Monday, December 7, 2009

New Mobile Site Puts a Strip Club in Your Pocket

In its latest mobile entertainment-related trick, adult entertainment studio Pink Visual has scaled down the experience of going to a topless bar down to pocket size – all that’s missing is the fake smoke, the overwhelming scent of body spray, and the retroactive regret of finding your wallet a couple hundred dollars lighter the morning after.

In assembling its new mobile site (, Pink Visual took striptease footage featuring the studio’s most popular performers and ‘enhanced’ it with real-life touches, including voiceovers done in quintessential strip club DJ style.

“We get a lot of feedback from our fans saying that they’d like to see more striptease content, especially on our web and mobile sites,” said Kim Kysar, brand and product manager for Pink Visual. “We thought, why not have some fun with it? Rather than just post some striptease footage on our existing sites, we decided to go a little further in replicating the experience you’d get at an actual club.”

Pink Visual Director Matt Morningwood said that producing the striptease videos was a pleasant departure from shooting hardcore sex scenes, both for him and for the talent involved.

“Don’t get me wrong: I love filming porn, but this footage was a lot of fun to shoot, and since the dance moves employed were all entirely up to the individual performers, aspects of the girls’ personalities come through that don’t get an opportunity to shine in the hardcore shoots,” Morningwood said. “A lot of models also tour as feature dancers, but many of our girls have never done any stripping before, or haven’t danced with a camera serving as the ‘customer,’ so this was a new experience for them.”

While there’s clearly no substitute for being lied to in person by a young woman who swears she’s only stripping as a means to pay tuition along her way to becoming a doctor or world-renowned physicist, Pink Visual thinks it is otherwise well on the way to capturing the topless club vibe. Kysar vows that the company has more tricks up its sleeve that will make the experience feel even more lifelike, including an option to ‘tip’ girls that feeds into their rating on the site.

Kysar added, however, that Pink Visual also understands there are limits to how much they can (and should) match their virtual club with its real world counterparts.

“You’ll know we’re really getting out of hand with simulating reality when we start charging $14 for a bottle of domestic beer,” Kysar said.

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