Tuesday, November 3, 2009


New Sensations


Screw My Girlfriend While I Watch

Directed by Mario Rossi

Brooke Adams, Cassie Rose, Amber Sun and Chastity Lynn

Scene 1: Cassie & Johnny

Cassie & Johnny met at the mall. He was shopping for a phone and found a hottie. 6 months later the sex isn't what it used to be and in slides Jerry, the porn star. Cassie promises Johnny she’ll think of him the whole time.
Jerry warms up Cassie with some good old fashioned titty sucking and giving her pussy a nice rubbing. Cassie shows she knows her way around a cock with a quality BJ. After she gets Jerry good and hard he bends her over the couch and it’s time for Johnny to take notes. He seems to enjoy the show.
Jerry lays Cassie down so Johnny can get a better view. He finds her spot and she finds God. She decides to go cowgirl and rides herself to new heights all while facing Johnny.
Cassie gives her pussy a break and sucks on Jerry’s dick a while, then jumps back on his dick while he lays back and pounds away. After cumming a few more times she shows her appreciation by sucking his cock some more. Jerry pulls her up on the couch and they spoon while Johnny moves around for a better view.
Cassie tells Jerry she wants his cum all over her face and he is sure to comply. She thanks Jerry for the good fuck and Johnny for giving her what he couldn’t. Johnny didn’t seem too happy about another dude’s load on his girl’s face and decides he’s going to move on to his next pussy.

Scene 2: Brooke & Frank

These two met in Miami and moved to LA. Frank slips up during their interview and reveals he’s OK with letting his girl fuck another man because he’s been running around himself. Brooke promises to get even by enjoying herself with the professional pussy slayer, Billy.
Brooke is a little nervous and very excited. She teases Frank with some professional grade cock sucking on Billy. She’s worried about fitting Billy’s thick dick in her tight cunt. They both strip and Brooke gets back to work. Billy lays her down to make it hurt so good while feeling her nice natural titties and giving her a deep boning. She makes sure Frank knows how much she’s enjoying it.
Brooke gets bent over and cums very nicely while screaming how Billy’s thick dick is splitting her open. She cums again and asks how else porn stars fuck? Billy aims to show her… He throws her on top and pounds away while her tits bounce and she’s cumming again before she knows it. She takes a break and slobs on Billy’s knob but it’s a lot for her to swallow.
Billy lays her down and pounds her twat till she’s cumming again and he pulls out and shoots his load all over her wet pussy. She is wiped and Frank has learned his lesson.

Scene 3: Amber & Mikey

They met partying in Vegas at a swinger’s party and have been experimenting ever since. Now Amber wants to try 2 dudes at once and Mikey’s just not sure. He says he’ll watch Amber with another man and decide whether or not he wants to join. In walks Mike the porn star. Well, she can’t go wrong screaming out a name.
Mike undresses her and she gets right down to business on his cock, sucking like a pro while he rubs her pussy. Mikey is there to hold Ambers hand when she decides to jump on Mike’s big dick and rides. Amber is a smaller girl and Mike gets deep in her. She feels it and cums multiple times.
She jumps off to blow him some more and when she’s ready for more Mike starts drilling her from behind and she starts cumming immediately with her face buried in the couch. He flips her over and finger bangs her till she’s cumming again. He spreads those legs and slides in giving her a few more big O’s.
They spoon for a bit and Mike gives her a few more orgasms for good luck. Mikey is really enjoying the show, but not as much as Amber! She gets on her knees and lets Mike fuck her mouth and then she’s back on top cumming again. She goes reverse cowgirl on the floor and then doggy stile, Amber cumming the whole time.
After a big one Mike lets loose his man juice all over Amber’s face and tits. When she’s asked how many times she got off she says she lost count after 5. She is very grateful to both her Mikes.

Scene 4: Alyssa & Dan

Dan and Alyssa are high school sweet hearts. Dan made a smart move to hold on to her, she is smokin’! Dan is the only man Alyssa’s ever had and he says he’s ok with her fucking another man as long as he is there. She wants to get kinky so they call in Tommy Gun. Tommy gets Alyssa down to her panties and gets a mouthful of titty while she straddles him.
She wants to know how big Tommy’s gun is and she is not disappointed. Neither is Tommy. She works his cock and loves every inch of it in her mouth, and then she decides she wants it inside her. Not long into their spooning Alyssa has already cum twice. She deep throats Tommy’s cock and then goes for a ride. She spins and goes right back to cumming nice and loud while she watches Dan.
Tommy earns his name as he blasts Alyssa to more and more orgasms with her on top. Tommy flips her over and pumps away on her doggy style while she is loud and loving it. Dan is watching Alyssa’s wet hole getting serviced and loving it. After some spooning where she cums some more, Alyssa says she wants to get painted white and Tommy unloads. She thanks Tommy Gun for giving her a great romp and Dan for being so thoughtful to allow it.

Scene 5: Chastity & Tom

Chastity met Tom when she was in high school, he was the janitor that couldn’t wait for her to graduate and you can’t blame him. Chastity’s love of porn got Tom into it as well and they both agreed it might be hot for Chastity to get a taste of a professional cock. Alex is just the man for the job. He works Chastity up with some sensual titty sucking and she works his rod then sucks him hard. Alex gives her a good tongue lashing and while she’s begging for his cock, he slips a finger in and gives her her first orgasm of many to come.
After making her taste her own juices, Alex sits down and lets Chastity fill her pussy with his big dick. She rides to glory and asks Tom if this is turning him on. She rides herself screaming while Alex pumps away and tells Alex she likes her ass slapped. They spoon for a bit so Tom can get a better view and Chastity is an O machine.
Alex bends her over the couch and she is holding Tom’s hand while she gets blasted to new heights. She loves Alex’s cock and tells him to make her his whore. She starts working his dick like a pro and Alex lays her out to pound the shit out of her twat. After she cums several more times she tells Alex she wants him to cum. She is sucking on his balls while he works up to shooting his load in her mouth.
After all is said and swallowed, Chastity goes to take a shower so she can take care of Tom next. Tom says he doesn’t think he can do it again, but it was fun to watch.


Most of the girls on the DVD were pretty hot, the dudes that were playing the boyfriends or the porn stars were usually eastern European and didn’t really sell the boyfriend part. The girls seemed like they were new too or just making their way in to porn so it was cool to see these girls get railed and love every second of it. The extras on the DVD are nice. There is a “Pick Your Pleasure” option that will allow you to see each girl in all the different positions that they are fucked in. There is a good Photo Gallery, a little behind the scenes action, a Pop Shot reel and a scene where a girl gets her pantyhose ripped apart while she gets her twat eaten out and fucked.

Overall, I’d give it a B.

Review by Kevin "THE SCREWER" Pettit


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