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The Birthday Party


Sasha Grey, Jana Jordan, Alyssa Reece, Madelyn Marie and Jessica Bangcock

Directed by Cohen and Grey

Special Features:

Grey on Grey (video diary)

An abstract journey documenting the celebration of sex, in four erotic vignettes. Sasha Grey might be the birthday girl, but what she really wants is a man who knows how to take control -- on ladies night, the cake is all hers! Surprise! Surprise! Madelyn Marie and Alyssa Reece fight for the prize, and Jessica Bangkok is at her best with Chris Johnson.

Scene One: Sasha Grey and The Dude

Scene starts off with Sasha Grey sitting down holding a cupcake with a bandanna tied around her mouth. Even though this bandanna is tied around her mouth, she is still able to taste the cupcake. She begins to rub her pussy. As she rubs down under, the dude, (not too sure of his name) comes into the picture wearing a suit and tie. He takes the cupcake away from Sasha and feeds it to her. When she is finished licking the icing off the cupcake she goes for his pants and unbuckles his belt. She unbuttons his pants and lets them fall to the floor, exposing his hard cock. Right away she does his cock with her mouth, deep throating and slobbering all over it. She now stands up and leans face first against the wall for and sticking her ass up for some nice doggy action. back to BJ and more doggy. next they move to the floor for a little spoon loving. Until now, the dress that she was wearing was pulled up just showing off her pussy and ass. Now the dress comes off to tease the hell out of us with them fine titties of hers. Sasha moves on top for a little cowgirl. She rides him perfect, showing us that great ass. She gets up and back down right away for reverse cowgirl. Sasha works his cock like a pro, taking it deep and hard. they move full steam ahead and then we get dude cum all over her mouth. GT HOT METER: 8 OUT OF 10!

Scene 2: Madelyn Marie and Alyssa Reece

This dope ass scene starts off with both girls digging on each other. Madelyn is in doggy position while Alyssa caresses that ass. During this time, Madelyn is wearing a blindfold that doesn't last long. her panties come off quickly as Alyssa goes right in for the pussy, rubbing and licking. After a few licks, a purple vibrator comes into play, making Madelyn moan with mad intense energy. She gets pounded very nicely. Now it's Alyssa's turn. Madelyn pulls out a dildo and begins fucking Alyssa with it. Both girls fuck each other at the same time. Alyssa thengets on her knees and hands so she could be fucked from behind. She takes it so good until she screams , "I'm Cumming!" Madelyn then gets herself into the same position and gets the same treatment til she cums with joy! GT HOT METER: 8 out of 10!

Scene 3: Jessica Bangcock and Chris Johnson

Jessica starts this scene with er dope ass body lying on a table. She is being kissed and licked by Chris. She takes his finger and sucks it using her seductive ways. After teasing him a bit, she goes for his cock and rocks a major BJ as if she was in The BJ Olympics! They move to missionary and Jessica gets fucked hard while loving every moment of it. BJ break, (nothing wrong with that) then to doggy as she bends over the table to welcome his cock with her pussy. They both get on the table for reverse cowgirl and then back to missionary so he can finish off in her mouth. GT HOT METER: 7 out of 10!

Scene 4: Sasha Grey, Jana Jordan and Alyssa Reece

And now for one of the best endings of a film...the threesome! These three sexy chicks begin this scene with some major cute playing amongst each other as they eat cake, drink champagne and giggle throughout this love fest. They go back and forth feeding each other icing and spilling bubbly all over. After they get this hot feeding done with, the hardcore lick fest begins with all three licking and playing with each other taking turns with who gets to lick what pussy next! We even get a sweet ass 69 in this scene, which, "Hey Directors out there in the porn industry, get back to doing this position a bit more in your films! Why, COZ IT'S DAMN HOT that's why!" the girls get into a nice train where Sasha fucks Alyssa with a dildo and Alyssa eats out Jana making this scene turn into a huge cum fest! GT HOT METER: 9 out of 10

Final Verdict

First off, I want to give a major thanks to Sasha Grey for putting together one sweet ass film. This is a definite purchase and a must have for all you Grey fans out there. The sex is HOT, the chicks are HOT and the sex is HOT...wait did I say that...I don't give a fuck...It's a quick and to the point fuck fest with some brilliant shots by the cameraman! Also, good work on the special features giving us something different with that video diary about Sasha experiences in New york as she films The Girlfriend Experience.

TOTAL HOTNESS: 8 out of 10

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