Saturday, December 26, 2009


Digital Sin


Shane Diesel’s Cuckold Stories

Directed by Paul Woodcrest


Charley Chase, Katie Kox, Sarah Vandella, Kaci Star,

Summary: These hot horny wives need satisfaction. The type of satisfaction a big black cock can give them and Shane Diesel is more than will to deliver.

Scene 1: Charley Chase, Shane Diesel & Eric John

The couple has been married for 5 years. Charley thinks that their sex life is good, but they need an “upgrade”. She confesses that before their marriage she was really into black guys. In spite of her husband’s protest, in enters Shane. She tells her husband she wants him to watch. Shane wipes out his gargantuan cock and Charley gets to sucking as her husband slowly gets into it. Eric stares, beating off and licking her ass as she keeps sucking . She hops on his big black cock and rides it reverse cowgirl then sucks it clean. The hotness continues. Charley is ultra hot and takes Shane’s huge cock like a champ. Charley totally makes the scene. There is an amazing doggie style shot. Her ass is awesome. The money shot is hot with a big load shot all over her hot tits.

GT METER: 9 out of 10

Scene 2: Katie Kox, Shane Diesel & Rick Barcode

Katie comes to Rick’s office to visit. She asks him for some money to go shopping for Shane. Rick wonders why his wife is buying things for Shane. She shows him why, Shane’s huge cock. She takes his huge cock in her mouth. Rick likes it as he strokes his cock in the corner and watches. She gets on the desk and they strip her down as Shane licks her sexy pussy and ass. Rick watches with excitement. Then its pipe-laying time as Shane stuffs that pussy with his big black cock. She loves every inch of it as she moans with pleasure. She flips over so her husband can look at her face as she takes it from behind. She gets to licking it clean and tossing his salad as Rick eats her ass. She can’t stop cumming. She starts riding Shane as he fingers her ass. Rick busts his nut all over her tits while Shane fucks her tight pussy. It won’t be tight when he gets done. She begs for Shane to shoot his big load inside her twat and for Rick to lick it clean. Mmmmm….Nasty….just like I like it.

GT METER: 10 out of 10

Scene 3: Sarah Vandella, Shane Diesel & Bob Knobb

Sarah and Bob are an affectionate couple, but Bob has always fantasized about seeing Sarah with another man. Bob looked on the internet and found Shane Diesel, porn star extraordinaire. With a little debate, and some reassurance from Bob, Sarah agrees. Right on time, Shane shows up. Bob holds her hair as she gags on Shane’s huge cock. She loves it, sucking it and moving on to titty-fucking it. Shane licks her wet pussy, getting her ready for his big cock. She wants it alright. She gets on all fours and Shane plows in as her hubby watches from his chair. Shane drills away at her tight hole, stretching her juicy pussy like never before, finishing with a big load in her hungry mouth. HOT, HOT, HOT!!

GT METER: 9 out of 10

Scene 4: Kaci Star, Shane Diesel & Paul Woodcrest

“Steve” (director Paul Woodcrest) has been bugging Kaci for a year about seeing her with a big black cock (in walks Shane). Shane and Kaci do some inspecting of the merchandise then the action begins. She takes to sucking his huge cock like a fish to water. They strip down and Shane gives her the hot beef injection, hitting it from every position. She can’t get enough. He finishes her off with a big load in her mouth.

GT METER: 8 out of 10

Scene 5: Syren De Mer, Shane Diesel & Bob Zandieh

Syren and Bob are bickering like an old married couple, but they have only been together for 5 years. Syren thinks Bob is fucking his secretary so its time for some payback. She decides she is going to fuck (and apparently has been fucking) one of Bob’s best employees, Shane. She gives Bob no choice. He’s got to watch the whole ordeal. While Bob protests, Syren lays the smack down on his bitch ass. In comes Shane. She gets on her knees and takes Shane’s big black cock in her mouth and loves it. She further humiliates her husband by putting her underwear on his head and in his mouth. She takes it every which way, but the doggie-style is ultra hot. Bob spreads her pussy for Shane. This is one scene where you are glad Shane is fucking his wife. He explodes in her mouth.

GT METER: 9 out of 10


Overall this video is BADASS! All the women are hot and Shane did not disappoint. He is big to the point you question whether or not it’s real. I would of liked to have seen someone attempt some anal, but I think in this case I might be asking too much. I’m sure there are some ladies out there that could handle it. All I can say is if you like hot chick taking big cock with a little twist of a voyeuristic perspective, this is a most have DVD.


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Review by:

Gentle D

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