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In this week's XXXTREME INTERVIEW session, we rock out with the NEW DYNAMIC DUO of the adult industry, known to all you Twitter fans out in TwitterLand as MsTeagan & MrTeagan, starlet sensation Teagan Presley and director of the hardcore hit "Deviance", Joshua! Together, with the help of Eva Angelina, they form a tripod for there own production company "SkinworXXX!" Put your reading glasses on and join us as we learn a bit more about two of the soon to be greats of the adult industry!

GT: Hey guys! First off thanks for taking the time for this interview. Teagan, let’s start off with something from your past, “Pussy Patrol”. I just watched an episode of Entourage where you and two other starlets are at San Diego Comic-Con showcasing a comic book titled "Pussy Patrol". Of course when you showed up at the hotel door way with your little friend attached to your body I gotta say that was some funny ass shit. I pissed myself. Ever think about making :"Pussy Patrol" into an actual film? I can see it now…FRANCHISE!

T: I don't think the producers of Entourage would allow that....I know I would definitely be down for a spin-off on HBO though! HBO and Showtime have great shows, so that would be awesome!

GT: Yeah they do. My damn TIVO is filled to the brim with shows that I need to catch up day.

GT: I know you were the hottie cheerleader in high school and what not but did you or do you have any secret geeky hobbies?

T: I wasn't a cheerleader, I was a gymnast and I toured nationally doing ballet.

GT: Ah, so no much for researching your background...they lied to me!!!!! OK strike one for me.

GT: How about you Josh? I mean not being an actual cheerleader "ahem" I mean gymnast, but what type of hobbies do you have/had?

J: I am a Mr. Tech. I was a technology expert for years and years on TV and radio, so its hard to get away from it. I am an Apple fanatic, so I am the go-to guy for everyone in the business who has iPhone and Apple issues.

GT: Ah ha...So OK, I have this issue with my iPhone. You see everytime I turn on this one app, "MyVibe", it....umm nevermind I just got it working again.

GT: So Teagan, Digital Playground…no longer? I understand Josh and yourself are rockin out with SkinworXXX but are you exclusive to only SkinworXXX or will you be floating around other production companies?

T: Nope. I am exclusive to skinworXXX. I own part of the company with Josh and Eva, and unless we coproduce a movie with skinworXXX and another studio, I will only be in skinworXXX movies.

GT: Hell there you have it producers of the adult world, if you want her in your flick then you'll have to take the whole sha-bang, "SkinworXXX!"

GT: Josh, from what I noticed and read you have some great ideas with your company. What got you started with SkinworXXX and what are some of your future plans to expand into the adult industry?

J: DVDs alone won't cut it. I do a ton of standard def digital copies for the mainstream entertainment business, and I am bringing my proprietary encoding to adult also. We do full bit rate/full resolution digital copies, something that's a first in adult. I am also releasing Deviance and Sun Goddess in 1080P HD digital copies for Apple TV/Mac/PC.

GT: So what you're saying is now we'll be able to watch your films on our iPods?! Hell yes to watching porn in a public bathroom or at work now!!!!

GT: OK so I hear no more Boy/Girl scenes for you Ms. Teagan? Not that I’m complaining. I love me some girl/girl va-jay-jay action. Hell one of my favorite starlets is Janine and she did the whole girl/girl scene forever. What made you come to this decision?

T: It was a personal decision I made two years ago for my family. I'm a mom, and was going through a tough custody battle, so this was the best decision for me. Plus, I am still in the business at least!

GT: And you are soooo still in the business! Thank you for that. But seriously, awesome move there. FAMILY RULEZ!

GT: I’m really not toooo sure how I would handle my wife/girlfriend doing the whole porn thing with other guys, maybe even girls…(even though that is HOT AS HELL)! How do you do it Josh? Is there ever any jealously/anger or are you totally cool with it since she was doing this before you guys were a thing?

J: I've never been with her when she's done boys, so I didn't have to deal with that issue. I still deal with it when it comes to seeing her older stuff and with fans, but I am used to it and it was her job, so it's fine.

GT: Understandable. You're a cool dude!

GT: OK, let’s jump off the serious side for a moment. Let’s talk favorites. If you were stuck on an island and all you had with you was a backpack which contained one movie, one book and one CD, which ones would it be?

J: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Where the Sidewalk Ends and Metallica S&M.

T: Taken, Cooking Light, and Best of Bob Marley and the Wailers

GT: So, is there a book for Cooking Big, coz I sooo want to read that one. Wait, what...

GT: Let's talk Tattoos!!! You guys have a few. So do I and I tell ya what…it is very addicting. Any plans on getting some more ink done soon and what are you thinking of getting?

J: I am in the process of getting more work done on my left sleeve and putting the finishing touches on my Teagan tattoo on my leg.

GT: Nice!

T: Fans don't want me getting more done, but I am getting more work done on the one on my left arm making it more detailed.

GT: Thats hot. Fucking tattoos are hot.

GT: You guys hit it off hard with the release of Sun Goddess: Malibu, which I must say it was pretty “BANGIN!” For those who haven’t seen it yet, which if you haven’t you need to…"NOW", can you give them a little heads up about your first SkinworXXX film?

J: It's a fun little movie with four steaming hot solos and one of the very best girl/girl scenes ever shot, plus it has high-definition like you've only seen in the best mainstream demos. Really slick stuff.

GT: What’s next for Sun Goddess? Have any idea who will be in the next one? If not I can totally help you out in this area…haha. But seriously, any idea yet and where the next one will be filmed?

J: Teagan and Eva definitely. Maybe one or two of the other Adam & Eve girls! It will most likely be our next movie, so look for it early 2010.

GT: Oh no worries there. I am sooo there!

GT: And!!!! Who came up with the idea of having actual starlets do the reviews and …wait for it… MASTERBATE while doing so? Dude, you could probably put out a DVD filled with reviews filmed like this. I see AVN AWARD! Ladies and gentlemen, and for Best Masturbating Review DVD - - - “AdultBluReview”! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (crowd cheers)

T: It was Josh's idea. I was doing a few text reviews already for his mainstream movie site, and fans didn't believe it was me, so we decided there would be no doubt if we did videos of my reviews...and porn turns me on so it turned into me masturbating!

GT: Yeah porn turns me on too. Just a bit.

GT: Looks like you are off to an awesome year. You received Penthouse of the Month, Jan. 09, you are majorly involved with an up and coming company in SkinworXXX and last but not least you’ve won a F.A.M.E. award. For a 23 year old this is AMAZING! How do you feel right now being able to accomplish major heights in your career?

T: I am 24 actually! It feels great, and I am looking forward to even bigger things in the future! Josh and I aren't happy status quo; we always want to better ourselves.

GT: OK hold up, where's my research committee at! You're all fuckin fired! "jk'ing"

GT: Alright let's move onto what is my personal favorite, Let's talk "ANAL!" You are very good at it and I love how you take control when you’re fucking using you A-Hole. What is it about ANAL sex that you LOVE so much?

T: I love anal because it became my specialty, not the other way around. I love sex in general, and I am very aggressive in my scenes. I do a ton of cleanliness preparations for anal, so we don't do it every day at home.

GT: Got it.

GT: Josh, any chance you can give us some heads up about a certain major network and a reality show project that you're working on?

J: No. The network keeps flip flopping on it. We have a ton of footage shot, so hopefully it will happen. Our life certainly makes for great television together.

GT: Damn that sucks. Well I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

GT: OK soon to be Best Director of the Year, (you got my vote bro, heh heh heh) “DEVIANCE!” The film that most of the adult industry has been waiting for! Please tell us, what is this Tour de Sex about?

J: We took the criticisms, positive and negative, to heart about Sun Goddess, and I corrected anything that was wrong and expanded everything that was right. Deviance is three hours long, extremely dirty boy/girl movie, with again some of the most beautiful HD you've ever seen!

GT: Yeap, you got that right, Beautiful and Dirty all at the same time!

GT: Teagan, I think this film was and possibly is your most hottest role to date. You sizzle up the screen with HOTNESS! How did you feel about Deviance and are you ready to rock a sequel?

T: I am! Deviance 2 will be Teagan-focused, but will still have boy/girl scenes with other starlets in it too.

GT: So, now that you guys are slowly conquering the adult industry with SkinworXXX, what’s next?

T&J: Mainstream. We want to prove via our TV show that porn stars are people too. We aren't all drug addicts or prostitutes. We have families and lives.


GT: Last question. Superheroes are the thing in the movie industry. Everyone digs them. If both of you had one superpower what would it be and what would you do with it?

J: I would love to be able to invisible...not to sneak into a locker room but just to disappear when I have change a diaper.

T: I would like to fly. Same as Josh, to get the fuck out of dodge when there's a diaper to change.

GT: Well fly you will. You guys are headed to the stars with these two films, Sun Goddess: Malibu and Deviance!

Thanks so much guys! You were great! And Teagan, I'll do my own researching next time...screw you Hector and your cheerleading bullshit research... For you XXXTREMERS reading this, to keep up to date with the skinworXXX crew, here are a few links for your bookmarks:

And come back tomorrow for read our review on the dirty skinworXXX film: "DEVIANCE!"

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