Friday, June 19, 2009

Rob Rotten's 'Bong Load Girls' Featured in Skunk Magazine

Punk pornographer and social misfit Rob Rotten is flying high this week after learning that Bong Load Girls, his ode to stoner snatch, is featured in the current issue of "Skunk" magazine, the second largest marijuana publication on the market.

“I’ve been reading Skunk magazine for years,” said Rotten. “This is a tremendous honor. I just hope I can remember receiving it, bro.”

Bong Load Girls receives a complete write-up and a six page spread in Skunk magazine’s premiere “Sex Issue (Vol. 5, Issue 3)”, available on newsstands now. BLG star Kat is also the first girl to be featured on the cover in the publication's five year history.

“We normally dedicate the cover of the magazine to a strain and then spotlight a girl in the bottom right corner. So this is unheard of territory for us,” explained Skunk editor Seth Fischer. “However, when you come across a shot of a cute girl holding up a bong with a bowl packed, you gotta switch it up.”

Rotten’s mix of gonzo and ganja also impressed the Skunk staff considerably.

“A movie like this truly is the best of both worlds,” said Fischer. “There have been adult films that have had mentions and visuals of weed, but this is the first where the two loves—porn and pot—seem to be truly appreciated. Who wouldn’t be infatuated with cute girls who can probably smoke most guys under the table?”

Bong Load Girls also stars Jaime Elle, Daisy Tanks, Scarlett Pain, Ruby Knox, Jeanie Marie, and Kaylee Lovecox.

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