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GT: First off, thank you for taking the time off your schedule to answer a few questions for your fans. For those newcomers to the world of the adult film entertainment, tell us a little about yourself. How did you come to enter the world of porn?

KS: A little over 4 years ago I was living in Coeur D' Alene, Id. My boyfriend at the time and I were living in my Honda Civic, not because we didn't have jobs, it was just hard to get a place in the area. We had decided to save up and move to Cali. Then the engine to my car had blown out, and that same day we moved into a friend’s room. Like 2 weeks later I lost my job at the ColdWater Creek call center for being an hour late. I had this friend who had done some modeling and asked me if I wanted to do it and make some money. Well she was very vague, yet somehow I knew there was more to it. We showed up and the guy said he would pay $50/hr for bra and underwear shots, or $75/hr if I would be nude and simulate some stuff with my friend. At that time I was very shy and very uncomfortable being naked. So I said I would only go down to my panties. We did a couple of different solo sets, and one together where we kissed and touched each other, which was huge for me cause I had never even kissed a girl before. A couple of days later she invited me to do a shoot with another photographer friend of hers, just normal shots by the river. I wasn't really into it until her and I just started splashing around in the water and he snapped some pictures. He ended up taking an amazing photo of me that gave me the confidence I was missing to do modeling. My mom had always wanted me to do some sort of modeling, and I lost my job that week. So on a whim I went on MySpace (back when no one was really on it) and posted a classified ad “model looking for agent", within that day I got like six different offers to do porn. This had never crossed my mind before, I had never even really watched porn, and sure as hell knew nothing about it. I had never even had sex in front of anyone, or in public. I was very shy sexually. I talked to a guy who was a recruiter for Monroe Modeling (Memphis Monroe’s old agency) we talked on the phone for about 12 hrs on and off. Finally after asking about every question I could think of he finally convinced me to fly out to Cali and try porn. I talked to my boyfriend at the time about it and he wasn't too happy about me doing other guys, so we agreed that I could go do porn if I did g/g only. My flight was paid for and I packed my bags. I flew into the valley early afternoon, my agent picked me up from the airport and we went directly to my first go see. We went to New Sensations first, the lady who did my interview asked me what I did, and I said only girl/girl. She changed my mind real quick by saying “you’ll make way more money doing boy/girl" and” if you're not into girls it will show on camera", I had never been with a girl, so within the first 5 minutes of being in her office, I changed my resume to boy/girl. A couple of days later I did my first boy/girl scene for with Julian (Mr. Big Dick).

GT: Well that’s one hell of a story there Kaci. I can see it now, “And the winner of this year’s Oscar goes to KACI STARR!” haaarrrrr (crowd cheers)

GT: I see that you’re from Colorado. So is it true that hotness comes from that clean ass air you guys have up there in the mountains? Coz I must say, and for those of you who have never seen Kaci, “You are damn HOT!”

KS: Yes it is true!!!!! I was really active as a kid, hiking, camping, rafting, skiing, snowboarding, etc. Plus my mom always made sure my brothers and I ate healthy. I never even had fast food until I was about 7. There's nothing like the fresh clean air of Colorado :)

GT: OK you talked me into it. I’m moving there…right now.

GT: So I hear that dynamite comes in small packages. Being 5’3”, did you find it hard (heh heh heh) to get into the porn industry?

KS: My height never had an impact on me getting in the business, but everyone told me I needed to lose weight. Although I never had any complaints from the talent or the directors. I don't think it really mattered my height or weight cause there's something for everyone.

Plus I look about 16 (or younger sometimes) and I have the most amazing natural tits that have just continued to amaze people. Yeah your appearance is a huge part, but I believe your personality and performance are a bigger importance. Now that I have lost about 20lbs since I started I have seen a huge difference in the amount of work I get, but at the same time people continue to comment that they liked me before, and why'd I lose weight, and where'd your ass go! I started off doing interracial and anal, which at the time not many girls did right away. So I had no problem getting in the mix :)

GT: Well, you look great!

GT: Tattoos seems to be getting very popular in the adult industry. I noticed that I didn’t see any tattoos on your body. Is that true? If so, do you plan on getting any ink done?

KS: I have no tattoos!!!! I will never get one; I'm too scared of the pain. Plus I have really sensitive skin. I'm scared that the artist would start and I wouldn't be able to finish through. If I ever get over the fear of pain I would probably only get a small star somewhere.

GT: Well stars are pretty cool amongst the tattoo world.

GT: So I hear since you’re from Colorado that you are very into snowboarding and at one point you wanted to go pro so you could enter the X Games? What happened to that possible career choice?

KS: I grew up in a skiing family; my grandfather was a ski patrol man for many years in Aspen, my grandmother and mother were ski instructors. So I practically grew up on skis. One of my earliest memories is at about 2 yrs old on skis on the second steepest mountain in Aspen, Highlands. My mom would tie a rope around my waist as a homemade leash, or she would just hold onto me in between her legs. I skied all the way up until I was 10, but I never really felt like I could excel on skis. My brothers both got into boarding, and I was intrigued, I wanted to learn. So my mom said I could snowboard as long as I took lessons. I hated it right away!!! I couldn’t do the slip and slide so I just started taking off down the hill and would throw myself down to stop. I hated my class because there was a bunch of stupid girls that I didn't get along with. After a few classes I would just ride the bus up to the mountain with my group then ditch off by myself since I knew the mountain. I basically ended up teaching myself how to snowboard, and I would also go with people who were better than me, which made me better. Before I knew it I was racing down the mountain, doing small jumps, and small rails. I never did the crazy stuff as far as the parks because once again I was scared of getting hurt! After watching the X games in Aspen for the first time, I wished I could be a part of it. I could have been a contestant if I had only spent more time on the mountain. I started working at the age of about 13, so that was a priority over boarding unfortunately. I'm still young though, and I'm starting to board more again, so who knows what the future holds :)

GT: Yeah I went boarding once….once.

GT: If you had a choice between snowboarding and porn making, which would it be?

KS: If I could make the same amount of money snowboarding as I do doing porn that would be an easy choice!!!! Someday I would at least like to tour the world snowboarding, even if it's just for my own satisfaction :)

GT: That would be pretty sweet. Kind like them guys in Point Break, traveling to find that perfect wave.

GT: Ever made passionate love making or plain ole fucking on a mountain?

KS: Unfortunately I have yet to have sex on a mountain, it might be too cold!!!! I am going to Tahoe in 2 weeks; maybe I'll have to try it out :)

GT: Well you need to and get back to me about it. I want an exclusive.

GT: How about shaking them “Poak Chops”? I hear you have a very close friend, Temechi, who could possibly have a little hit on her hands. Wanna give a shout out and tell us a little about her?

KS: My friend Temechi is the shit!!!! She's probably one of the coolest most down to earth people I have ever met :) I met her totally randomly, my friend Patrick Knight and I were driving down Balboa blvd, and I was kind of feeling down. I looked up and saw a hot pink leopard lounger on the sidewalk, and realized it was a garage sale. I said to Patrick “a garage sale on a Thursday! That’ll make me feel better." So we pulled up and realized there was a ton of furniture, I was looking for some furniture and stuff to fill my new place. She had furniture, and a whole garage full of clothes and fabrics and trimmings galore! I was in heaven. I asked her how much one of the couches was and she pointed me to another one that was better. We got to talking cause she mentioned that she does upholstery, and fashion, it was on from there! Patrick and I ended up spending like 4-5 hrs talking to Temechi about everything from furniture, fashion, to her music. I ended up buying a practically new 8ft micro suede couch with down feather cushions for a price so low I can't share! She hooked it up basically. Then she was telling us about how she's trying to upload a video to YouTube, and that we should check it out. We loved it instantly, probably one of tha catchiest songs ever! She wrote, and produced the music video as well as doing the wardrobe, and the sweet dance moves. It turns out she's super famous, not only did she design the original MC Hammer pants, but she also did all of the wardrobe and set design for Soul Train! So if you haven't heard the hottest new music video on YouTube, you better get on it!!!! She's so popular that her fans have posted videos of themselves dancing to her video, so funny. Definitely check them out. Help her reach a million views!!!!

GT: Will do. And I’ll make sure to add that little part of your life in the Oscar winning movie.

GT: So you’re cute, smart, sexy and have the looks of that hottie next door aaaand you’re into that banging show HEROES! Let’s have it, who on the show would you want to bang the hardest and how would you do it?

KS: Out of all the Heroes characters I would totally bang Peter Patrelli; he's so sexy and mysterious!!! He would fly us to a deserted island and we would fuck and eat coconuts till we had no more left in us ;)

GT: I can dig it.

GT: With all the crazy parodies that are running around the adult industry right now, if Heroes: A XXX PARODY was made, who would you play and what would be your super power?

KS: If there was a Heroes XXX parody I would want to play a new character who has the power to heal with energy, oh wait I already do that!

GT: Let’s get to know a little about any hobbies you might have. Besides making wonderful hump time with men and women, what type of hobbies do you have?

KS: I have a few hobbies, cooking, snowboarding, hiking, sewing, jewelry making, and sometimes knitting :) I just wish I had more time to do everything!!!!

GT: If you were abandoned on a deserted island and all you had was a portable DVD player that had enough charge time for one movie to play, what movie would that be and why?

KS: I can't think of just one movie I would watch. I don't really like watching movies more than once, unless they're really good!

GT: OK, I’ll give you one…The Life and Times of a Porn Star. Starring Kaci Starr as Kaci Starr

GT: What are you listening to on your MP3 player?

KS: I mainly listen to The Black-eyed Peas, I love all their songs:) There's a little bit of everything, a little bit of hip hop, techno, and alternative. I like pretty much anything that sounds good.

GT: Yeah they are pretty dope. That song A Good Night, (think that’s what it’s called) is going to be around forever.

GT: With whom did you have the best sex/orgasm with while filming? And which film was it in?

KS: The scene that I had the best/and most orgasms was a scene with Sean Michaels and Van Damage for ) they had me cumming so many times I lost count, by far one of the hottest DP's I've ever done:)

GT: Damn…so much you forgot how many times. That’s pretty impressive.

GT: What was your worse sex experience during filming?

KS: Out of all the scenes I have done there is only one I can say was just the absolute worst. So bad it was never completed. It happened recently, I was shooting for BlueBird Films for a squirting line. I won't mention the male talent's name to be nice, even though he doesn't deserve it. We were in the second position of hardcore stills when his cock went soft! He was like “it’s cold, I’m from Florida", I gave him that, continued to give him a blow job, that never fails! Well it did a very bad sign for that to be happening before we've even finished the stills! I gave him the benefit of the doubt, all though I should have called the scene then. We started to do the video and he was fine, until we went into the second position which was cowgirl. He continued to go soft, and after a few minutes of me making the scene happen he was just too soft, his excuse this time was "You're straddling me too hard" I was like" that's how I leverage myself in cowgirl" I tried to be nice and not say anything for his sake cause I knew being bitchy would just make things worse. We tried to do reverse cowgirl then back to cowgirl and he went soft again. So as he was stroking himself, which is what seemed to do best for him I was using my toy on my clit trying to keep myself going since I was supposed to be squirting. He then tried to blame me again by saying" you're straddling me too hard", I couldn't help it anymore I was sick of him blaming me so I was like" well if you would like to actually fuck, then I would be happy to not straddle you, but that's the only way to make it look good." That was it we took a break and I had to go smoke some weed, the only way I was able to walk back in on set to try and finish the scene. So after I cooled off for a minute I went back to set to try and finish, he couldn't get his cock hard even a little bit to fake it. Finally after 3 hrs of trying to force himself hard he gave up and was like" I can't finish", and he walked off set. Why we wasted all that time trying to force his cock hard is a mystery to me.

If I was the director I would have had another guy on set after he couldn't get hard in the stills. I've never had any guy not be able to keep his cock hard with me until this one; I guess not everyone has chemistry!

GT: That’s crazy. Rookies.

GT: Is there any male performer and starlet that you haven’t worked with that you’re dying to fuck?

KS: I would love to fuck Tori Black, she's so fucking hot!!!!!!!! I would do very bad things to her ;) I would like to do an anal scene with Mr. Pete, I've heard he's a lover, and I like that.

GT: How about positions? If there was one position that you would want to have sexy time in right now what would it be and why?

KS: I love the spooning position; something about it just gets my pussy so wet :)

GT: something about watching you in that position makes me a little…..wait what.

GT: In 2009 you won an AVN award for most Outrageous Sex Scene for “Night of the Giving Head.” Describe the hotness of that scene and how you felt when you won that award.

KS: Yes I won for most outrageous sex scene at AVN 2009, but I couldn't even get on the fucking red carpet, let alone in the awards show!!!! So I didn't know until the results of the winners were posted. I didn't get an actual award because I was just an extra in the scene, not the actual performer. I think the awards are all just a joke anyways, it's always the same performers nominated. Once in awhile someone who actually deserves to win does. That scene was definitely the craziest I've ever been a part of. All of us zombies were just supposed to carry Christian to the couch for our master zombie to devour, but there were so many girls and some weren’t even in porn just extras, and we didn't know what to do. So we all just kinda went with the scene chanting " more cock more cum" it was honestly super gross being covered in body paint, surrounded by a bunch of sweaty chicks, but I went with it. I would like to win an award someday for my sloppy BJ's, we'll see I guess!

GT: You hear that AVN…let’s get her a nomination for Best Sloppy BJ damn it!

GT: For your old and new fans, what’s your website, do you have a Twitter, MySpace or Facebook yatta yatta yah so that they can follow your adventures in life?

KS: My official website will be launching within the next two weeks,, you can check out my personal blog there for now :) My twitter is; I don't really use MySpace or Facebook much now, just twitter and my blog :)

GT: What do you see happening in your future in this business?

KS: I have many goals within this business besides performing, for now I see myself running my website, and doing some directing. Possibly my own production company. We'll see where else it takes me :)

GT: I hear you’re trying to break your own record of “squirting” during one scene. What is it about squirting that is sooo hot and how could we tell who’s really letting their juices flow and those who are just faking the whole squirt thingy?

KS: I've just recently gotten into the squirting; it's like the ultimate orgasm, so much more intense then a regular one. It's not something I want to do every time I have sex, but I do enjoy it. I think the best way to tell if someone is faking is if they only do it once, I've found that once I start squirting it happens many many times with little time in between. Although it's hard, I mean I have videos of me faking it and of the real thing, see if you can tell the difference ;)

GT: So you rock “THE BUSH!” That’s cool. I can dig it. I read that you love having a bush down under and you’re not sure if you’re gonna go back to smooth sailing. Is there a difference in sensation or is it just that shaving is a pain in the ass?

KS: I love the bush!!!! Last year my friend Rucca Paige suggested I grow out my bush for some work. So I toughed it out and grew out everything, I didn't shave for like 4 months. That's how it had to be in order to shoot for Rodney Moore. It got a little out of control so after I worked for Rodney I shaved my lips and kept a nice bush up top. I regretted shaving right after I did, it was so itchy and uncomfortable:( So I grew it out and haven't shaved all the way since.

Now I just keep it well maintained and shave around the edges to make it look good. Every set I'm on people practically worship my bush, and tell me how perfect it is.

GT: How was your little vaca to Hawaii with your homie Patrick J. Knight? I heard you swam with fuckin dolphins! That’s amazing!

KS: My good friend Patrick Knight and I were supposed to go to Hawaii as a little vacation, a treat from him. The tickets were bought, then two days before I was supposed to go he found out his weekend was taken away from the military so he couldn't go. I decided I couldn't waste a free trip to Hawaii so I hopped on the plane and met his friends at the airport in Honolulu. I had never met them, so it was even more of an adventure. They really showed me a good time, we went to a couple of parties. The most exciting part was definitely swimming with the dolphins and turtles, something I've always wanted to do. I faced my fear of water, and things in the water! I met amazing new friends, faced my fears, and had a ton of fun :) You'll be able to hear more about my trip and see pictures on my blog so make sure to check it out :)

GT: Well I think Patrick should make up for not going and get tickets for you, me and him to run wild all over Hawaii.

GT: Last but not least, how about leaving us with one of your hottest and dirtiest lines?

KS: "mmm... put it deeper in my ass"

GT: Perfect!

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