Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Female of the Week Bio Part One

Teagan Presley
Teagan Presley was born in Houston, Texas on July 24th 1985. She is an American pornographic actress. Her stage name in part comes from her parents initially wanting to call her "Teagan"and in part as an homage toLisa Marie Presley.
Presley is the oldest sibling in her family and helped raise three brothers and three sisters. She began training in dance and gymnastics when she was seven. Presley moved with her family to San Diego, California at age 15. When she was 15, Presley represented theUnited States at dance and gymnastic events in Germany and Denmark. She was also a top spirited cheerleader for the high school in which she attended. During that period of time, she was involved in a cheerleading competition. A porn star convention was taking place in a section of the premises nearby in which gave her thoughts of doing porn. Shortly after turning a legal 18, she made her first movie entitled "Just over 18" for Red Light District.
Some films include:
Deeper 3
Raw Desire
Apprentass 3
Slut Puppies 2
Jack's Big Ass Show 2

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