Monday, December 14, 2009

James Bartholet receives AVN nomination for role in Happy Days Parody and wraps on Co Ed Confidential

James Bartholet, who is starting his fourth year in the industry, has recently received an 2010 AVN nomination for his portrayal of Howard Cunningham in Hustler’s “This Ain’t Happy Days XXX’ directed by Axel Braun.

“I want to thank everyone at AVN for the nomination, there are a lot of talented fellow actors I’m nominated with in this category this year. I really enjoyed working on this project and the sequel. Parody are so much fun to do, and with some of these parodies, I worked on the original mainstream production, so it’s a kick that years later I’m doing a porn version of them” stated Bartholet.

Bartholet also currently wrapped principal photography filming on season 4 on “Co Ed Confidential” playing the role of the Film Professor.

“I had a great time working on this series, everybody in the cast and crew, were great, it was an honor to be working on this hit series” stated Bartholet.

Bartholet recently completed filming on Hustler’s “Dancing With The Stars” parody. Bartholet is also in a parody of “The Dukes Of Hazzard” for Voyuer Media, in which he plays two roles, including the voice over as the Balladeer. Bartholet also has a hilarious turn as a costar in the star studded sex comedy “Flight Attendants” from ADAM & EVE/XPLAY.
“The parodies are definitely a hot trend in adult now, and I have been fortunate to have shot so many of these this year. Parodies are something that the consumers love to watch, and I’ve got a lot of fans telling me how much they love them, and enjoyed the various different characters I’ve portrayed” added Bartholet.
Some of Bartholets’ other projects this year have included; “Hollywood’s Nailin Paylin’” for Hustler, “Bradys XXX 4”, “Married With Children XXX 2” and “Flight Attendants 2” for X Play
“Headmaster 2” for Adam & Eve , “Pubic Enemies” for Penthouse, “This Ain’t Happy Days XXX Fonzie Loves Pinky” for Hustler, “This Ain’t The Partridge Family XXX” for Hustler, “2040”, “30 Love”, and “The Vow” for Wicked Pictures, and “Not Three’s Company XXX” for LFP.

Bartholet also hosts the weekly radio program “Inside The Industry” heard on and

James Bartholet is represented by A List Talent

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