Monday, October 26, 2009


Low Art Presents

Pretty Filth

Distributed by GreyArt

Directed by Oren Cohen


Ann Marie Rios, Tory Lane, Jayden James, Adrianna Angel, Johnny Castle, Chris Johnson and Nick Manning

Special Features:

Slide Show

Scene 1: Ann Marie Rios & Johnny Castle

This beginning scene starts off with the hot ass Ann Marie walking into the room, showing off her naked body, which seems to be painted on portions of her body making it look very seductive. As iff she needed the so sexy though. Anyway, she poses for a few minutes teases us with that banging body of hers. She starts playing with her tits, pulling and tugging on her nipples when Johnny walks into the room. They caress each other's bodies for a bit until Ann decides that she cannot take it any longer. She pulls down his pants and sexy time begins. She rocks out with a mean BJ while he rubs her pussy. As soon as she makes herself all hot and wet she climbs aboard for some cowgirl action. “My pussy is so fuckin wet!” (gotta love the dirty talk) They move to a spooning position where he bangs her from behind and she uses her hand to rub her clit. Ann goes back for a quick BJ to add some added wetness to his dick and then they move to doggie. She adds some more hot dialogue to the scene ...IN SPANISH! HELL YEAH! Gotta love dirty talk in a different language! While he pounds her pussy from the back she repeats, “Give it to me. Give it to me!” A few more strokes in and out of her cunt and out comes his junk as he splurts all over her ass.

HOT GT METER: 7 out of 10

Scene 2: Tory Lane & Chris Johnson

Before I go on with this segment, I want to note that Tory Lane is HOT! There it is, I said it. She has definitely made it to my top ten. Her scene begins with a nice vibrator. We see Tory lying on a couch, rubbing her pussy against a vibrator! Possibly one of the best ways a scene could start! And to top things off, she is rocking a very seductive Zorro like mask which covers her eyes. Chris jumps into the scene, WHY! Nah...just kidding...wait no I'm not! Anyway, Chris makes it to Tory's lips, kissing them and grabbing the vibrator so that he could play with her clit using it. He then stands above her head so that his dick could just lay across her mouth. She takes it completely into her mouth as he face fucks her. Face fuck, that sounds pretty bad, like it bout Tory takes his dick and lets him stroke his cock in and out of her mouth. A little better...As he enjoys her mouth with his dick, she continues to masturbate with the vibrator. Then one of her fingers makes it into her asshole. This! She is now ready for him. She invites him to her pussy with the words, “ Fuck me!” Chris moves over to be on top and rocks some missionary for a couple minutes and then they move to cowgirl. She pounds his dick hard, goes back for a quick BJ and then jumps back on for reverse cowgirl. “Oh fuck it harder!” she tells Chris. Next, the big bang happens. Tory tells him that she wants his dick in her ass. He wastes no time, gets her into doggy and goes right in. While being fucked in the ass, she grabs the vibrator again and places it on her clit so that both of her holes enjoy enormous pleasure. Back to missionary and after banging one of the hottest chicks in porn, Chris blows his load in her mouth. Cum just pours out of her mouth as she ends the scene with, “Oh yeah...good fuck.”

HOT GT METER: 8 out of 10

Scene 3: Jayden James & Johnny Castle

First off, how lucky of a man are you to be in one film, two separate scenes, both with beautiful women....damn you Johnny Castle...damn you. He begins this scene with himself and Jayden sitting on a couch. Jayden begins to play with herself and for some reason, Johnny just sits there paying no mind. This goes on for a minute or two until she makes her way down to his dick, pulling it out of his pants. While she gives him a sweet ass BJ, she pulls out an eyeliner and writes on his chest the words, “Fuck Me.” It was then that he awakens from his daze and looks down to Jayden as she enjoys the taste of his cock in her mouth. Now its time for her pussy to taste it. Jayden gets on top for a little cowgirl, then to reverse cowgirl, which is great due to the fact that she gets to show off her dope ass body as she bounces up and down on his cock. She too went to the dirty school of Jenna Haze as she releases the words, “Play with my fuckin clit while I fuck your dick!” YES! Back to BJ and then a quick spoon fuck. Johnny moves to missionary and then to doggie. Nice position changes here. Did I mention her ass yet? No! Well shame on me coz her ass is FINE! He pounds her hard. As he pounds dat azz, she tells him, “I want you to glaze all over my ass!” WHAT!!!!!!! and so he does....

HOT GT METER: 8 out of 10

Scene 4: Adrianna Angel & Nick Manning

We begin with Adrianna lying on a couch sucking on a lollipop. She must really like this lollipop coz she guides it down her chest to her pussy, giving it, I guess, that sticky lollipop taste. Nick comes into the scene and right away Adrianna jumps to his cock and begins a satisfying BJ. Nick then makes his way down to her pussy and eats her out, loving the lollipop taste mixed with her sweet juices. He rocks her world twice while while being down under. He moves on top for some missionary. “Oh yeah, you make my pussy so fuckin wet!” she says. Adrianna then jumps on him, cowgirl style, making Nick growl like a madman. Some doggy happens for a while until she decides to get back on top for reverse cowgirl. They go back to a quick and fast doggy rockin until he cums. Nick drops a hysterical line here, “Dropping loads all over your ass!”

HOT GT METER: 7 out of 10

Final Verdict

Other then one of the quickest porno films that I have ever scene, (1 hour and 29 minutes) Pretty Filth obtains a good 8 out of 10 for some really good hotness throughout this flick. Plus Tory Lane is in it! As for special features, if you dig them, sorry to say the only special feature you get here is a lame slide show. I wish slide shows didn't even have to make it to the DVD as a special feature. I could be wrong but stick to BTS features or deleted scenes, bloopers.... I'm gonna watch the film, don't really need to see the same pictures of what I'm gonna see in the film. You know what, and I hate that I am saying this during this review coz the film was good. Just upset with the special features. Wanna put in a slide show? Then just make it of the girls that are in the pictures...wearing different outfits too. Do a little something different. OK, back to the film...if this film did not have the scene with Tory Lane, I myself would have to say that this film is worth a rental.

8 out of 10

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