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Directed by: Robby D.


Jesse Jane, Stoya, Angelina Armani, Katsuni, Jenna Haze, Mason Moore, Riley Steele, Angelina Valentine and Lisa Ann


The story here is similar to the movie Mean Girls. Here we have a group of high school girls, played mostly by the Digital Playground contract girls, who write down all of their sexual escapades in a book that they pass around and share with each other. There is one problem though. One of the girls, Riley Steele, loses the book. It ends up in the hands of another student and from there to different adults and teachers inside the school. We get treated to flashbacks of previous encounters as these adults read fro the book. So the story is pretty basic here as the book jumps around the school. The question is will they get it back before too many people find out? You’ll have to wait and see.

Scene 1: Jesse Jane and Tommy Gunn

Jesse is a naughty girl who gets in trouble with her gym teacher, played by Tommy. After a little bit of talking she eventually seduces him and they start to make out. She then gets down for some strong and energetic oral on him before standing up and bending over for doggie. From there they move into a standing cowgirl and finally into reverse cowgirl. Tommy eventually has to pull out and pop of Jesse’s face. This is the first flashback scene in the movie. Jesse is very energetic throughout the scene which is exactly what you would expect.

Scene 2: Lisa Ann and Scott Nails

Lisa Ann is the office secretary and she just got done reading the story about Jesse and Tommy when Scott comes out of the principal’s (Ben English) office. She’s obviously worked up as they start making out pretty quick. She gets on top of her counter as he eats her out before she sucks him off. Standing doggie is the first position up and is followed by an energetic reverse cowgirl. Regular cowgirl is used to finish things off before Scott paints Lisa’s face. Again this scene is energetic and Lisa shows why she is one of the hottest, by looks and demand, MILF’s in the business right now.

Scene 3: Stoya, Jenna Haze and Evan Stone

Here we have another flashback scene. This time the girls get involved with there sex-ed teacher. The ladies flirt quite heavily with Evan by talking suggestively and at one point they put a condom on him so that they can practice. This leads to them giving a double BJ before they get some oral of their own. Stoya gets the first poke as she lies back for missionary while Jenna is underneath Randy. Jenna then gets her turn in cowgirl before Evan goes back to Stoya in missionary. Some hot doggie action for Jenna is then followed by reverse cowgirl anal for her as well. She gets a bit in missionary too. This leads to Stoya getting some anal loving in missionary. Evan then sprays both ladies in the face. Pretty good scene overall, it’s just not quite as hot as the last two. They can’t all be homeruns after all.

Scene 4: Riley Steele, Katsuni and James Deen

Katsuni is the mean French teacher as she has Riley and James stay after class after reading about the previous scene. She starts out by spanking Riley who is then soothed when James eats her. During this part we find out that Riley has a jewel ended butt plug inserted in her. The ladies then work on James for a bit by sharing his cock with each other before Riley gets up for some standing cowgirl. This leads to Katsuni getting some loving in standing doggie. At this point the butt plug comes out of Riley and into Katsuni. After Katsuni continues in standing doggie for a while Riley gets her turn in the same position. This also allows Katsuni to eat her out and it doesn’t take long for James to stop what he’s doing to join her. James gets a bit more oral loving from Katsuni while she is bent over with Riley munching her rug, which leads to Katsuni climbing on top for reverse cowgirl anal. To finish off James paints both ladies faces. Both ladies do a great job in this scene. I loved the way Katsuni controlled the action for a bit by spanking Riley. This also marks the end of the first disc.

Scene 5: Angelina Valentine, Mason Moore and Erik Everhard

Here we have the final flashback scene as we see what Mick Blue is reading. The ladies need help passing a test for a class that Erik just happens to be an A student. They start kissing on each other and he says he’ll help. They continue to make out for a bit before he licks both of their clams. To thank him further they both get done and share his meat before they both get an injection in standing doggie. Angelina gets up on the counter for some piledriver and is followed by cowgirl. Mason gets a turn as she rides in reverse cowgirl and then back to standing doggie. Erik can’t take anymore after this and cums in the mouth which allows some swapping to occur. This scene felt out of place to me. There were some weird angles too. The ladies did a good job though.

Scene 6: Angelina Armani and Mick Blue

Angelina walks into the classroom and finds Mick with the book. She proceeds to seduce him and immediately starts to suck him off. Angelina bends over the counter for standing doggie before hopping up on the counter for missionary. Mick finishes by painting her waiting face. This is a quick scene and kind of boring compared to previous scenes, but I think it helps slow things down a bit for the next two scenes.

Scene 7: Jesse Jane, Riley Steele and Ben English

The book finally makes its way to Ben and he gets to read what’s inside. Obviously the girls are in trouble and are now forced to seduce him, which they do. They start off with an energetic BJ. Riley straddles Ben’s British meat in cowgirl to start off the sex and Ben takes a taste of Jesse at the same time. Jesse gets her own ride in reverse cowgirl which allows her to finger Riley. Jesse pulls her up to grind a little bit too before Riley bends over to finish up the sex in doggie. The scene ends nicely with Ben spraying both ladies. Well Jesse is involved so you know there will be plenty of energy. I must say I was impressed with Riley here as well. This is probably my favorite scene in the whole movie.

Scene 8: Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, Stoya, Katsuni, Angelina Armani, Evan Stone, Mick Blue, Scott Nails and Tommy Gunn

Obviously this is an orgy scene that just happens to take place on a school bus. What is nice about this scene is that everyone is not involved right away. It starts with Stoya, Angelina and Scott. The others then trickle in, finishing with Tommy and Katsuni. The school bus makes for some interesting angles for the camera and you do miss a lot of action do to this. Overall though it is still pretty hot.


I’m kind of surprised at the lack of extras here considering that this is a two disc movie. There is an extensive BTS and photo galleries, as well as trailers.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

Digital Playground has done it again with Teachers. The vocational fantasy series was a great idea and be honest, I’m sure you fantasized about a teacher at one point. The one thing I thought was interesting though was that they shied away, except for Katsuni, from making the contract girls teachers. This is different because in the other movies the contract girls were the objects of the fantasies instead of being the pursuers. I also noticed that they used a lot of standing positions which I found appealing. It should be interesting to see what vocation they pick for the next movie. So overall this is a good movie and I give it 4.75 out of 5.

Thanks to Christina over at AIP Daily for the awesome review!

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