Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Zero Tolerance Entertainment announced today its plans to shoot and release a porn parody of the MTV hit reality show, Jersey Shore. The show, which follows eight housemates as they spend a summer at the New Jersey shore, has quickly become one of the most talked about programs on television. The show, not devoid of controversy - has been under scrutiny for its portrayal of Italian stereotypes and use of the words “Guido and Guidette,” as well as, the production’s intrusion upon local residents.

Jersey Whores will be written and directed by Spock BUCKTON and Brian Bangs and filmed by Mike Quasar. Casting and filming locations will be announced shortly. Invites for media coverage will be forthcoming.

Director/Writer Brian Bangs said, “Anyone who has seen the MTV show knows that it’s just ripe for a parody. The show is so outrageous and ridiculous that the decision to shoot a movie was – like the show itself – a “no brainer.” Our script is so obnoxious and offensive that we feel that we’re remaining true to the show!”

Jersey Whores begins production this January.

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