Monday, October 26, 2009

Dane Cross Becomes a Duke (of Hazzard), Gets New 'Look'

Male performer Dane Cross is having an interesting month. In addition to playing a character in Voyeur Media's parody of one of his all-time childhood TV favorites—Enos from Dukes of Hazzard—he's also putting the finishing touches on his second music video for the L.A. band Captain Ahab.

Dane Cross claims that he is as happy as can be about being consistently cast in parody roles. “I love it,” he confesses. “It's nice to be recognized for my acting skills, and we always have such a good time on set goofing around. It really is a lot of fun.”

As far as directing his second-ever music video, the Brooks Institute graduate brought a little something extra to the table—in the form of a lesbian tryst between girlfriends Faye Reagan and Georgia Jones. “It is just a little softcore segment, but it fit in really well with the video's theme,” Dane laughs. “People are going to notice it. That's for sure.”

Cross, who recently joined forces with LA Direct Models, is no stranger to mainstream. Recently he starred in the upcoming Showtime version of the movie Look.

He says he is happy with the way things are going this year so far. “It's been a pretty good year so far,” Cross concedes. “I feel like I've kind of come of age in the business, so to speak. I've kind of added a new side to the nerdy teenager Gen X thing I came in with and am being taken more seriously now as a capable performer and actor. I feel I can pull off more then just the nerdy roles.”

Check out a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at "Look"

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