Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mallory Rae Murphy Loses Virginity in First Sex Scene

Mallory Rae Murphy made an extraordinary porn debut on July 24 when she lost her virginity to Evan Stone in her first sex scene.

The Dallas native who turned 18 on May 20 hand-picked Stone for the assignment.

“It’s my own movie. Michael Raven shot it, documentary style, all about the whole event. It’s being edited now,” Murphy said. “We’re going to film a little more B-roll for it and tack that onto it.”

Murphy selected the two-time AVN Male Performer of the Year Stone based on his picture.

“I got a manila folder of different guys. I really wish they gave me penis as opposed to headshots but whatever. I got hurt but it’s OK you’re supposed to,” Murphy said.

Stone, a 10-year veteran who is one of the busiest men in porn, said he thought his old friend Raven was joking when he called him about the scene.

“I said, ‘Dude are you kidding me, is this April’s Fools Day for Evan Stone?’” said the 2009 AVN Best Actor winner who is also from Dallas. “... I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it, if I wanted to be the one. Just kidding, it was awesome.”

The former captain of her high school debate team said that a mutual friend of her and Michael Raven’s got her into the business.

“How it all kind of transpired was right place, right time. I had just ended a six-year relationship with a Mormon and I’m Jewish,” said Murphy, who is also part Czech. “There wasn’t any special reason I was holding onto it. Once we started talking about it they said, ‘Are you serious? Would you be willing to prove that you still are?’”

Murphy said that she left home when she was 16 and that giving up her virginity on camera made business sense too.

“Financially, it was the smartest thing for me to do,” she said. “I felt more in control of the situation than a normal girl would losing it in the backseat after prom. I called the shots. It was a great experience.”

She continued, “I was a freaking a legal assistant and not making enough money and was on my own and my friend came to me with the idea. He had ties to the industry and eventually flew me out here.”

The 5-foot-8 Murphy formerly modeled bikinis for Swim & Sport and also appeared in a Welch’s grape juice commercial as a kid. Now represented by LA Direct Models, the starlet said she is “very, very selective” with her scenes. She has done 18 so far.

“I turn down a good three-fourths of anything I get offered,” Murphy told AVN. “I’ve worked for Wicked, Penthouse, Hustler, Erik Everhard, Porn Pros, Reality Kings. I’ve shot for Brazzers.”

Murphy cites Everhard as her favorite male talent and Jessica Drake as one of her “favorite people.” Jules Jordan Video recently released Everhard’s Jailbait 7, and Murphy can also be seen in Diabolic’s New to the Game 6.

She told AVN her first time was “at a pretty house in Topanga Canyon, way, way up there. Texas is all flat so that was kind of nice. They were kind of interviewing me and I got on the phone and called some of my childhood friends and told them what I was doing.”

She added, “So they were documenting me freaking out for a little while.”

The consummate pro Stone helped put her mind at ease.

“I asked her, I took her off to the side and said, ‘Are you sure this is what you want to do?’ She said, ‘yes, let’s just do it,’” Stone recalled. “So I talked to her and got her all calmed down. She was very nervous, but she seemed like she got her act together. She didn’t seem like she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. So I fed her a bunch. She refused them so I took them all.”

Stone revealed that he gave Murphy one final chance to call it all off. “Right up to the last second I whispered in her ear and she stuck it in. I tried to stop her, I tried. I did everything I could to stop her,” Stone claimed, adding he banged a total of three virgins that he knew about before Murphy. But she was his first virgin on videotape. “I’m still ready to try out some more. I still don’t think I have it right.”

Murphy said prior to going all the way with Stone that she gave her ex-boyfriend “an occasional blowjob.”

“My mom always told me it was crucial not to be the girl in the backseat. I had more power not giving it up,” she said.

In high school, Murphy not only was a master debater, she also competed in wrestling and was president of her DECA marketing club. She won the state debate title as a sophomore with her arguments about “George Bush’s fiscal indiscipline policy.”

In between sex scenes, Murphy is continuing her education, taking a full load of college courses online through Texas Tech University with a focus on economics and marketing.

Ultimately, she said she would like to open “a sex bakery” in San Francisco “and name desserts after male talent who have impacted me career wise.”

“I want it in San Francisco because it’s acceptable there. I already bought the name to it.”

Murphy's debut is due out in 2010 through Michael Raven's production company.

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