Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Media around the world continue to mention Vivid in connection with Tiger Woods. A tongue in cheek story this week on "The Faster Times" website was headlined: "Tiger Woods' Lover Holly Sampson Could Teach (Avatar director) James Cameron a Thing or Two About Script Writing." The story discusses the porn parody Vivid has reportedly discussed with Holly (Sampson). Says writer Mason Lerner: "According to reports, Holly wants to take a farcical approach in Vivid's immortalization of the tryst. I, for one, also love a good parody, Holly. Especially when it is light on the parody and heavy on the anal penetration√É–But like any other typical film executive, Vivid Entertainment co-founder Steve Hirsch is throwing a wrench in the talents' creative process. The stuffed shirt thinks the subject matter deserves more nuanced treatment than the stuffed bra does. To his credit, it is very admirable that Hirsch consults with his talent while a script is in development. SportChat saw Avatar over the weekend, and while it was a fun night out, I am guessing that James Cameron didn't consult with Sigourney Weaver when he wrote the script. Actually, judging from the dialog and plot, I'm not sure Avatar even had a script. The film has Tiger Woods and Holly Sampson level visuals, but really sticks around the Hot Housewife Does Pool Guy level script-wise. Even if Vivid decides to go with something like Hole in Two that ends with a Tiger stand-in issuing a standard money-shot facial, their script will likely still have more depth than Avatar."

Holly and Vivid were also mentioned on the "Monsters and Critics" website, which commented on reports that she performed a sex show for Tiger and then had sex with him and noted: "Holly is now in talks with Vivid Entertainment to star in a porn flick based on their one-night stand."

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