Friday, September 18, 2009

Taryn It Up Entertainment's 1st Release Vogue Nasty Streets October 6th Dist by Antigua

The wait is finally over – sultry XXX adult hardcore superstar Taryn Thomas [pictured] is back and better than ever in Vogue Nasty the inaugural release from her company Taryn It Up Entertainment available on DVD and VOD on October 6th.

Taryn’s return to film is marked with the same high level sexual energy and deviance she displayed in the past earning her the title “Porn’s Dirtiest Girl,” a title which she lives up to with her reckless sexual abandon in Vogue Nasty which will be distributed exclusively by Antigua Pictures.

“Firstly I really appreciate all the support of my fans waiting for my return to film,” said Thomas who along with Euro sex mega-star Poppy Morgan co-directed Vogue Nasty. “I can promise all my fans that I will be nastier than ever and leave nothing on the table. I want to put on an amazing sexual performance for them. Vogue Nasty and every single future film produced by TarynIt Up Entertainment will be something fans will always remember and a product we are all proud of producing for our fans.

"I just love sex and want to share my escapades on film with everyone! Over the next few months and years my fans will see adult superstars and fresh new adult talent pushing themselves past sexual limits seen before in adult movies to give my fans the ultimate movie memories and fantasies."

Thomas and Morgan will be joined by stars Veronica Jett, and Bobbi Starr for the sex-filled, cum-drenched over the edge production which has something for every porn connoisseur. “My scene with Taryn was one of the most hardcore girl-on-girl scenes ever,” said Morgan who co-directed the movie and appeared in two scenes. “The sexual energy was over the top – it was very hot, amazing - we explored and abused every inch of each other’s bodies – it was totally perverted and nasty – just the way both of us like our sex!”

Fans and distributors wanting to see the high energy and explicitness Vogue Nasty offers can go to to see a trailer of the sexual romps along with ordering information.

For Sales of Vogue Nasty and future Taryn It Up Entertainment product should contact Dave Peskin at

Vogue Nasty and Taryn It Up Entertainment will forever change the way you view and think porn – there are no boundaries.

Your wildest sexual thought or fantasy is reality before your eyes with Taryn It Up Entertainment!

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