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Who hasn’t thought of running away to the circus and watching all the performers having sex? Maybe that was just me. In this outing from Cheeky Monkey, with distribution from Hustler, we take a journey to this bizarre world. There are strong men, contortionist, lions and trapeze artists. Do you think you can handle the Hardcore Circus?

After the at time surreal opening credits the movie starts off in front of an office building with people protesting against porn. I should mention that this part of the movie is in B&W, the reason for this is made pretty clear after a little while. Erica Mclean, who is also the director, comes out of the building and is immediately questioned by Kimberley Kane, who plays a news reporter. She quickly answers and makes her way to her limo. She gets dropped off at home and on her way to the door and once inside she runs into people like Lee Stone and Madison Scott. Once inside she calls her friend Blue Iris, who unfortunately has passed since this movie was made but they did have time to dedicate it to her, who tells her that she should just lie down and gets herself off in order to get rid of her stress. Before she can do this Audrey Hollander and Otto Bauer ring her doorbell. They are there to welcome her to the neighborhood with cookies. Once they are gone she goes back inside and next thing you know she is in the back of the limo again with Evan Stone and Lavish Styles. She says she hurt her head and he says they will take her to the hospital but instead they bring her to this circus. At this point the movie switches to color and gets quite strange as it switches between old home movie style and the regular style.

Scene 1: Madison Scott and Lee Stone

Erica starts walking around and is transformed into this big haired circus performer. We then come across Madison and Lee who are the contortionist and strongman. It doesn’t take long and they start to make out. Once she is undressed Lee starts in on the tongue bath. After doing this while she is leaned back he hoists her up in a split while he lifts her up and down on his tongue. This is something that needs to be seen. I can’t really explain it that well here but definitely one of the hottest things I’ve seen on film. From here Madison goes down on Lee and this leads to them doing a standing 69 before she lies down to take more. Standing missionary is the first position and has Madison starting out with one leg on Lee’s shoulder, as well as her leaning back so that she is level with the floor. Next up is reverse cowgirl and cowgirl, both with the standing variety as well. To finish up there is a rather weak popshot but the rest of the scene makes up for it. From beginning to end I found this scene incredibly hot and sexy. Being a former dancer, I too am as flexible as Madison but I never did anything close to what we see here and I never will at this point.

Scene 2: Audrey Hollander and Otto Bauer

Here we have Audrey as the lion to Otto’s lion-tamer. The play this out until she gets on top of this box and starts to suck him off. Missionary is first up for the positions as Audrey continues playing the kitty as she growls and grooms herself. Otto works one end of the whip inside Audrey’s pussy after a bit so that he can slide in her ass in missionary. Doggie is up next as we see the piledriver variety as well. Standing doggie anal follows this as Otto continues to bark out order as they finish up in reverse cowgirl anal. Again we finish up with a rather weak pop. Anyone that has seen scenes featuring Audrey and Otto together know what to expect here. They are both kind of crazy at times and Audrey plays the perfect sub.

Scene 3: Aiden Starr and Rob Rotten

Aiden leads Rob into a tent and as soon as they are settled she starts blowing him. This leads into Rob giving her snatch a bath before she finishes the BJ. Doggie is then first up as Aiden seems to really gets into it before moving onto cowgirl. Aiden comes more alive as she rides him is cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl. Just like the last two pops this one is on the face. This scene was ok at best. There isn’t anything leading up to it like previous scenes and the action didn’t seem as powerful. Though to be honest I’m much of a fan of Rob Rotten, but that has more to do with his abundance of tattoos and not so much on his ability.

Scene 4: Kimberley Kane and Evan Stone

For this scene we have Kimberley as either a trapeze artist or tightrope walker and Evan is the ringmaster. Once she sheds her top he immediately starts groping her and starts rubbing her clit. Once she gets a little warmed up, she starts deepthroating him hard and fast. Erica even pops in to take off her skirt before they go into a 69. She slides right up to a reverse cowgirl before also going into cowgirl. From there they have a go in

missionary as well. First vaginal and then anal. For the pop, Evan gets into the piledriver position and sprays on her pussy lips. Though not as hot as the first two scenes, this one is going back in the right direction.

Scene 5: Lavish Styles and Tommy Gunn

From the setup I can only assume that Tommy is supposed to be a clown but that is soon forgot as they start to make out after he goofs around a bit. This is broken up once Lavish pulls out his

cocks and starts to lick and suck on it. Lavish then gets bent over so that Tommy can lick her in doggie before sliding his dick in her. From doggie they go into spoons, to which Lavish responds nicely. Reverse cowgirl follows this as Lavish grinds and moans before they finish up in doggie again. For a little variety Tommy ends up paint her chest with his cum. Lavish is a new girl to me and she does a nice job here, though it’s not that hard with someone like Tommy to work with. I look forward to seeing more of her in the future.

Scene 6: Kendra Banx and Starri Knight

Erica can’t believe what she has seen so far, but they aren’t done with her yet. She gets brought over and in comes two people on a sports bike. It’s soon revealed that they are two women and once the helmets come off they start to kiss. As they make out they start striping and continuing foreplay. Once on the ground, Kendra, the solid blonde, is kissing Starri while diddling her pussy before she starts to eat it. They make out a little more and we then see Starri bend over while Kendra uses a glass toy on her pussy while rubbing her clit. She really seems into the toy as she moans and screams. Now it is Kendra’s turn for pleasure as Starri starts to eat her out. She also pulls out a glass toy to use on Kendra. Her use is much slower though and Kendra’s reactions are much softer as you here the occasionally moan or sigh. This continues when Kendra switches to doggie. More so then the others, this scene is quite sensual to me. Both ladies seem completely relaxed and it shows through in the performance.

Scene 7: Lilly Lovely and Ron Jeremy

Ron is by himself at first and after a little bit of talking Lilly comes in. They kiss for a little bit and then Lilly starts with the blowjob. Lilly gets to lie back on some hay as Ron enters her in missionary. This doesn’t last too long as Ron pulls out in order to pain her face. Kind of a weird scene, it’s only about five minutes once Lilly comes in. Not exactly sure why they threw this in, though I will say that it doesn’t hurt to throw a legend in every now and again.

Scene 8: Blue Iris, Tere Joyce and Sergio Romo

This is another quick scene as we have Sergio as a stilt walker. We can’t see his face though because he’s wearing a mask. Tere and Blue are also here and they have been the guides for Erica while at the circus. This is an oral only scene from the ladies as it ends as soon as it starts with them making him cum inside a jar. Again, here we have a weird scene. These last two do fit in with the premise here as the whole movie has been a trip of sorts.

After kind of a recap of some of the stuff that happened, Erica gets woken up and we find her in bed surrounded by her friends. This is reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz as she tells them what happened and points out that everyone was there except for the one nude girl that is off to the side. What I found kind of odd was that when Erica wakes up and is talking to her friends it is in color. Sense it seems like they were going for this Wizard of Oz thing that it would have gone to B&W again.


There isn’t much to the extras here. We are treated to pictures and a BTS. The box says there are three bonus scenes but I did not see them. So it is either a misprint or they are hidden.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

Though some of the scenes are kind of weak, especially the two final scenes. They do fit into the scheme of the movie though so I can let those go. The real gems here are the first two scenes and the girl/girl scene toward the end of the movie. I would recommend that you at least rent this movie, if only for those three scenes. The movie does get weird in places and may be a turn off for many viewers. Overall though I found this movie delightful and quite hot. Therefore I give Hardcore Circus 4.5 out of 5.

Thanks to Christina over at AIP Daily for the awesome review!


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