Friday, July 24, 2009

Chelsie Rae vs. Tara Lynn Foxx in JM's 'Suck Off Races'

Veteran starlet Chelsie Rae faces off against newcomer Tara Lynn Foxx in JM Productions new blow-bang series Suck Off Races, available July 27. Rae and Foxx will attempt to drain 15 men in 30 minutes for a chance to win the Suck Off Races Belt.

“Each of the girls selects her team of 15 cocks from the available cadre of mopes, just like in a playground basketball game,” explains JM publicist Tony Malice.

To keep things fair and interesting, professional male talent were not allowed to participate in the competitionensuring that strategy would be just as important as technique to achieve victory.

Malice elaborates, “The girls must decide which guys they think will cum the fastest—it’s tricky. You might not want to pick the uglier guys, but they may be easier to suck off. Or, perhaps one girl has had some experience blowing a particular guy or she knows he’s a big fan and is ready to explode. It’s fascinating. There is a lot of strategy at play.”

Rae agrees.

“Many of these guys have looked lovingly into my eyes while jacking off into my face and mouth for American Bukkake and American Gokkun,” she says. “Now that they have the chance to put their cocks in my mouth, I’m gonna empty their nuts in record time.”

Foxx is the underdog on this card, but is relying on the traumatic events of her past to triumph over Rae.

“Trust me, I’ve sucked off a disturbing amount of degenerates in my short life,” she snarls. “I feel like I’m ready to prove that I have what it takes to win this competition.”

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