Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rob Rotten Releases Coffee Table Book

Madcap director Rob Rotten has released a coffee table book for people who normally can’t afford coffee table books. Bong Load Girls Vol. 1: The Book is a collection of photos and notes taken from the acclaimed shoot of the same name.

“I’ve never actually used a coffee table for drinking coffee. But, when I chop up some um ... shit, I like to know I can sit back and look at pictures of blown out pussies and gaping assholes to keep me grounded.”

Bong Load Girls Vol. 1: The Book contains over 156 pages of glossy BTS photos, glam shots, production notes, script re-writes, distributor rejection letters, and sketches. Bong Load Girls the movie received a six page spread in Skunk magazine in June.

Girls photographed in the book include Kat, Jamie Elle, Daisy Tanks, Scarlett Pain, and Ruby Knox.

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