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Girlfriends Films


Twisted Passions Vol. 6


Samantha Ryan, Allie Haze, Abbey Brooks, Ruby Knox, Isis Taylor and Rayveness

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Scene 1: Samantha Ryan and Allie Haze

The films begins with the beautiful Samantha Ryan playing the piano in a soft teal dress. She finishes the tune and leaves her home to go teach her daily piano lesson. She arrives at Allie's home. After knocking on the door, Allie answers and lets Samantha in. Allie teases us with a tight white tank top and orange short shorts. Allie takes a seat in front of her piano to begin her lesson. After getting a bit frustrated, Allie tells Samantha that playing the piano might not be her thing. Samantha calms Allie down a bit by placing a blindfold over Allie's eyes and tells her don't worry and try again. Of course this works. It also turns Samantha totally on that Allie is blindfolded and sitting there playing the tune very sexy. This in turn begins the kissing and caressing. Allie stands up and leans against the keys of the piano, letting Samantha slowly take her clothes off. She begins nibbling on her nipples. Still blindfolded, Allie spreads her legs so Samantha could offer a good hand job on her pussy. Allie now gets in on the action and begins rubbing Samantha's pussy making her moan with full pleasure. Both women now move to a bed in another room and off comes Samantha's dress and Allie's blindfold. They get on top of each other and some awesome grinding flows, making both chicks very filled with ecstasy. Samantha makes her way down to Allie's pussy. She rocks a bit of licking, some rubbing and a good finger fuck. Wanting to get some loving done to her cunt, Samantha lies on her back and spreads her long legs, giving Allie an open invitation to heaven. Allie jumps right in with some fingering and rubbing. After making Samantha go nuts, Allie jumps on top for some added grinding making herself cum. Next, “69!” Samantha gets on top so Allie can bury her face deep into her pussy. More rubbing action continues until Samantha cums for possibly the third time. HOT GT METER: 8 out of 10

Scene 2: Allie Haze and Isis Taylor

This scene opens up with Allie and Isis coming over to Samantha's house. Isis is there for an appointment with Samantha to learn how to play the piano but we learn real quick what she is really there for....Samantha and her tongue. Isis steps out of the room to change into a different outfit. She comes back dressed as a schoolgirl, HOT! Samantha instantly gets aroused and begins the game of sex amongst the three. Kissing and some ass slapping happens as they move from the living room to the bedroom where the clothes start to fall off. Isis is screaming hot here as we get to check out that bangin body of hers. As of right now, if you do not have a hard on...don't will. Samantha lifts her own skirt to reveal her luscious pussy. Isis and Allie get on either side of her and begin rubbing and finger fucking her cunt. Isis and Allie then move on to themselves and get into a sweet 69 and begin there thing as Samantha sits back and masturbates. Isis then dives into Allie and her wet pussy, eating her out and making her cum. Isis now gets some action done to her pussy and man she rocks the moaning here. Meanwhile, Samantha is loving all the hotness that is happening on her bed as she inserts her fingers into her own pussy. Isis finally cums as she expresses her satisfaction with a sweet moan. The looks that each woman give each other as they play is pure exotica. The scene ends with some nice kissing among the three. HOT GT METER: 9 out of 10

Scene 3: Samantha Ryan and Rayveness

Samantha seems to be the lucky one in this film as this scene begins her third in this film....lucky her. Lucky me. I am so down with this and her dope ass body. And now we get a treat as she enters a new home to give her piano lesson to Rayveness's daughter but guess who's not home, her daughter. And guess who's husband is going to be out for an hour...Rayveness. So hey, why not jump into the marinara sauce and start the love making damn it! Well, our prayers are answered as yes, these two begin some major teasing amongst themselves as they play with her sauce that she was making for dinner. First a little licking on Rayveness's boobs, which hey now!!!!! Some nice boobs you got there Rayveness. She is instantly turned on by what Samantha is doing to her that her clothes come right off and there it is, banging butt! WOO HOO! Gotta love a nice ass! Also, she rocks a patch but that's OK. Her moaning and sexy movements as she cums while Samantha eats up makes up for that bush. Samantha now lets her dress fall to the ground exposing her tight body as well. She sits on the counter and lets Rayveness titty fuck her pussy. Finger fucking, some grinding and some major licking continues between the two which is enough to satisfy anyone watching this film. They both finally move onto the counter where we are thrilled to see some asshole playing. Samantha gets her ass played with just enough and perfect that she cums instantly which ends this scene. HOT GT METER: 9 out of 10

Scene 4: Abbey Brooks and Ruby Knox

Scene starts off with Abbey opening the front door and letting Ruby come inside. She is there to see Allie. Allie doesn't seem to be home so Abbey tells her to have a seat until she does come home. While they sit next to each other, Ruby begins flirting with Abbey and once you start that there's no stopping Abbey and what she is about to do next. They waste no time going to Abbey's bedroom. As soon as they enter the room clothes come off and Ruby starts off with her coochie eating skillz as she devours Abbey and her pussy. Abbey is loving every minute. She then gets fingered by Ruby nice and deep. “Don't Stop!” As she lets those words come off her lips, her body lets loose and cums all over Ruby's fingers. If you made it this far without bursting a load then hold on tight coz it's Ruby's turn to get some loving done to her down under. Hot move here as they both begin to grind each others pussy to pussy with a quick hand in the middle to help with the rubbing. The two go back and forth eating each other out and making each other cum over and over again. After some awesome kissing...yes this film company does it right when it comes to chicks kissing...scene ends with these words, “Whew, that was nice!” HOT GT METER: 7 out of 10

Final Verdict

First off, I would like to thank the good ole people at Girlfriends Films...why you ask? Did you not read this review? Shit, these people know how to make a good munch film. Another satisfied viewer. This film just feels real. No bullshit. These chicks look into each other in every scene and the sex is passionate and real. One thing I constantly notice is the eyes on each female. They are into what is going on in there scene. And if you've watched as many films that I have you notice shit like that. Eyes can tell it all. The camera work is OK. I could use some more full body shots but again, I am pleased with this film. Another treat we receive is the lovely Isis Taylor! Seriously, why isn't this chick all over the adult industry? We need more Isis. Fans of good lesbian sex MUST add this film to there collection. Don't rent, don't illegally download, (thats for assholes anyway) buy the damn film....NOW!

FINAL GT HOT METER: 9 out of 10

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