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Digital Sin Presents: A Lesbian Provocateur

Make Me Cum Please!

Kathia Nobili, Jo, Cindy Hope, Kissy, Esmeralda, Blue Angel, Mya Diamond, Black Angelika, Lulu Martinez, Debbie White, Eve Angel, Eve Smile, Zuzana and Gina

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Wet Lips 2
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Now let's move on to the actual movie:

Make Me Cum Please!

Directed by Peter North

1st Scene: Cindy Hope and Kissy

I must warn you before I go into this whole review thing….if its lesbian films that you like, YOU WILL DEFINETLY LOVE THIS ONE! This scene starts off with both Cindy Hope and Kissy walking by an indoor pool. They are both wearing yellow bikini’s with heels which showcase there long legs. They stop by a door which leads into what seems to be a sauna but never do go in. They both face each other caressing each other’s skin. Cindy’s top comes off and exposes her luscious breasts. Kissy is all over them, kissing and licking her nipples. They both slowly take off their bikini bottoms and while standing up still, they each place a leg in between each other’s legs and begin to grind slowly while still kissing with some nice tongue action. Next, Kissy lies on the floor placing her back on a blue towel as Cindy goes to town. Oh Oh…Boner Alert! And we just started… Kissy expresses some major hot moaning at this point. You can totally tell that Cindy knows how to do the job right. After some great munching, Cindy brings herself to Kissys face and they do a little tongue to tongue action. Now its Kissys turn. Cindy gets on her hands and knees and Kissy begins to lick her pussy from behind. Great camera work so far. After a sweet licking by Kissy, she licks her own fingers and then begins to finger fuck Cindy…with four fingers!!! While she finger fucks Cindy, she does the dew by licking Kissys asshole. We get a little slapping action as Cindy pulls her fingers out of Kissys wet pussy and gives them a taste. We now move to Cindy sitting back on the towel with one leg lifted as Kissy brings out the dildo. A few more slaps…very nice. Cindy goes for the dildo and brings it up to her mouth giving it a little licking. Kissy sticks the dildo back into Cindy using her mouth. This totally turns Cindy on as she begins to move her body up and down to get the full dildo. Cindy starts to moan as she rubs her own pussy as Kissy fucks her and then…CUMS!!! Kissy gets back into doggie position and Cindy grabs not one but two dildos’s and fucks her asshole. Every once in a while she adds in a finger or two, which makes Kissy filled with crazy lust. Kissy takes over the dildos and fucks her own asshole, moving in and out much faster than Cindy was. Cindy takes the lesson to heart and takes back the dildos fucking Kissys ass like a pro. Kissy begins to rub her clit while Cindy fucks her, moaning very nicely and then…CUM! Hot GT Meter: 8 out of 10 The only reason why this didn’t get a ten out of ten is because other than some great fucking and nice camera work, I wish we got shorter action sequences and more positions. Other than that…great scene!

2nd Scene: Eve Angel and Eve Smile

I will be using their last names during this play by play since they both have the same first names. This scene starts off in what seems to be a jail cell. Angel is standing there in a black pattan leather cop outfit. Angel walks over to a cell which Smile is in. Smile is wearing a yellow skirt, black top and high heel boots. Angel stares at Smile and says, “You wanna be free?” Smile replies, “Sure.” Angel comes back with, “I have a deal for you.” Angel walks over to a set of keys that are hanging on a hook on the wall. She grabs the set of keys, walks back over to the cell and opens it, letting Smile walk out. Angel places Smile against the bars of the cell and begins to play with Smiles pussy. She then pulls aside her shirt, letting one of Smiles boobs fall out. She carresses her boob and then goes for the pinch. Smile is liking the pinching as she lets out a smooth moan. Angel is now using four fingers on Smiles pussy, rubbing in a circular motion. Very hot scene so far. Angel now pulls out her nightstick and rubs it against Smiles pussy and then puts it in her mouth as if she was sucking a long black dick. Angel turns Smile around to show us that great ass. She pulls her panties down and rubs her pussy with the nightstick till it is totally dripping wet. At this point we get a little insertion as Angel uses the nightstick as a dildo. Moaning starts to get intense. Angel keeps fucking Smile with the nightstick and like the pro that she is, spreads Smiles ass cheeks as she fucks the hell out of her pussy. We now switch positions. It is now Smiles turn to go to town. Angel stands there with one leg up on a cell bar. Smile is on her knees licking Angels pussy, making it nice and wet. We get a really nice shot of Angels tight stomach as Smile works Angels pussy. Angel shows off a small patch as well. Nothing too hairy, which is good. After a few minutes of Smile licking Angels clit, we go back to Smile getting some head. She is now laying on her side on a desk. Angel goes to work on her pussy again with the night stick. This goes on for a while, maybe too long. And we have CUM. Angel now gets on her fours on top of the desk and Smile munches away, spreading her ass cheeks. Smiles licking skills tend to be lacking a little here but she still does her job in getting Angel to an orgasmic state. After the sweet fuck fest that these two beautiful women have, Angel says to Smile, “OK, You can go.” Hot GT Meter: 6 out of 10 I gave this score only because I thought there could have been more to this scene. Angel uses the nightstick when she begins fucking Smile and then at the end, she uses it again. It was like OK, here we go again.

3rd Scene: Esmeralda and Blue Angel

This scene starts off with Esmeralda showing Blue some bruises that she has on her legs and then shows her a bruise on her ass and this is where we begin. Blue rubs her bruise on her ass and starts to give them soft kisses. Sitting on a couch, Esmeralda sits back while Blue licks her body with her soft tongue. Blue then takes off Esmeralda's green bikini bottom and shows the camera her beautiful shaved pussy. Very nice light moaning as Esmeralda plays with her own tits while getting her pussy eaten by Blue. Blue brings her fingers to her mouth to moisturize them a little better. She inserts two of her fingers into Esmeralda's pussy and begins finger fucking her, licking her clit at the same time. She continues the finger fucking for a little more and then takes her fingers out of Esmeralda's pussy and lets her taste her own juices. Blue heads back down to Esmeralda's vagina and goes back to finger fucking, this time letting Esmeralda rub her sweet spot. After a few minutes we move to Blue in a doggie position. Esmeralda begins to lick Blue's pussy, getting it nice and wet. She shows some really good licking skills here. Esmeralda then pauses for a sec to lick her own fingers so that she too could finger fuck Esmeralda nice and deep. And then the first bad cut happens. Just when you thought this scene was going to get really good, it cuts right back to Esmeralda getting fucked from behind in a doggie position, this time with four fingers in her pussy. Blue also does her duty and spits on her asshole, which is really hot! As she fucks Esmeralda, Blue brings her tongue to her ass and sweetens up the deal like a pro. Not too sure but here is when Esmeralda cums. Finally we go back to Blue getting some play by Esmeralda. Blue is laying on her back in a missionary position as Esmeralda fucks her with, not one,not two but four fingers also. These chicks like it thick. She rubs her own clit while getting fingered and we get...CUM! Hot GT Meter: 6 out of 10 This scene could had potential but it lacked something...maybe making this scene shorter would have helped. But I must say, four finger fucking is pretty hot!

4th Scene: Lulu Martinez and Debbie White

We now reach the middle of the movie. This scene kicks off with the luscious Lulu and Debbie standing inside an empty pool. They are both caressing each other and every once and a while they give each other a nice slap on the ass. They are both wearing black leather outfits with high heeled boots. The rubbing kinda goes on a little too long for my taste. Debbie finally moves to Lulu's backside rubbing and licking her ass cheek. Lulu panties come off leaving her pussy open for Debbie to do what she does best. After a quick taste, Debbie goes back to Lulu's face and gives her a taste of her own juices. Lulu 's top comes off showing us her petite breasts. While Debbie licks her nipples, Lulu unzips Debbie's outfit and now begins to work her. Lulu turns Debbie around having her face the surrounding wall and goes down on her ass. She works it like a pro licking both her asshole and pussy. While doing so, Debbie begins to finger fuck her own asshole. As good ole Borat would say, 'Niiiice!” Now we switch to Lulu laying on the pool floor as Debbie begins to eat her out. This goes on for a little while and then we switch back to Debbie lying on the floor and out comes the dildo. Debbie inserts the dildo in Lulu's asshole, the way she likes it. While she gets fucked in her asshole, Debbie plays with her clit. CUM! Now its Lulu's turn. She gets into doggie position and takes a dildo in her pussy via Lulu nice and slow at first and then the race begins as Debbie fucks her fast as she cums! Good camera work during this entire scene. Hot GT Meter: 8 out of 10 As we get to the middle of the film, it seems as if Digital Sin goes back to what they know best, making a hot ass scene and giving someone a hard on as they watch!

5th Scene: Kathia Nobili and Jo

This scene begins with the hot ass Kathia walking into a bathroom to wash her hands. She is wearing a short black dress and black heels. She steps out of the bathroom into a larger room where we meet Jo. This little hottie, who is leaning up against a wall, is wearing a black skirt, a tight red see through shirt exposing her nipples and and red heels. She stands there giving Kathia one hell of a stare. They both go back and forth with some intense flirting as they lick there lips and try to lure each other together with there eyes. No words need to be said here. It is all said through there eyes. Kathia finally gets up and walks over to Jo slowly. And the kissing begins! They both move slowly for the camera doing it very well. Hot move here as Kathia goes down to Jo's nipples, which can be seen through her thin shirt and begins to nibble on one of her nipples. After some nice kissing and caressing, both of the girls take off there shirts to showcase there beautiful breasts. Jo then takes off her skirt. All this time both Kathia and Jo look to be VERY much into each other. A+! The kissing continues and the grinding begins as Kathia places one of her legs in between Jo's, still in the standing position. Now both naked chicks work there way over to the long couch in the corner of the room. They both take turns kissing each others nipples and feeling upon there asses. Jo leans back to let Kathia get a look and taste of her peach. She uses her tongue and fingers and from the sweet moaning thats coming out of Jo, Kathia seems to be doing the job right. Then it happens, Kathia goes for the asshole! Licking and sticking her fingers in and out. Just to make this scene even more hot, she uses two fingers and Jo rubs her own pussy. This happens for a good amount of time. Now its Jo's time to play with Kathia. Kathia is now sitting on top of the couch, legs spread apart in a split motion, holy hell this is hot. This leaves Kathia's pussy open for Jo to do whatever she wants to do to this gorgeous flower. And that she does, sticking two fingers into her cunt and gives some sweet licking to add to the fire. Kathia now lifts both of her legs to the sky so Jo could get a better angle on her asshole. Two fingers enter her wet asshole. She takes it deep as well. Now comes some dildo action. Jo gets into doggie while Kathia holds onto a black dildo in her mouth. She slowly sticks the dildo into Jo, still in her mouth, and moves her head back and forth, face fucking her. Kathia now takes the dildo in hand and begins to fuck Jo harder and faster making Jo CUM hard! Kathia now lays on her side spreading her own ass cheeks so that Jo can easily stick a red dildo into her ass. And that she does and does it well due to the intense moaning coming out of Kathia. I must say, I am very pleased with this scene. Great camera work, two beautiful women and some nice fucking. Jo finishes Kathia up and they end the scene with a kiss. Hot GT Meter: 9 out of 10 Nuff said.

6th Scene: Mya Diamond and Black Angelika

We start off the scene with Black lying on a couch fast asleep. We then go into a dream sequence. This scene already looks to be another hot one...Back to back... Mya comes walking into the scene overlooking Black. Both are wearing totally hot ass black outfits that do not stay on for long. The kissing begins and it is great. This couple does it right. The kissing, touching, licking of the nipples, the ass grabbing and they haven't even begun fucking yet and I have a hard on already...WHAT! Now, we get to some hardcore licking and finger insertion into Blacks asshole. I better express myself a little better, fingers! But wait theres more, Black takes two fingers in her asshole as well as two fingers in her pussy! Oh yeah it happens and it happens well! We get a little doggie action and more fingering here as well. One thing that this film does right is the “ANAL.” Dildo comes out as Black fucks Mya's asshole till she cums. They both go into a little kissing again and then for the first time in this film, the strap on enters the scene. I have to rate this scene as the best scene so far in this flick. Did I mention that both of these females have some of the best tits in this film. Not too big, not too small, just right. Both Black and Mya get into a spooning position and Mya fucks Black from behind. Black rubs her clit as Mya fucks her nice and hard. CUM! We then go back to Black lying on the couch, fully clothed and sleeping. She then wakes up with a big smile on her face. Hot GT Meter: 9 out of 10 Again Nuff said.

7th Scene: Zuzana and Gina

Zuzana and Gina both enter a Victorian style room with a couch sitting in the middle. Hmmm, I wonder whats gonna happen on the couch. Both women sit down and after a few quick giggles, they begin kissing. The black dresses that they were wearing come off and the caressing begins. Gina gets it first as she gets into doggie position and Zuzana goes in for some munching. Gina does some hot ass slapping on her tits, pinching as well. Zuzana works Gina's pussy like a pro! This goes on for a few more minutes, which works out well until something terrible happens...Zuzana stops licking and lies back and spreads her legs so that Gina can dive right in. Sounds good right. Wrong. I apologize but this is something I am not into...hairy pussy! And I mean really hairy! Even though Zuzana is really hot, the hairy bush was a real turn off for me. She lays there as Gina fingers and licks her pussy. The moaning is superb but man I can't get over the hairiness of that bush. Zuzana now gets into doggie, which helps out the scene by not showcasing the bush any longer. Gina is now working three fingers into her pussy and Zuzana does some great movement here with her body. She bounces her ass up and down onto Gina's fingers. This goes on for the rest of the scene till she cums which is kind of a bummer since we do not get to see Gina in any other action. Blah.... Hot GT Meter: 6 out of 10 due to some bush. Again, I'm just not into hairy privates. You might be and if so, you'll love Zuzana coz other than the bush, she performs very well!

Final Verdict

I am trilled to have reviewed this film. There were some great scenes in this film and about 1 ½ bad scenes, the ½ being that hairy scene. If you love lesbian flicks, then this is a MUST for you. Every female in this film is beautiful and they work it perfect. There is not much variety in the fucking. I mean it goes from kissing to licking to doggie and then cum in pretty much all the scenes but what you do get are some hot women playing the roles of your fantasies. This is a definite purchase to be added to your collection.

Hot GT Meter: 8 out of 10

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