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Burning Angel


Big Boobs Are Cool vol. 3
Revenge of the Areola

Directed by Mitch Fontaine


Joanna Angel, Regan Reece, Nova T.A., Roxxxie Rose and Bella Vendetta

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Behind the Scenes


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The Joanna Angel Magical Adventure Experience
XOXO Joanna Angel
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If you're a fan of the Big Boobs Are Cool series, and you want 3 times the "Big", 3 times the "Boobs" and 3 times the "Cool", then "Big Boobs Are Cool 3: Revenge of the Areola" is just the DVD for you! Director and titty connoisseur, Mitch Fontaine, brings you the third installment of his big boob DVD extravaganza, and this time around, it features a special ode to the vag's pink sister, the areola! As always, they're All Natural, All Big and All Cool!

Scene 1: Joanna Angel and James Deen

After some awesome boobie jiggling and a hot interview regarding boobs, Joanna Angel rocks us with a bit of stripping, teasing and some cute ass giggling while playing with her cool boobs. She sits on a white couch and introduces herself as having cool boobs….AND YES SHE DOES! James walks into the scene and surprises her as he begins kissing and caressing her boobs. After some slapping of the nipples, Joanna makes her way to his pants, pulls out his cock and pulls off a mean ass BJ. They move to a quick titty fuck and then he turns her around, pulls up her skirt, and the fuck fest begins. First with a reverse cowgirl to stand up doggie and then down to the couch for missionary. Joanna moans with pure pleasure as James pounds her pussy. “It’s so good!” James moves to Joanna’s side for some spoon fucking and after some hardcore pro action, he pulls out of her juicy pussy and enters her asshole where she takes it like a champ! While he fucks that ass she plays with her pussy. They continue anal during reverse cowgirl. “Yeah, deep in my ass like that!” They move to stand up doggie again, still working that asshole, and then Joanna goes back down on James to clean off his cock. Back to the couch they go for anal missionary where Joanna cums again. She then grabs his cock and says, “I want you to cum!” And so he does, in her mouth! GT HOT METER: 8 out of 10

Scene 2: Regan Reece and Sean Michaels

All the scenes seem to begin the same way, a quick interview regarding cool boobs and then right into the action. This is pretty cool due to the fact that it adds to Burning Angel’s comedy which flows perfect in this film. Regan bounces to the musical beat that pounds hard, making her tits bounce oh so nicely. After some teasing, Sean walks into the picture and begins kissing her cool boobs. They sit on the couch, continue kissing and out comes his ding dong! Regan goes right for it and gives him a nice BJ. She now gets totally naked, lies on the couch and there begins the titty fucking. He goes down on her to add some extra lube and then spoon fucking begins. Next we are granted reverse cowgirl where Reagan bounces on his cock making sure her boobs bounce as well…..HOT! Quick BJ and then back to cowgirl. Burning Angel has so far chosen the right boobs to have in this film. Next up…doggie where she takes it nice and deep. “I wanna feel your hot load on my tits!” WHAT! That’s right she said it and he does it. GT HOT METER: 7 out of 10

Scene 3: Nova T.A. and Mick Blue

The hot ass Nova starts off the scene making a salad with Mick. Nova goes to grab the special “Burning Angel Olive Oil” and spills it on her shirt making her perky nipples peak through the now wet tank top. She feels weird about having the spilled oil on her so she goes to get changed. Mick starts pouring the oil on himself stating that this feels so good. He starts rubbing on his chest as Nova walks back into the scene. He begins pouring it on her and rubs it into her soft skin making her feel very good and turned on. “This is making me feel so sexy!” Mick feels up on her cool boobs, which look extra hot with the shiny oil all over her curves. He makes his way down to her cunt and plays with it with his fingers. She states, “We have to play in the kitchen more often!” Nova pulls down his pants and rocks a dope ass BJ while playing with her cool boobs. Next we jump into some doggie action and then we move over to the couch for some missionary playtime where we get the pleasure of watching Nova’s tits jiggle to the pounding of Mick. Spooning is up next and then some awesome reverse cowgirl….ANAL STYLE…WHICH Nova does so amazingly! Scene couldn’t be without a good titty fuck. I mean we are watching some really cool boobs in action! And then happy time ends with the cum shot. GT HOT METER: 9 out of 10

Scene 4: Roxxxie Rose and Dane Cross

This scene is pretty fast paced as Dane doesn’t waste any time and jumps right in with some biting and grabbing of Roxxxie’s cool boobs. He also works his way with taking her red panties off and placing his mouth on her luscious pussy. He continues with the titty action as he slaps away oh them. His dick makes its way to her boobs and the titty fucking begins. BJ makes its way in between the titty fucking. Roxxxie now wants the dick all to herself. She makes her way down to her knees to his dick and goes all out, giving Dane a pretty nice BJ. We then get to enjoy her as she gets fucked spoon style and then onto doggie. She loves every moment saying, “Don’t stop, don’t stop! I’m gonna cum harder!” And so she does. Next is reverse cowgirl as Roxxxie takes control of his cock and takes it all. I must say. Roxxxie darling…your body is banging! Roxxxie now allows him to enter her ass as they fuck in the spooning position and that’s all it takes for him to burst his load on her tits. GT HOT METER: 7 out of 10

Scene 5: Bella Vendetta and James Dean

Again, another scene that the male actor wastes no time in jumping into the va-jay-jay! James comes right in and lowers her pants, sticks his dick right into her fucking her from behind while standing. They then take a seat take a seat and rock reverse cowgirl. Quick BJ for some added lube and we move right onto missionary. Sideways cowgirl with a finger in the ass…yeahy yeah! Back to doggy then to missionary and cum all over the cool boobs of Bella Vendetta. GT HOT METER: 7 out of 10

Final Verdict

I am so happy I get to review Burning Angel flicks…I mean what else could you ask for when you get hot ass chicks with hot ass tattoos and awesome pro action as they use their body to express the act of FUCKING on FILM! After watching this film I now have to watch the first two volumes of Cool Boobs coz God damn this was HOT! Nova rocked my world with her banging body and Joanna….she is such a freak in the sack... or where ever she is devouring a penis. This film flows very nicely and the sex is good. One thing I missed is a good lesbian scene between two chicks with really cool boobs. That’s just me. Hey maybe volume four? This film is definitely worth a rental. If you are a Joanna or Nova fan then it’s a must purchase!!!!!


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