Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Spin the Top & She Might Lose Hers!

Chanukah is the festival of lights and dreidel is the game of chance. Now brings you the perverted and highly addictive cyber version that you can play for FREE. This dreidel is definitely not made out of clay! Play against hot Jewish porn stars, Britney Stevens, Nikki Rhodes and Angelica Jordan. Just like Strip Poker, you and the girls win and lose clothes until someone's left wearing a smile and little else.

For the non-Jews out there, the rules are simple. Ante up and spin to win!

The dreidel has four sides and clothes are for sale. You¹ll want to get a Gimmel (win the entire pot) or Hay (win half the pot). A Nun means you lose your turn and a Shin means you have to put back into the pot. When someone runs out of money, they have to sell their clothes while losing/baring it all. Play against one of the girls or all of them and pick the slutty or conservative outfit you want them to wear. All the cool cats are playing it.

Chanukah begins Friday. If you haven¹t bought your Chanukah gifts, order them now from Kosher Daddy Clothing ( before the eight crazy nights of Chanukah end. Link there from the site‹yes, you can play and shop in one place. The Shtup The Chef BBQ Apron is a big seller and what every swinging bachelor needs when chilling and grilling. Plus, the Yenta baby tee is a hit with the ladies. also links to, the new global Jewish dating website to meet singles around the world. People of any religion can use the site while looking for a Jewish date. Create a profile and find your own nice Jewish girl or boy to dance around the menorah with, it¹s FREE. Plus, it will make your mother proud!

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