Monday, October 26, 2009

Lesbian Until Graduation 4 Pack

You may hope and pray that they choose men once they get their diplomas in hand, but for now, you can thank Vantage Distribution and V9 studio for bringing you the best of the Lipstick Lesbians!

Now available through pre-orders (streeting 10/22), the four-pack of V9’s LUGS: Lesbian Until Graduation series is as hip as the gals are horny! In these DVDs, talk about friends with benefits: these young teens are sneaky as hell in coercing other hotties to partake in their lesbian porno parties! Catch these hot babes before graduation day and experience the heat…LUGS style.

*The term LUG has been around for decades, and has become increasingly popular since the 1990s as more and more college-aged girls started to ‘experiment’! “Lesbian Until Graduation’ even has it’s own Wikipedia entry: “The slang terms lesbian until graduation (LUG) is…used to describe women primarily of high-school or college age, who are assumed to be experimenting with or adopting a temporary lesbian or bisexual identity. The term suggests that the woman to whom it is applied will ultimately adopt a strictly heterosexual identity.” LUGs are gals who are adventures, curious, and comfortable with their bodies (and their friend’s bodies!)…hotties who are exploring their sexual identity. That’s exactly what you’ll find in this fantastic LUGS 4-pack from V9!

See as the reality stars of this DVD four-pack talk their unsuspecting friends into being the guests of honor at a penetration party! To order the LUGS 4-Pack, email

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