Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Axel Braun Completes Casting Vivid's 'Batman XXX'

Director Axel Braun has announced that casting is complete and he will start production in a few weeks for Batman XXX: a Porn Parody, his erotic spoof of the campy 60’s TV show. This marks the first feature from his company Axel Braun Productions to be distributed by Vivid Entertainment.

The movie is scheduled for release on Jan. 13.

“I took my time to find the perfect cast," said Braun. “I auditioned just about every top actor in the industry, and I have to say it wasn’t an easy task. Everybody wanted to be a part of this, and they all came very well-prepared."

In the end, Nick Manning won the lead role of Batman, Kris Slater landed the part of Robin, Evan Stone was cast as The Riddler, Randy Spears as The Joker, Nicole Ray as Batgirl, and Tori Black as Catwoman. There will also be some high-profile cameos in the non-sex roles, Vivid said.

“This project is very important to me," Braun continued. "Not only because I grew up religiously watching the TV series, but also because it’s the first one in my output deal with Vivid, and I want every detail to be absolutely perfect. Everybody at the company has been amazingly supportive and inspiring, and I feel incredibly honored to be doing business with them.”

Meanwhile the director is already in pre-production on two other high-profile projects, The Godfather XXX, a parody of the Oscar-winning film, and Grease XXX, an ambitious four-hour sex-musical.

The Godfather is one of the most beloved movies of all time," Braun said, “and I have been wanting to do a XXX version of Grease, with all the music numbers, for many years. I think the timing is perfect to expand the reach of the porn parody genre from just TV shows to feature films, and these two projects certainly carry enough weight to jumpstart the trend.”

Both The Godfather XXX, and Grease XXX are scheduled for release in 2010.

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