Monday, December 21, 2009


Nobody does it better than Spock BUCKTON (who played himself) in one of the year’s biggest blockbuster adult movies, POPPORN – THE GUIDE TO MAKING FUCK.

In fact, BUCKTON’s performance is so good, many think at first glance, that he’s actually playing himself better than himself putting the Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania born genius in prime position to win the 2010 AVN Award for Best Non-Sex Role. There are a number of less impressive non-sex acting performances this year including a reasonable “impersonation” by some guy pretending to be Cliff Huxtable, but the reality is that nobody should be able to steal this award from Sir BUCKTON.

BUCKTON is absolutely amazing and it’s hard to imagine anybody with a better or more complete non-sex performance,” said POPPORN editor-in-chief Brian Bangs who created the POPPORN movie along with director BUCKTON. “Plus he is the absolute star of the movie.”

“At first I wasn’t sure if I should be in a porn movie because I was afraid that I might steal the spotlight from the actual porn performers” stated BUCKTON. “I thought it might affect them negatively but after I read our script, which was amazing, I knew it was for the best.” BUCKTON said.

BUCKTON was a bit nervous at first being around the nude women on the set. I remember when Tori Black was naked on the bed in the movie’s final scene, BUCKTON didn’t want to be anywhere near her vagina when the cameras rolled due to a raging infection he had at the time,” said Bangs. “However, he realized pretty quickly that she had one too so it was okay!”

“I remember when we first started talking about the film and BUCKTON wasn’t sure what his role would be. We explained that the film would be about him making a movie. He wasn’t sure that he could pull off playing him…he instead suggested that he play an impersonation of Cliff Huxtable. We explained that we weren’t sure how to make Cliff Huxtable work in the script and besides, anyone can do a bad impersonation of Cliff and pull it off…that certainly wouldn’t be something that would win an award come AVN time!,” stated Bangs.

Apparently BUCKTON can act, and more specifically act just like himself! One look at the movie’s G-rated movie trailer will blow you away.

“To say he is clearly the winner of the 2010 Best Non-Sex Performance would be an understatement,” wrote’s Don Moosehand who gave BUCKTON and the movie a ‘FUCK YEAH top rating. POPPORN – THE GUIDE TO MAKING FUCK received an AVN award nomination for Best Sex Comedy as well.

Check out Spock BUCKTON’s spectacular performance in POPPORN – THE GUIDE TO MAKING FUCK and you will agree that he has created the greatest non-sex role of the year and possibly of all time.

“I’m really looking forward to winning,” said BUCKTON “I’ll buy that Cliff Huxtable impersonator some pudding pops or something…as long as he can loan me $3.99”., updated every weekday, features interviews and articles about adult performers, product reviews written by wildly sexual young women with no sense of shame, webisodes and news articles about the adult industry and porn in general. Their films, POPPORN – The Guide for Making Fuck and TMSleaze received nine nominations from the 2010 AVN Awards. offers something completely different to the adult industry.

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