Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Evolution Erotica Streets 2 All-Girl Titles This Week!

Evolution Distribution’s got your chick-on-chick fetishes covered with the release of two mouth-watering DVDs: All Holes, No Poles 7 and Carpet Patrol 1 (the first in a new lesbian line). Both movies are cumming ‘atcha courtesy of Evolution Erotica; they hit adult stores tomorrow, November 19th.

Like some lovely lesbians in your evening porn-watching escapades? Then pop in the all-girl All Holes, No Poles 7 DVD…and enjoy some enthusiastic p**sy-licking from one woman to another. These girls know their own bodies and appreciate the same sex, so why not show their girlfriends how good they are in bed?

To protect and serve p**sy! That's the motto of the Carpet Patrol pretties. Only muff munching lesbians need apply to this exclusive organization. Ten girls give their all to themselves…and each other.

Once again, both movies street this Thursday (November 19, 2009) from Evolution Distribution (

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