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Directed By: Robby D.


Stoya, Angelina Valentine, Carmel Moore, Vanessa Leon

She never knew she had it in her...until now!

Special Features:

Behind The Scenes

Slideshow/Photo Gallery

5.1 Digital Surround Sound

Motion Chapter Index

16 x 9 Widescreen Format

No Regional Coding

Shot in HD



Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge

Island Fever 4



Stoya: Sexy Hot

Jack's P.O.V. #8

Jack's Asian Adventure #2


The film begins with the innocent and adorable Stoya taking a cab ride to Carmel's home. She mentions to the cab driver that she's here to start over in a better place. After a sweet intro during her cab ride Stoya stares out her window over looking beautiful L.A. When she arrives at Carmel's house Stoya notices that she does not have enough to pay for the ride. The cab driver tells her, “it's on the house. Any friend of Lady Carmel is a friend of mine.” With a sweet smile Stoya exits the vehicle and goes to the front door and begins to knock. She is welcomed by the beautiful Carmel as she opens the door and lets her in. Carmel leads Stoya to her room and tells her that she had to get back to work and will be back later.

Scene 1: Carmel Moore and Tommy Gunn

Carmel starts off with a bit of wiping to Tommy's chest. She is wearing a very tight black shirt with two open holes in the front to expose her nice big tits. She gives Tommy a quick lick on the tip of his dick and then moves to sit on top of his face, letting him lube up her pussy with his tongue. “BUSH ALERT!” During this scene Stoya walks in on these two going at it. She gives a sweet and sexy smile as she is in awe at first but kinda gets turned on. Carmel goes back to his dick for a very nice BJ then into a lovely 69. The couple moves to reverse cowgirl where Carmel bounces on his cock hard. Back to a BJ and then to cowgirl where we now get to watch Carmel's ass bounce. A little spoon fucking begins moving along to doggy and then scene ends with some major cum bursting out of Tommy's dick onto Carmel's face.

GT METER: 6 out of 10

It's now the next day and we begin the next chapter with Stoya waking from her sleep. She meets up with Carmel right before she is about to leave for the day. Carmel tells her that she will be back after she goes and buys her some new clothes. Later on Stoya receives a phone call from Carmel. She tells Stoya that she has gotten into a bit of trouble and that she needs to help and take care of her clients while she is gone.

Scene 2: Stoya and Evan Stone

Stoya walks into what seems to be a living room in which she meets up with Evan Stone who is sitting on a couch. If you are into the whole foot fetish well you are in luck. Evan starts off getting on the floor to be at Stoya's feet. He asks if he could clean them. Kinda embarrassed a bit, Stoya lets out a giggle and says sure. He begins licking her toes and then takes all five toes into his mouth. He then asks permission to suck her pussy. They move to the couch and she lies there, pussy spread wide for his mouth. He begins sucking and then adds a bit of finger fucking to the action. Stoya is totally hot and wet. She moves for his cock and begins a nice BJ. After some major gagging we move to doggy. Again BUSH ALERT! Stoya rocks a hairy bush down below. If thats cool with you, then you are in for some good times. Quick cut to missionary and then Evan asks for permission to cum. She tells him to cum all over her pussy and so he does.

GT METER: 6 out of 10

Scene 3: Vanessa Leon, Ben English and Stoya

Scene begins with Stoya walking into the bedroom wearing a dominatrix costume. She gets on the bed to watch Vanessa as she moves to Ben to give him a mean BJ as she stands with her legs straight up and her back bent over. She then bends over the bed so her ass is facing the camera. Ben begins kissing her ass and spanking it hard while Stoya slowly rubs her own pussy. Ben begins a little doggy action as Stoya finally begins to leave the two go at it and walks off screen. I so hoped for her to get into it but it was the Ben and Vanessa Show right now. After doggy, they move onto reverse cowgirl. While she bounces on his cock, she rubs her clit to add to the intense sensation she was receiving by Ben's dick deep inside her pussy. Move onto cowgirl and then to some spoon fucking. Ben gets back on top for a little missionary. As Vanessa screams in pleasure, Ben pulls out so he could cum all over her face.


Scene 4: Stoya and Derrick Pierce

Get ready for an ultra sexy hot Stoya. She starts off the scene with her ass getting spanked. The outfit that she is wearing is crazy hot! The ass spanking stops as she goes for his cock for a nice BJ. Next we go to reverse cowgirl where we get a nice look at Stoya's sweet ass body. She gets off his cock and goes for a quick BJ right before she gets pounded via doggy style. She then moves to the chair where this all began. And BURST! Cute little Stoya does her thing for Derrick and out comes his cum for all to see. Stoya does what she does best throughout this film, making a few bucks as she moves from dude to dude. Speaking of dude, next...


Scene 5: Stoya and Mick Blue

This scene begins with Mick sitting on his knees, blind folded and his arms tied to some sort of pole as if he was about to be crucified. Stoya comes in asking, “So, who's the boss?” Mick replies, “You are.” Stoya smiles a bit and then begins her actions. First starting with a little patting with a squatter against his chest and back. She then unties him so he could continue with her bidding. He starts off with eating her pussy out. BJ follows and then they move to doggy and cowgirl. After some major poundage Mick stands moaning louder and louder and then asks, “Can I cum inside of you?” Stoya stops immediately yelling, “You can't cum inside of me!” Mick looks a bit confused at first then asks, “Where should I cum then?” Stoya looks at her body and then says, “On my boots.” She lies on her back and raises her long legs so her boots are up by his cock. He jerks himself off and blows his load all over her boots.


Scene 6: Angelina Valentine, Tony DeSergio and Stoya

Possibly the HOTTEST scene in the entire movie. Get your cocks out, your pussies going and a towel to clean up after this scene... Both Angelina and Stoya walk into the scene where we see Tony just sitting there on the bed. Both girls are dressed up in sexy ass latex nurses outfits. They walk up to Tony and begin his check up by playing with his dick. They tell Tony to get on the bed and get on all fours. He does so and Stoya puts on latex gloves with tons of lube...oh oh...yeap, right in his asshole she goes while Angelina sucks on his dick from underneath him. After a few moments of this,Stoya steps aside and takes a seat on the chair near the bed. She spreads her legs and rubs her pussy while watching Angelina and Tony go at it. Now, I would have loved Stoya to continue with the actual fuck fest but hey a masturbating Stoya is pretty awesome too. After the awesome BJ, Tony jumps into her pussy with his mouth, moisturizing it with his saliva. Angelina then begins a crazy reverse cowgirl that is amazing. Her body is fucking great and her moans are top notch as she gets her pussy filled with Tony's cock. Back to a quick BJ and then some more reverse cowgirl to spoon fucking. Move to missionary and did I say her body is banging....well it is damn it. Next we get cowgirl where we get a great shot of her ass and then to doggy where she pounds his cock hard. Tony jumps off her really quick so that he can squirt his juices directly into her mouth. Stoya comes back to Angelina, kissing her lips as the scene fades to black.


Carmel finally returns from wherever she was by the same cab driver that dropped off Stoya in the beginning of this film. Carmel enters her home and a few seconds later Stoya comes out of the house and enters the front passenger seat of the cab. “So how do you like L.A.?” he asks. Stoya replies, “This one is on the house!” and goes down on him for a BJ.


Well I gotta say, Stoya definitely loves to fuck on film and we love watching her fuck. It must be that innocent look that she gives the camera or them pierced nipples or hell just that damn body she sports. I must say that I have seen her in better action but it was cool to see her act all nervous when the person she was about to fuck had to tell her what they wanted her to do. The sound and picture quality is of course top notch, thanks to the groovy people at Digital Playground. The last scene is the best scene in this film. Angelina ...woo haaa! She fucks like a champ. And Stoya just sitting in the background playing with herself...shit. Stoya, I think its time for a solo film. All in all, if you are a fan of Stoya, this is a must have.


Review by:

Toney T.

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