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Hey buds, Toney here. Ready for a new outstanding interview? You better be... Today we introduce you to the lovely Kayden Kross. This hottie from Cali has made fans throughout the entire adult industry with her enticing looks and pure talent. From dancing, modeling and making dope ass fuck scenes plus making time to go to school, this starlet is making a promising career and life for herself! Today we bring Kayden to you. If you are not aware of Miss Kayden then get ready to become a fan!

GT: Well hello Swedish Goddess from California! How are you today? For the peeps out in the world who do not know Kayden Kross, (not sure why they wouldn’t; they deserve a smack) give us a little heads up about how you came to do adult films? (haha I said came!)

KK: My story is so benign it's barely worth asking about. I was a house dancer and an agent approached me about modeling for adult magazines. From there I discovered porn boys and it was all over for me.

GT: In 2006 you were contracted first with Vivid Video, made a few films with them and then left due to complications? Can you tell us what happened?

KK: Nothing really happened. It just wasn't a good fit at the time.

GT: Now you’re contracted with Adam & Eve after going solo for a little bit. Is it easier and do you recommend a female starlet to get contracted through a film company?

KK: I think contracts are wonderful, especially with the way the industry has changed. Between piracy and a depressed economy work is unstable for a lot of performers who are still trying to make a name for themselves. Being in contract means a regular paycheck and a promotional promise. Those two things are a blessing.

GT: I'm sure.

GT: Let’s flashback to your school days. I read somewhere that you were and still is a book nerd? Were you one of them chicks in high school who rocked the straight A’s and looked hot doing it?

KK: I'm the ultimate book nerd. I used to read books on the playground. I got them for Christmas and liked it. Right now I'm in the middle of three books and that's a running average.

GT: Damn woman...three books! Shit, I'm lucky to get through three books in one year!

GT: What book are you reading now, besides reading this interview?

KK: I'm reading "Watership Down", just got "Go Down, Moses" as a birthday present, and have been reading "Free" by Chris Anderson for a long time. I keep losing it.

GT: You’re in college now at Cali State for psychology! That’s intense! How’s school working out for you as a fellow Pornstar? Do college dudes (or dudets) just stare at you and try to hit on you while you’re trying to fill your brain with all that school 411?

KK: I'm generally ignored by school people. I started at Sac State but I'm not there anymore. I moved to LA last year. Balancing the two can be difficult. Right before jumping on this interview I was begging Adam and Eve to change my return flight Monday to an earlier time so I'd be back in time for class.

GT: Wow...a dedicated student...NICE!

GT: What are your plans when you graduate? Will you proceed forward with your major or continue with your success as a pornstar?

KK: I plan to continue in porn. I keep on with school to keep my options open and because it's kind of a hobby but I really don't know what I ultimately want to do.

GT: So there is a God.

GT: Let’s break the serious talk for a bit and jump into some fun talk… Let’s get to know a little about any hobbies you might have. Besides making wonderful hump time with men and women, what type of hobbies do you have?

KK: I've always been into horses. I have a Mensa rabbit named Sammy. Lately I got into the gym but I wouldn't call it a hobby because I only like it when I'm leaving it.

GT: Yeah screw gyms. I'm more of a work on the couch type of guy.

GT: So, you’re a HUGE horse fan. Do you actually own one?

KK: Yes I do. He's a Spanish Arabian stallion and he's about to be a proud parent of baby number 6.

GT: Baby number six you say....not bad.

GT: I know you dig music, “NIN” being one of your favorites. Mine also, dude two words – The Perfect Drug! Ok so that’s three. Did you happen to go to his farewell tour?

KK: I've been to one concert in my life and that was when I was 15 and I'm ashamed of myself.

GT: OK. So when we go on our first date, I'll make sure to take you to a concert.

GT: What’s up with the Playboy bunny tat you have there on your belly. I love ink on a chick! Any plans on getting more ink added to your body?

KK: Actually the bunny is on it's way out if the laser treatments ever take. I've been trying to get rid of it for two years now. I got it when I was 17 back when beer actually affected me.

GT: Fuckin beer...

GT: I noticed you had a few alias names in the past like Jenna Nikol and Jenna Nickol Just to name a couple. How does one come up with a pornstar name coz you hit it on the nail with Kayden Kross?

KK: The Jenna Nickol thing was only used for a few shoots at best. I didn't realize I needed a pseudonym so I just made it up on the spot. Once I had time to think about it I decided I liked the name Kayden and the agent I had at the time threw Kross into it. I just wanted two Ks.

GT: OK so my name has two Ts in it, maybe I could be "Toney T. Touch" wait that's three Ts.

GT: If you were abandoned on a deserted island and all you had was a portable DVD player that had enough charge time for one movie to play, what movie would that be and why?

KK: I was gonna say "The Wrestler" then I realized it would suck to be abandoned on an island with a movie like that. I guess I'd want a movie I hadn't seen before that wasn't intended to make me question life.

GT: With whom did you have the best sex with while filming? And which film was it in?

KK: Erik Everhard. He's by far my favorite. We've had a number of great scenes in a number of movies but I think the one to look for will be coming out in Rawhide II in January.

GT: Got that everyone...Look for Rawhide II in January 2010!

GT: What was your worse sex experience during filming?

KK: We had one scenario in one of my first films where they dressed the dude up in chick make up and the whole thing just threw me off.

GT: Ummm yeah! that would screw me up too.

GT: Is there any starlet that you haven’t worked with that you’re dying to fuck?

KK: Big fan of Alyssa Reece. Big fan.

GT: Alyssa...where you honey? Kayden is looking for ya!

GT: So I just finished watching what I consider as your masterpiece, “The 8th Day!” (crowd cheers) Your acting is pretty good. What was it like filming that epic film?

KK: It was brutal but I'd do it again in a heartbeat. There were 22 hour days. There was morlock slime. A rat peed on my dress. Overall it's the best work we've ever put out though.

GT: Slime and pee...I thought that went on during every shoot.

GT: What was your favorite scene?

KK: I really liked the one with Evan Stone. The energy was great. We broke the headboard. My first scene in the movie was amazing for it's own reasons though.

GT: Let's see, first scene...two dudes and one watching....I'm sure you had a ball.

GT: If I walked into a video store looking for a film to buy and you were working the counter, how would you sell this film to me?

KK: I'd tell you "The 8th Day" was the pinnacle of civilization... just like I tell everyone else.

GT: It seems as if companies are getting more into making epic type films. I mean we already got “Pirates”, now “The 8th Day”, which cost a ton of dough to make, and a few others coming out this year. What’s your take on these types of films? I mean do you prefer straight on fuck films with no dialogue or ones with dialogue?

KK: I prefer dialogue because I like to get into the project as whole, and like I said before I like when the storyline provides a compelling reason to fuck.

GT: In this film you have a boy/boy/girl scene which I read somewhere that this was a fantasy of yours and you weren’t too sure if you would ever do it on film. Any other fantasy not yet done on film that you can fill us on?

KK: I make fantasies up as I go. Now that I did that one I'll have to find new and better ways to daydream. I'll keep you updated.


GT: Last question. I tend to ask this in all my interviews; Superheroes are the thing in the movie industry. Everyone digs them. If you had one superpower what would it be and what would you do with it?

KK: I'd like to be able to jump through time. I'd play the stock market. I'd retire to my fantastic tropical island porn friendly nation state.

GT: Sounds like a plan!

Thank you Kayden for hanging with us here at GT XXXTREME. You rock sweetheart!

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