Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Star of “Pirates II: Stangetti’s Revenge” Is the Perfect Fit for Couples-Friendly Creekside Cabaret!

Katsuni, Digital Playground contract girl and adult entertainment superstar, will perform at Creekside Cabaret in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, only an hour outside Pittsburgh. Katsuni will dance at 9:30pm and midnight on Thursday, November 19, Friday, November 20, and Saturday, November 21. The internationally acclaimed actress recently received a Hot d’Or award in Paris for the Best French Actress because of her role in Digital Playground’s “Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge”. Jake McCusker, Creekside Cabaret’s General Manager and partner says, “I spoke with local adult stores and due to the selling power of ‘Pirates II’, I knew Katsuni would be a huge draw. Creekside is a couples-friendly establishment, much like Digital Playground is a couple-friendly studio.”

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McCusker continues, “Personally, I find Katsuni extremely attractive, which makes me hope we’re also tapping into our customers’ desires. With Katsuni being Asian, we are getting a huge response from her tight, niche following. People from three hours away are calling about Katsuni’s shows. She will be a huge success.”

Katsuni says, “I am very excited to hear that many women come to Creekside Cabaret. For me it is very sexy to be able to look out and see sensual lips and eyes staring back at me. It is important for a man and a woman to be able to share the experience of erotic dancing, and I hope I can get them all in the right mood for later.”

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