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Teagan Presley, Eva Angelina, Shawnee Lenee, Sunny Leone, Alexis Texas, Lexi Belle and Kagney Linn Carter

Special Features:

Behind the Scenes (A 29 Minute Extravaganza that I recommend watching before the film. It gets you all hot and ready for this gritty ass fuck fest.)

Photo Gallery

Digital Copy (First time ever offered in the industry)

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Sun Goddess: Malibu

De*vi*ance – Differing from a norm or from the accepted standards of a society. From the root Deva: A Goddess supreme power in the universe.

Scene 1: Eva Angelina & Mr. Marcus

Everyone loves a hot chick grabbing our attention with a good tease. There nothing wrong with a little tease. As long as it’s HOT! And SkinworXXX definitely knows how to show us a HOT TEASE! In this first scene, we begin with Eva Angelina and her return to mainstream porn! Thank you Eva! You chose perfectly on how to return to the film genre that we all love! We witness Eva in a gritty ass warehouse. She seems to be in an office on the second floor. Sporting a red fishnet top and a very short frizzled skirt and black high heeled boots, this glasses wearing queen starts off playing with her luscious tits and pulls on her nipples through the fishnet top. Her skirt comes off and she begins playing with her pussy. She spreads her pussy lips wide to give us an up and personal look at her love hole. She moves around the office to better please herself and ends up on the lonely couch where she continues to masturbate. She also pulls out a long silver vibrator, puts it on the highest speed and inserts it in her pussy and fucks herself hard. At times she rocks a pro move where she sticks it way deep inside of her and then lets her pussy muscles do the rest by moving it in and out….WHAT! During all this time, there is music playing but it finally fades out and we now get to hear the sexual sounds that are coming from Eva as she plays with herself. She rocks some sweet ass dirty talk and continues to pleasure herself. “Oh yeah fuck. You fuckin love it.” At this time, if you blew a load, no worries. Just take five minutes, drink a Red Bull and with the action that is about to happen, you will be ready for more. Eva finishes herself up and cums from the vibrating sensation that the vibrator has given her. She places the silver love toy in her mouth and says, “Taste So Sweet!” Gosh she’s hot! Scene fades out but is back instantly with Eva still rubbing herself, PRO, and Mr. Marcus now standing behind her. He wastes no time with pulling his cock out for Eva and she stuffs that dick right into her mouth giving Mr. Marcus a sloppy but HOT blowjob. While sucking his dick, she is nonstop on her pussy, rubbing and inserting her fingers getting it ready for his dick. Mr. Marcus is filled with ecstasy as she deep throats and gags on his cock. Not being able to wait any longer, he sits on the couch so she could straddle his dick reverse cowgirl style. She takes it all and pounds his dick in numerous positions. At one point his dick slips out and Eva says, “Put it right where it belongs.” And then does this sweet as motion on his dick and also says, “Nice little cock massage for you.” That was possibly one of the best lines a chick could say during sex. She rocks a few positions with Mr. Marcus and when they get to missionary, a ray of light happens! Eva rocks ANAL. By this point she has came about two or three times. When she rocks Anal, it so happens again. Mr. Marcus fucks her ass during missionary, doggystyle and reverse cowgirl. Eva is all about her anal sex and we can see and hear it, “I fuckin love that cock in my ass!” After taking total control of his cock in her ass, she states to tell him for his cum in her mouth. Ask and you shall receive. He pulls out and burst s all over her mouth. Just when you thought this scene was over, guess what…Mr. Marcus is not. He tells her that he has another one for her. He goes back and fucks her ass for about another minute while the previous cum splurt is dripping down her chin and then pulls out to cum all in her mouth…again!

GT HOT METER 8 out of 10…One word…IMPRESSIVE!

Scene 2: Kagney Linn Carter and James Deen

First off, before I go into this scene I want to say thank you to SkinworXXX for introducing this starlet for me. HOLY SHIT! This scene begins with Kagney sitting on a chair in the middle of a dark and dirty room blindfolded. She is sitting there and…wait for it…pounding her own pussy with a black dildo. Her pussy is dripping wet. How do I know you ask? Turn your damn speakers up, stop trying to hide what you’re watching and listen. You can hear the wetness of her pussy each time she inserts the dildo into her va-jaja…you’ll definitely be making the “oh oh face” by this time. Her moaning is outstanding and her dirty talk is enough to make a deaf person hear again. “So wet, it’s dripping down my asshole.” While she fucks herself, she repeats over and over again, “I’m a good girl, I’m a good girl” and cums intensely. The scene fades out and back in. Now we are in a hallway where we watch James Deen as he devours Kagney and her big ass titties. After sucking on her tits, he kneels down and turns her around so we can get a good look at her ass and so that he can stick his face right between her ass crack. When he is done licking and finger fucking her pussy, he stands back up and does what he does best and whispers in her ear. Who the hell knows what he’s saying but whatever it is Kagney is turned majorly on and is ready to fuck his cock with her pussy. Oh look, how convenient, a chair just so happens to be in the middle of the hallway. Why not use it? James sits on the chair and Kagney rocks the reverse cowgirl. The camera view here is top notch as we get a great look at Kagney fucking his cock and slowly get hypnotized by the bouncing of her tits. YUM! She gets off for a little standup doggy and then they move back on the chair where she gets on it on all fours and James fucks her doggystyle, spreading her cheeks and making her moan and say “Slap them balls against my thighs.” She takes it fast and hard. After some back and forth with doggy and some cock sucking, James finally bursts his load in her mouth.

GT HOT METER 8 out of 10… Kagney is one fine piece of ass and she shows it from the moment her scene starts till the end when she takes his load like a champ!

Scene 3: Lexi Belle, Eva Angelina and Tommy Gunn

The cutie girl next door Lexi Belle teases us with her sleek body and slowly dances while playing with her hair and rubbing her tits. She takes her little pink top off to reveal her perky tits and gives the camera a great smile. She then slides down her pink matching panties to reveal her…PATCH! Yeap, here you go patch lovers. She spins around to give us a slight tease while moving her ass from side to side and then moves on to a comfy looking chair. She sits down and spreads her legs and begins rubbing her clit. Her eyes close as she goes into a mastering state of ecstasy. Her pussy drips with wetness…again how do you know you ask? Dude, imagination is a blessing! Lexi now pulls out a handy dandy purple glass dildo (say that five times in a row) and fucks her pussy like the pro that she is. When she is done with fucking herself, she gets up off the chair and walks out of what seems to be some sort of garage to the daylight. Camera fades out and back in. And a smile comes to my face as we fade back in with Lexi and Eva sitting on a couch kissing and playing with each other. Tommy comes up to them from the background and gets in on the action. Eva gets into a doggy position so Lexi could drip some of her own spit onto her ass and pussy lips. Let the Fuck Fest begin! Eva takes it hard from Tommy from behind while eating Lexi out. Eva screams passionately. Lexi can’t take it any longer so she asks, “Is it my turn?” And at that moment he pulls right out of Eva and moves to Lexi. She straddles his dick reverse cowgirl style and quickly they move to a little spoon fucking. Double BJ commences and then Eva jumps on his cock for some bounce bounce action. She cums all over his cock oh so good. Tommy moves back to Lexi and fucks her missionary style while Eva sits on her face. Eva and her dirty talk, “That looks so good. Look at that. I wanna taste that!” After going back and forth with some doggy and cowgirl action, Tommy finally shoots his gun, (haha get it, gun as in his last name…never mind) and squirts his juice in Lexi’s mouth.

GT HOT METER 8 out of 10… Again, top notch fucking by three of the hottest stars in the industry. Man, we’re only half way through this film. What else could possibly be gifted to our eyes in this film! Wait, we haven’t seen Teagan yet!!!!

Scene 4: Shawna Lenee, Mick Blue and Jerry

WHOA! This is possibly the hottest that I have seen Shawna looking! Scene starts off with her standing and giving the camera some of the greatest and hottest sexual looks. She is wearing a smoking hot outfit and her tits are there and they are perfect as well! She stands near a dusty ass window showing off her luscious body and then moves to a locker room where she ups the ante in the teasing. She’s a spitter ladies and gents. She teases us while she spits on her own pussy and rubs her clit. After doing this for a few minutes she moves out of the locker room to another room where Mick and Jerry are waiting. She starts off with a mean double blowjob and moving right into doggystyle while sucking on Jerry’s cock. Did I mention how hot her body looks? Well it’s HOT; especially in this scene. The camera loves her and shows it throughout this scene. She moves from doggy to spooning to cowgirl and every now and then taking a pussy fuck break to suck on some dick. She rocks Mick and Jerry hard with her lips and in no time makes them cum in the number one spot for this film….coz it is mad dirty….the mouth!

GT HOT METER 7 out of 10… The only reason why I jumped down a notch is because I wanted some more alone time with Lexi and her teasing. I thought it was too quick but that is my opinion.

Scene 5: Eva Angelina, Ben English and Marco Banderas

Eva is rocking the show in this film so far. Showcasing her third scene, we start off with watching her as she washes herself by a tub filled with water and bubbles. She brushes her body with water and soap and then covers her pussy area with some shaving cream to give it a quick shave, making it silky smooth for what’s about to happen next. Ben and Marco is what happens next. She comes out to meet up with these two and pulls out both cocks and sucks away and making herself moist with wetness. They move on to some doggy action. Depending on who is fucking her, she is not forgetting about the other male in this scene as she fills her mouth with cock throughout this scene, until it happens…DP! Double penetration is the remainder of the scene and it’s not a quickie either. She takes both Ben and Marco in a doggy position and a reverse cowgirl position. Eva screams with crazy passion and can’t wait to taste the cum from these two men all at once. Ben cums first and I Love You Fiona Man, Marcus finishes off the scene when he blows his load on Eva. Sorry it’s just that tattoo is just there.

GT HOT METER 7 out of 10
… Eva is HOT throughout this whole scene and she rocks both cocks to the “T”. Just back to back girl/boy/boy scenes is eh for me…

Scene 6: Teagan Presley, Alexis Texas, Sunny Leone and Eva Angelina

As I sit here and eat a strawberry pop tart I think to myself, how do you top off a perfect film like “Deviance” in its last scene? Well, I just figured it out…you get four very hot starlets together and let them fuck the shit out of each other….oh and you make Teagan Presley one of them hot chicks!!!!! This scene is what we’ve been all waiting for in an all out hardcore, dirty, gritty fuck session by some dirty, nasty chicks who love to FUCK! The beginning tease of this scene is what you would get when walking into a strip bar; gorgeous women teasing us while we watch them dance and move their bodies in the most exotic way. At the end of this dance session, the camera zooms in on each starlet, hypnotizing us with their beautiful eyes. The four of them find their way to a bed and they couple up. Eva starts off with Alexis Texas, kissing and caressing her bootie, I mean body! Teagan and Sunny sit off to the side of the bed kissing each other as well. Going back to each couple, we fall into a sex daze where each girl plays with each other’s tits and licks/finger fucks their love zones. Teagan rocks three fingers and moans some crazy dirty talk, “Fuck that Fuckin Pussy Hard!” A favorite position in my book, the 69, goes on for a bit with Teagan and Sunny and over on the other side of the bed, Alexis is smacking Eva’s pussy, making her scream with orgasmic enjoyment! “You dirty fuckin fuck!” A new favorite line added to my top ten thanks to Eva Angelina. Alexis rocks the part of her body that we all know and love, her ASS and fucks Sunny with a dildo while Teagan inserts her dildo into Eva, fucking each other oh so good. The room is filled with the moans of Goddesses. The girls now switch it up and what better time to bring out the strap-on! Sunny fucks Alexis doggystyle. YES! Any position where we get to look at Alexis and that ass wiggle is a PLUS for me! Eva straps it on and goes to town on Teagan and her ass! Teagan is known for taking it up the ass and here she does it right. As of right now, this scene is the best all girl sex scene ever made! Teagan rocks Eva moving her body back and forth and taking the entire dildo up her ass like a champ! After a few cum moments from all for girls, the sex finishes up with some last minute kisses and caressing and we fade out to credits!!!

GT HOT METER 10 out of 10… that’s right bitches…I gave this scene a 10! If you didn’t enjoy this scene at least four times for each starlet, then you need to start this scene over again! SkinworXXX got it right here…FOUR BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, SOME GREAT MOANING, which by now you all know I love, AND TOYS! Something about a chick playing with toys is pretty hot, don’t’ cha think.

Final Verdict

So, the film is finished and I understand the sadness but, thanks to technology we have a button that’s called rewind. This film was filmed very professionally. The lighting and sound was clear as day and again, SkinworXXX knows how to pick their women for the job. Every woman received an A+ in my book. The editing got a bit better from their previous film Sun Goddess, but if you’re not reviewing the film, you probably won’t notice anyway. Just a minor fix that I know when time passes and SkinworXXX continues putting out films, they will get better and better. Other than that this film IS perfect and will be watched over and over again. It’s a must BUY!

GT HOT METER 9 out of 10

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