Wednesday, October 7, 2009


During this past eXXXotica 09 convention we here at GT XXXTREME just had to find the latest contract girl, the lovely 21 year old, Alexis Ford! I must say, she is stunning! The hottie from the NYC is having the time of her life right about now. She's making movies, traveling the world, and rocking the adult world with her beautiful smile, Alexis Ford is here and ready to hypnotize us with her sexy ways! We got a chance to hang out for a bit with Alexis during the convention. Here is a quicky but goodie interview! You can get a peek at her on,,,, just to name a few.

GT: We're live here with Alexis Ford, the beautiful Alexis Ford.

AF: Thank you!

GT: How are you tonight?

AF: I'm doing great! It's my first time ever being to a convention show and being the newest contract girl for Adam & Eve I'm like ecstatic! Can't even describe it.

GT: Did they come to you?

AF: They did. Actually I was offered from this company and other companies a contract and it was very surprising coz I have only been in the business for six months and I wasn't going to do boy/girl unless I was going to be contracted and Adam & Eve was to me a great company. They treat me so well. I mean everybody is so nice and they're more like a family to me than anything.

GT: Wow! That's great!

AF: Yeah, and I haven't even worked for them yet and I think that way.

GT: That's awesome. Well I'm sure they love you too. When does your first film with A&E come out?

AF: I am shooting two movies. One of them is called American Made: Alexis Ford and that will be out in January. So I think they want to put it out right before the AVN's.

GT: Nice.

AF: And the other one is a college themed film, not sure if there is a title for it yet. I'm working with Tommy Gunn and Mr. Pete.

GT: There ya go. Two hot studs for you from the get-co.

AF: Yeah (giggles)

GT: So, what are you into? What are your hobbies?

AF: My hobbies? I love traveling, especially if it's in warm weather. I actually am a big fan of yoga. Need to be flexible (heh heh) and I like to go shopping.

GT: Hey who doesn't.

AF: And SEX! Everyday!

GT: Sex is a good thing.

AF: Sex is one of my biggest hobbies. (giggles) I do it on my free time.

GT: That's great!

AF: and for work!

GT: So are you with someone? Or single?

AF: I am single right now. I got out of a relationship in January and it's a really funny story. When I just started and I was just gonna shoot for solo maturbation sites, my ex at the time was like, "You know, if you do that then I can't be with you coz you're disgusting" so I left him and then six months later I sign a porn contract!

GT: There ya go...smack!

AF: Yeah! So he can go buy my DVD's now.

GT: Yeah screw him.

AF: Yeah (giggles)

GT: Alright, what about movies. Are you into watching mainstrem movies?

AF: I love comedy movies. I'm not a big fan of horror.


AF: There so corny sometimes. I just watched Pineapple Express on Showtime.

GT: Good movie.

AF: Yeah I love that movie.

GT: How bout music?

AF: Music? I love hip hop, r&b and I actually like alternative rock.

GT: That's cool. A little bit of everything.

AF: Yeah, a little bit of everything except for country. I never got into it.

GT: Me too. I was always told that only lairs listen to country, so who knows.

AF: (laughs)

GT: Well major good luck in this industry. You're gorgeous. I wish you much luck and have a great time at the show!

AF: Thank you so much!

Check out Alexis Ford on her MySpace and follow her on Twitter.

Alexis Ford MySpace

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