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I remember my first adult con, last year "eXXXotica NY 08." I walked towards the DP booth to see what the schedule would be and there she was, Angelina Armani. Sitting all by her lonesome self, sporting tight jeans and a slick tank top with her golden hair flowing down her neck line, Angelina sat there setting up her table with some sexy ass 8 x 10 photos which were getting ready to be sold to her fans with her autograph. Throughout the show, whenever I walked by her table, she was always talking to fans with a smile. You could totally tell that she was for real and loved her fans!
The current “It” girl of adult entertainment, Angelina Armani made a splash upon launching her career in 2008. Known for her exotic looks, the golden haired beauty has been dubbed “The Triple X Supermodel” a name fitting for the lithe 5’10 stunner. Success seems to find Armani
wherever the American born Russian goes. Her virtually stealing the show at the Pirates II premiere in Los Angeles led to Angelina becoming a Digital Playground contract star. While the relationship was brief, the union produced exciting results. Angelina Armani: The Bit Hit and Angelina Armani: Overcome are but two of the titles that showcased Angelina.
Angelina has been kind enough to break away from her busy schedule to answer a few questions for us. Let's jump into that now:

GT: You’re known as The Supermodel of the Porn Industry.” Before your jump into the adult film indust
ry, did you do any type of modeling?

I have done quite a few years of freelance modeling.

GT: How did you get into the adult film industry?

AA: While back in my modeling days someone had viewed my pictures online and flew me out a week later. That’s how I got my start.

GT: What were you like in hi
gh school? Were you the hot popular chick or that geeky chick that everyone knew when that she grew up she would be HOT?

AA: I was the hot chick dating the most popular guy in high
school. I think it’s what had made me so outgoing and such a daredevil. I was always a rebel growing up so getting into adult films wasn’t a shock at all to any of my friends.

GT: I understand you’re a
HUGE horror movie fan? Besides porno, horror is my fave as well. I know it’s a tough one but what is your all time favorite horror film?
AA: Gosh this is tough. I do mostly horror movie reviews for and have such a hard time deciding on which is my favorite. Okay you're not going to believe this because it's not really scary but my fav is Halloween H20. I think it becomes more of a twist as I’ve always fantasized about being fucked by Michael Myers LOL. Other than that I love originals. I've recently fallen in love with My Bloody Valentine in 3-D. I'm not big on re-makes but I really thought this one was way better than the original.

GT: I can dig it. H2O made a good attempt to go back to the way the franchise should have stayed. Not none of that cult shit. And MBV: 3-D was dope as hell.

GT: Besides watching some good ole’ hack n slash flicks, what other hobbies do you have?

AA: I like to exercise. I like to read books that major psychology, law, and biology. I enjoy visiting aquariums to see sharks. Studying sharks is a hobby of mine. This summer I will be going shark diving in Isla Guadalupe off the Pacific Coast where the Great Whites roam. I'm always up for something dangerous and adventurous.

GT: Jeez...there's a parady film waiting to happen, "Ladies and gents... starring Angelina Armani...This ain't JAWS XXX."

GT: While you were with Digital Playground, you had a couple hits like “The Big Hit.” How was it working with a contract company and why did you leave?

AA: Although my relationship was brief with Digital Playground, it produced exciting results. I'm with The Star Factory and couldn't be happier. There's nothing better than people that back you 100% no matter what you decide to do. That's a real relationship.

GT: Many starlets in the industry are beginning to be covered with ink. I didn’t notice any tattoos on you. Do you have any or plan on getting some ink done in the future?

AA: I love tattoos. It really expresses true art. Except for those common tramp stamps. Even though I love them, I plan on being all natural while performing on camera. If I ever get one while in the industry it would probably be on the back of my neck so it’s not clearly visible to everyone else.

GT: Preferences…Huge, average, small (had to throw that in there, you never know), thin/long or fat/stubby?

AA: If the guy can work it then I'm satisfied but I generally prefer gigantic cock mak
ing my tight pussy bleed.

GT: And there you have it gents....

GT: How
about positions? If there was one position that you would want to have sex in right now what would it be and why?

AA: I’m definitely not that "tender moment girl" I’m always into exotic sex. I love pile driver. This is one of my favorite positions. It's great for pulling out and giving facials ;)

GT: Now there's a position that everyone should try at least once. And if you do not know what it is, here's a little description thanks to

"The name Pile Driver conjures up a dramatic image! This position has the receiver lay on their back with their lower back and legs raised all the way up so that their ankles are either side of (and beyond) their own head. The exact end position will depend on the flexibility of the receiver. This position totally exposes the groin area to the giving partner who stands astride the receiver's groin to perform. The giver moves up and down on the receiver to create friction. The giver is also able to use their hands to caress and explore their partner's lower body.
This position requires considerable flexibility on the part of the receiver and it cannot be (fully) achieved by most, but it is wonderfully "naughty" due to the feeling of being totally exposed and 'giving it all'. Thos
e less flexible might try getting into the position, but stop at the point where the position starts to become uncomfortable. The giver can also help those less flexible by using their hands to support the receiver's thighs at mid-point. The giver should be careful not to over-extend the penis beyond what is comfortable at this unusual angle (penis pointing downwards)."

GT: So it looks like you’re off to a better part of 2009. You’re up for best New Starlet at Nightmoves, you have moved into the mainstream film industry with Born to be a Star and you’re rockin out with HBO in Designated Driver. CONGRATULATIONS!! How does this make you feel?

AA: I can honestly say that I’m truly overwhelmed by such achievements. I've done something that most girls don’t even get a chance at of their first three years in the business. It really makes me strive for nothing but the best in 2010. Everyone says that’s the year for me and I believe it. I have so many aspirations in this industry and I can’t wait to show everyone what I have in store and I don’t mean just on film.

GT: With whom did you have the best sex/orgasm with while filming? And which film was it in?

Scott Nails is my favorite performer. He makes me cum every time and it’s so hard to even try and hold back. I think it’s all the ink LOL. It’s not just one film it’s two. You & Us which has just been released and soon to cum....Teachers!

GT: What was your worse sex experience during filming?

AA: Thank goodness I haven’t had one yet.

GT: Knock on wood...HAHA

GT: Is the
re any starlet or male star that you haven’t worked with that you’re dying to fuck?

AA: No one in particular. I'll take t
hem as they cum.

GT: Last question. Superheroes are the thing in the movie industry. Everyone digs them. If you had one superpower what would it be and what would you do with it?

AA: Well it's not really a superhero move but I would want
The Midas Touch. I don’t have to be a king for that just simply the Triple X Supermodel. Everyone I didn’t love would turn to gold. I guess the only person that would be standing is Monstar because he’s Platinum.

Well, there you have it. Thank you so much to Angelina Armani for hanging with GT XXXTREME. Major luck Angelina as your career boosts!!!!

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