend comes into the room to see if they want to go to a RAVE with him. He finally leaves after a couple times of attempting to get the girls to come with. As soon as he is gone, the girls waste no time with taking their clothes off and going to town on each others pussies! Cadence takes a great ass licking while Jayded slides her tongue all over her body. Vibrators come into play on each other in various positions as the chicks cum numerous times! Hot line alert: "Does that thing vibrate?" Scene ends with Jayded fucking Cadence fast with her fingers and then switching back to the vibrator. We get major cum moans and the fade to black. HOT GT METER 8 out of 10

Scene 4: Envy Vicious and Eden Von Sleaze

The two girls are seen chilling in a bedroom talking about going to a prom and crashing it. After they get dressed in some sexy dresses, they walk over to each other and begin feeling each other up which ends the trip to crashing the prom. They lay on the bed for some kissing action, making each others pussies hot and wet. We get some good ole finger fucking and pleasurable licking to keep them pussies moisturized with wetness. They each rock a dildo and more licking and then it happens....ANAL! Some very nice anal action begins. They switch off fucking each others ass's and they do it well! They end this scene with both chicks laying on the bed giving one last rubbing till they both cum. HOT GT METER 7 out of 10

Scene 5: Jessie Lee and Nova T.A.

Possibly the best scene in this film. nova starts off the scene with some self pleasuring while lying on a couch. She fills her cunt with a thick blue dildo and she strokes it into her hard. After a couple minutes of witnessing this dope ass masturbation sequence, Jessie Lee walks into the room. nova tries to play it off as if she wasn't doing anything but that doesn't last too long as both girls giggle there way onto each other. Nova is such a sex fiend that she can't keep her hands off of Jessie clit. She rubs it perfect. So perfect that Jessie notes, "You have magic hands!" After all the massive rubbing action, Jessie pulls out that lovely blue dildo and begins to fuck Nova with it. Scene continues with some very nice dildo fucking, licking, smacking, and kissing amougst the two females until Jessie finishes off with a cowgirl fuck-fest on the dildo and some intense kissing between the two. HOT GT METER 9 out of 10

Scene 6: Audrey Angel and Allister

Well isn't Allister lucky. She starts off the movie and now ends it with her banging body and crazy tongue skills. Both girls are looking through a cabinet in the kitchen. Unable to find anything good, they begin playing with each other with cake icing. They get to taste each others nipples while spreading some of the creamy white. Once finished, they move onto some pussy licking. The girls go at it for a while and then begin to play with a vibrator. Allister begins fucking Audrey with it. She takes it slow for a little and then pounds Audrey HARD! They go back and forth from eating each other to using the vibrator, finally ending the scene with some finger fucking till they both cum. Allister finalizes the film with, "Who needs cake when you can eat pussy!" HOT GT METER 8 out of 10

Final Verdict

Being my first dive into the Burning Angel world, I must say I am very pleased with what they have to offer. The girls are sexy as all hell and they feel so REAL! The ink on the women is beautiful and the kissing is top notch. As for the rest of the fucking they had to offer, OMG! They knew what to do and did it right. The film and sound quality is also at its best. The scenes were timed perfectly, not too long not too short. I would definitely recommend this film especially if you are into lesbian films. It is worth a purchase. FINAL HOT GT METER: 9 out of 10


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