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Most men in the world, hell in the universe, dream of being in a porno film with a beautiful woman for a full on sexcapade. They want to be ravaged by a woman's luscious pussy and her bouncy ass. Devoured by her soft tits and licked completely from head to toe. They want to be slapped or even beaten. Sorry to say but to be able to fuck in front of a full on crew, hot blazing lights and director telling you what to do, most men could not come up to bat and hit that home run. I'll tell you one man who plays the game very well, Patrick J. Knight. Patrick is in his prime right now and is having a ball doing it! We got a chance to talk to Patrick, possible one of the coolest cats in the industry!

GT: Hows it going bud? You seem like a down to earth kinda dude. For those of us who do not know “The Patrick J. Knight”, give us a little history on how you came into the adult industry?

PJK: "lol" Well funny story. I was visiting friends in Arizona and decided to email a friend of a friend via MySpace who is in the industry and said "Hi I'm so in so..:'d like to come work!" Not ten min. later I had a response saying OK if you ever find your self in L.A. look me up...I was on a Grey Hound the next day, lol. Unfortunately I had a falling out with this person a couple months ago..Some people in the industry know who I'm talking about but I want everyone to know even though we are no longer on good terms I know that this person helped me get started and I am grateful. However, I did have an angel help me into this biz as well. Helped me not get swept up by the life style and glamor, kept me focused and driven and been a constant friend, Kaci Starr. I would not have gotten this far without her.

GT: Awww! Kaci sounds like a true friend. Can't wait to get her on the XXXTREME train and interview her!

GT: So now you get to bang HOT chicks for a living! To most guys, and maybe even gals, they think of you as having the best job. Is it hard, (hahaha), to be able to work in front of a crew while digging on a female?

PJK: Well everyone in the industry will agree with me on this. It is work and at times it is hard work. But I remind myself everyday that I am lucky to have a job that people dream of having. When you think about it there is only a small percent of people that can get in front of a camera and do what we do.. Some might think that puts them in a position to gloat and think there a bad ass... I prefer to think that it's a privillage to get paid to perform with some of the most beautiful girls in the world and I use that thought on every scene. People pay good money, even in this economy, to see something amazing in a DVD or online. When you think about that it drives you to show up to set and bring your A game. If you don't your're wasting everyones time. So I think everytime I do a scene i'm more and more driven. So the thought of it being hard fades to the back of my head so I can try and do my best scene ever..every time.

GT: You hardly ever see a male porn star showcasing a box cover but I guess if you’re a dude purchasing a DVD, they would rather purchase one with a female on the cover than a male. Do you feel male porn stars don’t get the full respect that they should in this industry?

PJK: Hmmm thats a good one...I think the girls are always gonna be in the spotlight and some guys don't get enough credit...It has to be earned...Guys like Anthony Rossono who work their ass off and do awesome scenes everytime whether it's for a huge company paid scene or for a content scene, he got best new male preformer after 7 years in the bizz...7 years. That would piss most people off but not him. Mad respect. Also this is a club you can't force your way in. Tommy Gunn and Marcus London have been very big role models as they are superstars in this industry but two of the most humble guys I've ever met. Girls will always sell movies being on the box...If your're a guy and want recognition...Earn it and dont get lazy or become a pre maddona know that your lucky whether your're on a box or not that your even in the movie and someone paid you to fuck lol. For instance 70's Show" A XXX Parody, I'm on the box cover but I don't just see me, everyone down to the production crew worked there ass off on that movie. I look at that box and know that I worked with good talented people from talent to crew.

GT: See what I mean folks...COOL DUDE that Patrick is!

GT: What were you like in high school? Were you the geek or the jock?

PJK: lol I was both lol and I was the guy friend to all the hot girls who were like..."Why cant I find a guy like you?" I hated that shit lol I'd be thinking "Bitch! I'm right here! Date me!" lol.

GT: Let’s get to know a little about any hobbies you might have. Besides making wonderful hump time with the women, what type of hobbies do you have?

PJK: I love anything outdoors. I love traveling on a spur of the moment and spending time with family...I like building things and making things with my hands, Kaci Starr has a bad ass Chinese snow spotted beagle cat that I made a mini pet house for to chill in lol.

GT: So you're good with your hands...No wonder the chicks dig ya.

GT: If you were abandoned on a deserted island and all you had was a portable DVD player that had enough charge time for one movie to play, what movie would that be and why?

PJK: Easy answer Belladonna's Footsoldiers 2 lol. Never knew I was into that kinda thing untill I saw that porno...First time in 7 years I've watched a porno from beginning to end. She is amazing and makes some of the best movies and scenes in this biz; not to mention a total sweetheart. I've been trying to weasel my way into being in the next one she's anyone reading this...tell her to use me!!!! lol

GT: Hey Belladonna...Can't you tell the dude digs ya! Get him on Footsoldiers 3!

GT: What are you listening to on your MP3 player?

PJK: Black Eyed Pea's! I listen to their song "Tonight's gonna be a good night" every morning. and "poak chops" by Kaci Starr's and my friend Tamechi...shit is fucking awesome lol.

GT: Cool, I'll have to check Tamechi out.

GT: So, you have two films due to release very soon from New Sensations! 70’s Show: A XXX Parody and Entourage. Do you or have you watched these shows?

PJK: Both are personal fav's. and I get to play my fav. characters for each show, Eric..and Eric lol

GT: Entourage, right now, is my favorite show. Who are you playing in this film and who do you get to have happy chica bang bang time with?

PJK: I'm playing "E" or Eric. and I get to work with Ashlynn Brooke.......amazing! nuff said.

GT: Shit yeah man! Ashlynn is bad ass!

GT: How about 70’s Show?

PJK: Eric Foreman lol and I worked with Brooke Banner


GT: These parody flicks are coming out all over the place nowadays. If there was one parody film that hasn’t come out yet but was in the works, which one would you like it to be and who would you play?

PJK: lol See if I say then someone else might steal the idea and make it and cast themself or someone better lol... I wont tell except I like doing the parody's. It's fun to play someone else and try and do it with integrity. Both times I played Eric I was told "Dude you nailed it." That's a compliment. And if I get to do another one I don't care what the role is...I'm gonna nail it.

GT: And nail it you shall...

GT: With whom did you have the best sex with while filming?

PJK: I did awesome sex scenes with Adriana Deville and Briggete B. Skye Taylor made me cum 4

GT: That's a shitload of cum dude!

GT: What is your best fuck position?

PJK: lol I dunno, probably doggy or standing missionary...It's different with every girl

GT: Mines the Jamerra Jamma.... Oh you never heard of it. Too bad!

GT: What was your worse sex experience during filming?

PJK: I won't say because that person even though I was ready to choke and scream at her cause of her attitude. Maybe other male talent do really good scenes with her or want to work with her. I won't slander her and ruin the desire for someone that maybe really wants to work with her or has in the past. It wouldn't be fair. She and I just probably won't work together again and that's fine.

GT: Damn that scene must have been REALLY bad!

GT: Is there any starlet that you haven’t worked with that you’re dying to fuck?

PJK: Belladonna, Dani Jensin, Alexis Amore, Devon and Jaylen Fox..We did a scene together with 3 other female talent but she was only allowed to blow killed us both lol.

GT: Damn only a little dick sucking...what a tragedy...LOL

GT: How about a mainstream actress?

PJK: Zoey Desonel, Sandra Bullock.

GT: Both at the same time, right?

GT: So, if you weren’t fucking on film, what would you be doing for a career?

PJK: Something I love...I dunno but there is always something new to try with our lives.

GT: Tru dat homie!

GT: What’s to be for the future of Patrick J. Knight? I keep making sure to keep that J in your name due to another actor having your name as well in the adult industry. No relation, right?

PJK: lol No relation...Thank god him and I look totally different as to avoid confusion. I'm already working closely on projects in production and I just wanna keep seasing every opprtunity that is given to me. Which has been often.

GT: Last question. Superheroes are the thing in the movie industry. Everyone digs them. If you had one superpower what would it be and what would you do with it?

PJK: Mind reading...that way I would undoubtedly be the best performer in this industry as I would know exacty what the female talent would want in the sack lol. I try already to get in their head cause I like to bring real sex to the screen but that would just make it so much easier lol.

GT: Too late dude, I already own that power...heh heh heh...

Patrick, THANKS so much for chillin' with us. You are DA MAN! Stay chill!

Those of you reading this, be sure to check out his films, 70's Show: A XXX Parody and Entourage: A XXX Parody! Both films are released by New Sensations!

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