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Fresh Outta High School #17

Digital Sin

Directed by: Paul Woodcrest


Mindy Lynn, Jenna Lane, Rita Lovely, Summer Silver, Erin Chase

Special Features:

o Behind the scenes interviews with Mindy, Jenna, Summer, Erin

o Bonus scene (See review)

o Photo gallery: 36 Photos

o Pick Your Pleasure: This feature allows the user to select from several positions or acts (tease, blow job, missionary, cowgirl, pop shot) and see those senses back to back from each scene in the feature. So if you’re feeling like some cowgirl you can see all the girls back to back doing the cowgirl.

o Trailers: Super Naturals #10, Fresh Outta High School #13

o Web Trailer

Scene #1: Mindy & Domenic

This scene begins with Mindy on the phone with her mother. She tells Mindy that they will be having a guest stay with them for a while and he attends college. Domenic enters the room as Mindy shows him around. As she tries to leave so that he can get settled in he stops her and explains how he wants to get to know her. By get to know, of course, he means he would like to touch her on the vagina. She tries to fight him off but ends up giving in. He starts to feel her up then they start kissing. Now they can go further if they can stay quiet, but can they? What do you think? It starts off quiet as he eats her out. Now we can see that the innocent girl is in fact looking for some loving. Fingering and more lunch at the "Y" continues until Mindy becomes hungry for some penis. She is in luck as good ole Dom has some just for her. Cut to a top shelf blow job scene and all is going well. Now they move to the bed where Mindy lies in the missionary position taking all he has to offer. Now she breaks her own rule by making way too much noise but that's quite alright. After being on the bottom it's time for Mindy to move up in the world. Right on top to be exact. It's a good thing Dom's not an old man or she would have broken the poor guys hip. After a little sideways from behind action it's time for a little doggy style. How you one up the doggy style? That's right some cowgirl. To finish off Mindy takes care of business with her hands and catches his cum with her face. If you're down with the school girl look, you'll like this scene. Enough of the private school uniform stays on though out. HOT GT METER 8 out of 10

Scene #2: Jenna & Mark

Here we have Jenna the school girl all dressed up like every other school girl. All except the lack of underwear. She is there for a photo shoot and Mark is the camera man. Jenna decides first that it should be a nude shoot then decides she needs some of the camera man. She takes him inside and starts right at the beginning, with the good old fashioned blow job. Mark repays the favor with some fingering during the BJ. It makes you wanna be a camera man. She keeps it up for a while and seems to enjoy it oh so much. Now the tits are out and things start to get going. Mark shows her just how hungry for pussy he is. After he is done with his oral exam he decide to inspect her vagina with his cock. Of course he samples her tits while doing so. Follow that up with some doggy style and we are all ready for some of Jenna on top as Mark tries his best to drill right though her. Queue blow job #2 then follow that with her shirt coming all the way off. All except the tie which makes it twice as hot to see the cowgirl. Now they are really moving with the sideways from behind and the swing around the missionary just long enough for the facial that she wanted all along. HOT GT METER 7 out if 10.

Scene #3: Rita & Anthony

This scene is one we can all try at home. The two are on vacation together. They enter the room and start kissing. Anthony has a few outfits that he'd like to see Rita wear. He watches her undress. She then begins to put on the school girl clothes. But she's just too hot for all that and Anthony must do the responsible thing and remove all those clothes. They start kissing again and he unbuttons her shirt to show her lovely breasts. Next he removes her underwear and starts fingering her and eating her out. Rita then shows off her oral skills. Because she has been so bad he has to bend her over the bed and give her some doggy style. Plenty of ass slapping here. Now this bronco has to get ready for the bucking cowgirl. After a short ride she needs a little taste of cock in her mouth before her second ride. The ride ends up turning into some sideway behind action followed but Rita on top again. She can't seem to get enough but you have to give her credit for trying. Here it's hard to tell what's hotter, Rita's red hair or red hand slapped ass. The jury is still out. Meanwhile Rita goes back for some more oral and then the 69. Next we go to the missionary with a 90 degree rotation and a leg up in the air. Very nice. For the finale Anthony cums on her face and she loves it. HOT GT METER 8.5 out of 10.

Scene #4: Summer & Mark

Here we have Summer who was sent by her father to a friend's house to have his truck repaired. She must have just gotten done school because she is all dressed up with no one to fuck, or does she. When Mark is all done Summer asks him for a drink. Instead of a drink she means Mark. Mark isn't really down for this because it's his friends daughter. But he folds like a cheap lawn chair. Summer starts blowing him while he feels her ass. Her lips are perfect for the job. She continues as Mark stands up and she takes off her shirt to show off the titties. She starts working the balls and her pussy too. Multi-tasking is a good thing. As a thank you Mark decides to do a little oral of his own followed by some missionary loving. After quite a bit of that he moves on to some doggy style. Right from the doggy style position he has a little snack right in her ass then she jumps on top. At first he's doing all the work but then he takes a break so Summer can grind for a bit. They go back and forth with the worker role because there is no "i" in team is there? The best place to go next? That's right the cowgirl. Not to be undone Mark rolls her up and does some curls with her. Things are going good when they make a trip to the floor for some spooning penetration. No back door though; all the action is in the front. Back to the missionary just to finish up for some cum on the face and tits. HOT GT METER 7 out of 10.

Scene #5: Erin & Michael

Poor Erin, still in her school clothes, has to do some cleaning around the house. She is cleaning for Michael. He thanks her for cleaning up the place and notices a stain on the couch. She tells him its from her dog. Michael asks her to clean it for him and she bends right over to take care of it. As she's scrubbing he realizes the stain won't come out and its Erin's fault. He is willing to forgive her if she stays quiet. She says she'll be cool about it as he unbuttons her shirt. She stays quiet and by now Michael has started licking her tits. Great place to start but he really wants to know what her pussy tastes like. She tells him to try it out. He starts eating her out but wants to see her play with herself a bit. Erin moves on to blowing Michael while she plays with herself. The two move to the missionary to get things going then move to the doggy style. This is her punishment for letting her dog on the couch and she takes it like a champ. Erin gets on top and we have ourselves a hot little cowgirl. Next she spins around and starts riding him. Then they roll on their side and keep it going. Michael continues on grabbing her sweet ass titties which leads into the what all school girls need, a facial. HOT GT METER 6 out of 10.

Bonus Scene

Here we have the school girl coming home to someone painting her room. She asks when he'll be done so she can have her boyfriend over. He, being friends with her father, decides he can't allow her to be fooling around in the room. She wants to know what she can do to have him not tell her father about it. As they are cleaning up they both watch each other bend over and start to get hot. They agree that sex will be a good payment for the silence. Who wouldn't agree with that. They start kissing and touching. She pulls down his pants and starts blowing him. This goes on for a while as she shows off her skills. He bends her over a ladder and gets her from behind. After that she gets on top and he's doing all the pounding. Not to be outdone she starts riding him. She moves on to some more blowing to get him ready for some screwing on the couch. Enter the cowgirl. She takes it that way for a while before going to the doggy style again. Then they roll on their side where she just can't take the dick and the finger at the same time. It's just too much. All she has left to do is mess up her make-up with a facial. HOT GT METER 6 out of 10.

The Final Judgment

If you like the school girl thing then you need to check this one out. Six very hot girls get you in the mood to cruise the town saying "We keep getting older and they stay the same age." The special features are pretty cool and worth checking out. There's a reason there were 16 before it, don't change a formula that works.

In the end its an 8 out of 10.

By: John C.

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