Wednesday, December 16, 2009

DVD REVIEW: Field of Schemes Part 6

Girlfriends Films


Field of Schemes

Part 6

Espisode 20 of the Thornhill Diaries

(University of Thornhill Women’s Softball)

Special Features:

Photo Gallery-Short slide show





The installment from Thornhill Diaries takes place on the Campus of the University of Thornhill. The women’s softball team is all about team spirit and demonstrate their closeness with 4 scene of hot girl on girl action

Scene 1: Prinzzess and Jodi Star

The girls are relaxing in the team house chatting it up. Prinzzess goes to the kitchen to get a beer and discover some team pictures as well as some hot pictures of Jodi and her sister. Prinzzess says she’s keep the pictures because her sister is in them. They have a little scuffle and the hotness begins. Both sexy ladies please and tease each other with a particularly hot 69. The girls’ hotness makes up for the lack of originally and repetitiveness of the positions.

7 out of 10

Scene 2: Juliana Jolene and Ashlyn Rae

Ashlyn-Cheerleader., Lynnie, Juliana-Blonde

Ashlyn and Lindsey are relaxing in Ashlyn's room when upper classman Juliana comes over. Juliana thinks it’s hot in the room and everyone should strip. Lindsey started to go with it but got cold feet. The girls are fine with that and slowly get down to some hot pussy rubbing action. Juliana shows her what's up with back to back orgasms and Ashlyn returns the favor.

8 out of 10

Scene 3: Jana Jordan and Misty Anderson

Jana gives Misty a tour of the house, but the house is not the only thing Misty gets to tour. She gets a intimate tour of Jana’s ass. Misty gets knuckle deep in that pussy. Jana gets on her hands and knees and Misty buries her face in her hot pussy. There is some hot action in this scene with a lot of cumming. This was definitely my favorite scene of the flick.

9 out of 10

Scene 4: Ashlyn Rae and Darryl Hanah

Coach Hanah has a talk with Ashlyn about what the school has to offer and what she expects from her……to taste some of that sweet, young pussy. After she has her try on the cheerleader uniform she rubs her down and goes to town on the pussy. She buries her face and fingers in that pussy and Ashlyn gladly returns the favor.

8 out of 10


The camera angles were fairly type (not much originality), but the positions in the later scenes were pretty hot. Lesbian flicks aren’t particularly my favor, but as far as this film goes with me, this was a pretty hot video. If you are into girl-on-girl action, you will dig.

7 out of 10

Review by:

Gentle D

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