Wednesday, September 23, 2009

AVN Magazine Names Not Married with Children XXX the #1 Selling DVD in America

Not Married with Children XXX received a coronation of sorts when it was named the #1 selling DVD in America according to AVN Magazine’s retail buzz chart. The fast-paced sex comedy starring Kagney Linn Karter and directed by Will Ryder has been an instant success at retail outlets throughout the country easily outselling the competition in the first few weeks of release and showing no signs of slowing down.

“Hitting number one is a very important milestone and reaching the top spot on the AVN sales chart is an important moment for us as producers,” stated Jeff Mullen of X-Play which distributed the hilarious movie with LFP Video. “We’ve hit number one before but this one is really rewarding.”

Kagney, the beautiful blond starlet that plays a sexually charged Kelly Bundy was pleased to learn the big news.

“I’m really excited to hear that we’re at the top of the AVN charts,” stated Kagney. “I just knew when we were shooting this movie that it was something special and to see it become such a big hit with the fans so quickly is great. We’re number one, we’re number one,” she jokingly chanted as if at a Not Monday Night XXX football game.

The X-rated version reads like a lost episode of the TV series as Al fears his job is in jeopardy when a hotshot shoe salesman outsells him so he enlists the help of his daughter Kelly in a sexually explicit blackmail scheme to get the guy fired. Gorgeous boobs, booty and snatch abound in the Bundy household as Peg, Kelly, Al, Bud and whacky neighbors Marcie & Steve can’t stop doing it in this hilarious spoof of the classic TV show.’s Don Houston praised the movie in his review giving it the coveted XCritic Pick designation. He writes, “There has been nothing released in the last year from competitors that beat this one.” Houston said. The opinionated writer continued his praise stating, “I hope several sequels are made as this one was as strong as Not the Cosbys XXX the only real competition it should have when the awards are being passed out.”

Although Not Married with Children XXX had already hit #1 on a number of other sales charts including Adult DVD Empire last week, the official stamp from AVN is something that porn producers have regularly sought.

“It’s always great to be number one and to have AVN put you on top of their charts is something that we are pleased to see. We knew this was a best comedy contender but to have the fans agree and pick it off store shelves is really the opinion that we value the most. The customer is always right,” Mullen said.

Retail stores are encouraged to stock their shelves with movies that customers actually want to see and parody movies of popular television shows are all the rage and X-Play comedies are leading the way.

X-Play seems to be the adult industry leader when it comes to sitcums and funny movies and have a number of DVDs that are currently hitting the funny bone of America including Not the Cosbys XXX, Not Three’s Company XXX and for sports fans the just released Not Monday Night Football XXX with Howard Cosell and the upcoming original feature comedy Flight Attendants which is the biggest movie Will Ryder has ever directed.

“Holy hell wait until you see Flight Attendants. You ain’t seen nothing yet,” Ryder exclaimed.

Check out all of X-Play’s movies at and check out Not Married with Children XXX which sits at the top of the sales chart at

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